1. Publication Fee
Article Processing Charges (APCs): 160 CNY per thousand words;After the manuscript is accepted, the Editorial Office will charge authors for the publication of the manuscript, and this fee depends on the number of page, and graphics. The fee is used to support the article’s open access, review expenses and cost of publication materials, and needs to be paid by the authors, authors’ institutions or funding projects, etc. Detailed charging standards are as follows:
(1) Article Processing Charges (APCs): 300 CNY per page.

(2) Graphic Processing Charges: The charging range of the graphic processing fee is ~20 CNY per graphic.

Based on the statistics of articles published in the journal, the total fee for the publication of each article is generally in the range of 2800 CNY, not more than 3000 CNY.

2. Remuneration

(1) After the paper is initially published, the editorial department pays the author a remuneration. The Editorial Office will not pay authors any further royalties for any subsequent dissemination and publication of the paper in any other form.

(2) The remuneration of an article shall be paid 30 yuan/ page.

3. Review Fee
Authors do not need to pay the review fee when submitting.
4. Preferential Fees Policies
(1) Review Fee:Review fees will be waived for all authors.

(2)Publication Fee: The Editorial Office offers publication fee waivers for authors from developing countries. The author can apply for remission or exemption of the page charges if authors really has financial difficulties.

(3)Process: Authors should first contact the editorial office and fill out an application of publication fee waivers. They need to provide a detailed explanation of their financial difficulties. Once all authors have signed the application form, it is ready to be submitted. The application will be reviewed by the Editorial Office, and publication fees may be waived upon approval.

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