2015 volumne 36卷 Issue 05
LIU Zhi-fang ,LIU Xin-hong,HUANG Ya-lei,MA Teng
Abstract: The effects of nano-ZR02 powder on the properties, composition and structure of Al-Si composite Al203-C were studied by using plate corundum aggregate and fine powder, Al powder, Si powder, graphite and nano-Zro2 powder as raw materials and phenolic resin as binder.The results show that the introduction of nano-ZRO2 powder has little effect on the strength of the sample at room temperature and high temperature, but it is beneficial to improve the molding density and oxidation resistance of the sample, and can significantly improve the thermal shock resistance of the sample.The reason for the increase of sample density is that the nano-cobalt oxide has a good filling effect and helps sintering.Nano-zro2 can promote the reaction of Al and Si to generate more non-oxide whiskers, and form a cross-linked network structure in the sample, and the toughening of nano-powder and the phase transition toughening of ZrO2 are conducive to improving the thermal shock resistance of the sample.
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