Review Process
Review Process

  We are committed to publishing high quality new work that makes a significant contribution within the scope of our journal. In order to meet this aim, Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science) implements three review system. It can be officially published after three review for all manuscripts.The review cycle is about 90 days.

  The journal adopts a double-blind peer review system for manuscript evaluation. The review process is as follows:
  1) Submission: Manuscripts should be submitted via the journal’s website, after which a confirmation email will be sent.
  2) Manuscript Received: The editor will then receive the manuscript, assign it a serial number, and inform authors of the number via email.
  3) Pre-review: An initial review of the manuscript will be conducted by the editor. Manuscripts lacking originality, suspected of academic misconduct, containing serious scientific flaws, lacking valuable information, or not within the journal’s scope will be rejected.
  4) Peer-review: A minimum of two external reviewers will be invited to conduct peer review to the manuscript. If there are any disputes among the reviewers, additional reviewers will be invited to review the manuscript, with a maximum of 4-5 review rounds.
  5) Final decision: The Editor-in-Chief conducts a conclusive assessment of the manuscript based on the Peer-reviewer’s comments. The Editor-in-Chief will determine whether the manuscript should be accepted, rejected, or revised and subjected to further review.
  6) After acceptance, the manuscript undergoes editing, processing, and publication.

  Note: Submissions from Editorial Board Members (EBMs) and editors must also follow all the journal’s review procedures strictly. Reviews to these manuscripts will be conducted independently of relevant EBMs, editors and their research teams. Furthermore, EBMs and editors must avoid participating in the review of manuscripts from authors with whom they have a competitive, collaborative, or other conflict of interest.

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