2014 volumne 35卷 Issue 01
Mao Xiaobo, Zhang Yongjie, Chen Tiejun
Abstract: Because the number of fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering algorithm is difficult to determine and the searching process is easy to fall into local optimum, the ant colony algorithm is combined with the improved FCM clustering algorithm, an image segmentation algorithm based on ant colony algorithm and fuzzy C-means clustering with spatial neighborhood information is proposed. Firstly, the watershed algorithm is used to segment the image initially, and then the ant colony algorithm is used to find the cluster center and the number of clusters, it is used as the initial cluster center and the number of clusters for fuzzy c-means clustering. The experimental results show that the clustering speed and the ability of anti-noise are greatly improved and the robustness of the algorithm is enhanced due to the significant reduction of the number of clustering samples.
Susmette;Wang Yan;Wang Mingxia
Abstract: Wavelet transform can decompose the image into high frequency and low frequency information effectively. Most of the existing face recognition algorithms are based on the low-frequency information after wavelet decomposition, and do not make full use of the high-frequency information. PCA is a widely used algorithm in face recognition. It has many advantages, such as simple implementation, high recognition rate of frontal image, etc. . However, PCA algorithm has a large amount of computation, and is easily affected by lighting, expression changes and other factors. A new face recognition algorithm based on weighted wavelet decomposition and PCA algorithm is proposed, which fuses the low-frequency and high-frequency sub-components after wavelet decomposition to make full use of face details, the first three maximum principal components of PCA are given a new weight to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional PCA algorithm which is sensitive to the changes of illumination and expression. Experimental results show that the proposed face recognition algorithm has been significantly improved in recognition rate and training time.
LIU Xian-lin,JIAO Long-fei,CHENG zi-xia
For simpli6ed calculation,we often simplify some areas that do not need intensiVe study in power system analysis. By using the PSASP software to process dynamical equiValence calculation in typical example and actual large scale power networks,this paper analyzes the advantages and disadVantages of PSASP dynamical equivalence function,which is named EPRI. It is convenient to use. It could calculate multiple equiValence and the caleulated results are suitable for transient analysis. But in some situations the EPRI equiValent can not get results,and the equivalent calculation intermpts. The specific causes and improVement measures
need to be fhrther studied.

