Copyright Transfer Agreement
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Copyright Transfer Agreement

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The copyright owner of the above article (referred to as the authors) voluntarily transfers the copyright of the above article to the Editorial Office of Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science) (hereinafter referred to as the Editorial Office), and confirms the relevant issues as follows:

1. Authors guarantee that the article is an original work and does not involve confidential issues or multiple submission. In case of infringement or confidential break, all responsibility shall be borne by authors.
2. Authors guarantee that the attribution right of the article is not in dispute. Once the article is finalized, its signature and order shall not be changed. If there are special circumstances, the author of the author must be issued, and stamped with the official seal. In case of a dispute over the right of authorship, all the responsibilities shall be borne by the author.
3. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in the Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science), Authors agree to transfer the copyright in the article and its attached figures, tables, abstracts, or other parts that can be extracted from the article to the Editorial Office of Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science) worldwide. The copyright transferred includes, but is not limited to, the rights of reproduction, distribution, information network dissemination, performance, translation, compilation, and adaptation. Additionally, the Editorial Office will have the right to license all or part of the above rights to third parties.
4. Authors acknowledge and accept that the remuneration provided by the Editorial Office includes the copyright transfer fee and that no additional payment will be made.
5. Authors acknowledge and agree that third-party users may reuse this article after its publication under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.
6. Authors acknowledge and consent that, after the publication of the article, the Editorial Office retain the following rights:
① To copy, distribute and use the article under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, such as using it for non-commercial academic discussion, communication, lecturing and teaching.
② To utilize all or part of the article content in our subsequent articles.
③ To maintains the trademark and patent rights regarding the article.
④ To use the article for other activities authorized by the Editorial Office.
7. This Agreement shall come into force upon the date of signature. After signing, authors should post the original hard copy of the agreement to the editorial office. If a photocopy or scanned copy of the agreement is sent through e-mail, submission system, etc., the photocopy or scanned copy shall be deemed as having the same legal effect as the original copy.
8. Other outstanding issues shall be settled by both parties through negotiation, and shall be settled in accordance with the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations.

Signature of all authors (by hand): _____________________________________
Date: _____________________________________

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