1980 volumne 1卷 Issue 02
Wang Longfei, Sheng Yangyuan, ZHANG Guoliang
Abstract: The microwave telecommunication building is a productive urban service building.Like other buildings, it is also undergoing rapid changes with the development of social production and culture.As far back as China’s ancient history, there was the use of terrain to build platforms to transmit orders, and later there were messengers on horseback.
Zhang Qishuan
Abstract: A three-story mixed-platform structure office building, the wall is a brick and half load-bearing brick wall, the floor is reinforced concrete plate.There are eight large rooms in the four corners of the second and third floors of the building (Figure 1), and a ribbed beam is set in the middle. The cross-section size of the beam is b×h=22×40 cm.
Deng Xiutai
Abstract: In this paper, the necessary and sufficient conditions for the static equilibrium of the deformation continuum are deduced from the most general case of the differential equation of motion, in order to obtain a more strict and intuitive expression.For the deformation element under dynamic load, we can write its equilibrium equation as follows:
Jiang Shuixin
Abstract: China’s hydropower reserves are about 680 million kilowatts, accounting for the first place in the world.In 1979, the installed capacity of large and medium-sized hydropower stations in operation was about 16 million kilowatts, and the annual electricity generation was 46.6 billion kilowatts.The national average installed capacity utilization hours are 2,910 hours.The country’s small hydropower resources are 150 million kilowatts, has been built small hydropower station (refers to a single capacity of more than 500 kilowatts, power station capacity is below 12000 kilowatts) installed capacity of 6.34 million kilowatts, annual power generation of 12 billion degrees, the national average installed capacity utilization hours
Liu Qing
Abstract: The conversion section is a process that consumes a large amount of steam in the production of synthetic ammonia, so reducing the steam consumption of the conversion section is of great practical significance for reducing the energy consumption of tons of ammonia.The measures to reduce the steam consumption in the converter section are mainly to improve the process, select low temperature sulfur resistant catalyst and control the operation according to the best operating conditions.The saturated hot water tower is the main equipment for energy recovery in the converter section, and the control of circulating water quantity is the regulating parameter of the saturated hot water tower
Zhao Mengyue, He Dachao
Abstract: Fe(Ⅱ)(Ⅲ) -EDTA complexes are more and more widely used in industry.In addition to the rapid development of EDTA complex iron desulfurization, the application of EDTA in boiler water treatment and pot scale cleaning is also developing rapidly at home and abroad.The basic composition of these working fluids is Fe(Ⅱ)(Ⅲ)EDTA complex.Therefore, in recent years, the separation and analysis methods of this system have been developed
Zhu Min
Abstract: In general small nitrogen fertilizer plants, the ammonia content in the export gas of the synthetic tower is about 9-10%, after ammonia condenser, ammonia separator, when entering the circulation, the ammonia content in the gas is about 2-3%, so the net value of ammonia is 7-8%.In this experiment, molecular sieve was used to recover about 2-3% of the residual ammonia in the imported gas of the synthesis tower to reduce the circulation
Feng Chengzhou
Abstract: The correct selection of the geometric parameters of an internal gear pair, its calculation method is very complex, even skilled engineers need to use five or six days of time to calculate the geometric parameters of an internal gear pair.The author uses an electronic computer, according to the modulus m=1, and takes the displacement coefficient of the external gear as a small value (including the invariant bit).
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