Zhao Guosheng, Cheng Zixia, Sun Keqin. 
Abstract: The current orthogonal iron core magnet reactors are single-phase structure, and the cost of making three-phase magnet reactors is high. Therefore, a orthogonal iron core three-phase magnetron reactor, firstly introduced the structure and working principle of the orthogonal iron core three-phase magnetron reactor, and analyzed the field coupling electrical characteristics, then established the three-dimensional simulation model of the reactor, the no-load current harmonic content of the reactor is very small, and by adjusting the trigger Angle of the thyristor, the electromagnetic field distribution of the three-phase magnetron reactor is analyzed.
Li Bin; Dong Yu; Sun Yunxia
Abstract: :Based on the distribution characteristics of the branch-shaped special line of the enterprise railway, a variety of pick-up and delivery operations are adopted, and a mathematical model is established for the optimization problem of pick-up and delivery when trains arrive at the marshalling yard in batches. Taking the minimization of the total consumption time of trucks as the optimization goal, a genetic ant colony algorithm is proposed to solve the optimization problem of pick-up and delivery. Using the characteristics of random search, rapidity and global convergence of the genetic algorithm, the problem of pick-up and delivery is generated. The initial pheromone distribution; then use the parallelism of the ant colony algorithm, the positive feedback mechanism and the high efficiency of the solution to find the exact solution. Finally, combine the example to find the optimal solution for the car delivery operation to verify the rationality and feasibility of the model and through the comparison of the genetic ant colony algorithm and the ant colony algorithm, the superiority of the algorithm is illustrated.
Yang Yanping, Tao Caixia, Wu Jianmin. 
Abstract: With ultra-low power SCM MSP430F149 as the core, a set of micrometering pump control system has been designed by controlling the direction and speed of the stepper motor. The fuzzy PID control mode is adopted to realize the closed-loop control of the stepping motor, and the upper computer control display interface is developed by LabVIEW to realize the serial port communication with the upper computer through RS-232. The system has good stability and high control accuracy.
LIANG Jing, SONG Hui, QU Boyang, MAO Xiaobo
Abstract: The dynamic constraint mechanism and improved particle swarm optimization algorithm (dynamic multi-group particle swarm optimization algorithm with cross strategy) are combined with Bez-ier curve to achieve path optimization. The three Bezier curves are used to describe the path, and the characteristics of the curves obtained under different algorithms in the path optimization problem are tested, and the advantages and disadvantages of different algorithms are obtained by comparison. The experimental results show that the dynamic multi-group particle swarm optimization algorithm overcomes the characteristics of the standard particle swarm optimization algorithm that is easy to precociousness and fall into local optimum, and the dynamic constraint improves the optimization performance of the algorithm under the crossover strategy, can flexibly handle the constraints, and overcomes the shortcomings of the previous static penalty function.
Chen Genyong.Chai Pengfei.Kwok Yiu Fung.Direction;Victory.
Abstract: In order to analyze harmonic pollution in regional power network, a method of harmonic comprehensive evaluation based on fuzzy similarity selection and proximity degree is proposed. Firstly, the evaluation object’s index sequence and the evaluation rank sequence are compared and analyzed, and then the evaluation result is analyzed by using the fuzzy closeness degree and the gray correlation degree, the membership degree of the evaluated object to the optimal grade and the adjacent grade is obtained, so that the harmonic pollution can be examined carefully. This method is simple in model, convenient in calculation and good in index expansibility. It is suitable for the on-line power quality analysis system to evaluate harmonics and realize the intelligent control of harmonics.
Chen Shuwei, Zhou Wei, Cai Lina
Abstract: A decision-making method is proposed to solve the preference information in partial order form with credibility. For the preference information with credibility given by the decision maker, by treating each preference as a sequence, for each pair of schemes , using the context probability to calculate the probability that one plan ranks ahead of another. Then, according to the preference ranking algorithm, these probabilities are aggregated to obtain a nearly optimal total plan ranking. Its effectiveness is illustrated by examples.
Wei Xinli;Qiu Zhiming;Ma Xinling;Wang Hui
Using R245FA as working fluid, FLUENT as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and standard K-Ε model, the number of blades was 15,17,19,21,23,25,27, and the blade mounting angles were 24 ° , 28 ° , 32 ° , and 36 ° , respectively, a 40 ° cascade is numerically investigated. The calculated results show that when the number of blades is 21 and the angle of installation is 28 ° , the circumferential average velocity, the outlet average temperature and the velocity coefficient of the guide cascade are greatly improved compared with the original design. Under the number of blades and the angle of installation, the blade height is obtained by linear fitting. The results show that the flow conditions in the optimized flow passage are good, which provides a reference for the design of highly efficient guide cascade.
Abstract: Fluent6.3 software was used to numerically simulate the flow and heat transfer performance of the natural ventilation indirect air cooling tower of a 600 MW supercritical thermal power unit, and the flow field characteristics and heat transfer laws in the air cooling tower under different ambient wind speeds were studied. The research results show that , the flow field of the air-cooling tower is relatively stable when the wind speed is zero, and the heat dissipation and ventilation are the largest. With the increase of wind speed, the flow field in the air-cooling tower changes greatly, and the heat dissipation and ventilation show a downward trend. , which has an adverse effect on the operation of the indirect air-cooling unit. The research results provide a theoretical basis for the operation transformation of the indirect air-cooling tower of large-scale power plant boilers.
Li Qingkui1Zhou Bingyan1Tang Jianjun2Chen Yiqing2

With TiO2 - P25 as photocatalyst, endocrine disruptors prometryn as model of pollutants, H2O2 was studied to help TiO2 visible light catalytic degradation reaction characteristics of prometryn. Suggest that H2O2 can help TiO2 visible light catalytic degradation of prometryn, reaction 120 min, prometryn degradation rate was 80%; Reaction process, the control system solution pH value of 3.0 or so, the initial concentration ratio of H2O2 with prometryn about 45:1 relatively appropriate; In the process of the degradation of prometryn, methyl, sulfonium and amine oxide removal, NO3 -, SO42 - was released continuously, the TOC removal rate was 70%, and the degradation of end product for cyanuric acid; Through the spectrum analysis of the reaction system, according to structure, forming complexes adsorbed on the surface of TiO2 H2O2 under visible light is converted to free radical active species, such as the degradation of prometryn involves the generation of hydroxyl radical (· OH) and participation.

Jin-cai yue chunam south 1 Liu Xianhong 2

Balance method is used to determine the temperature under the 293.15 ~ 353.15 K bisphenol A in water, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%, the solubility of NaC1 solution. The results showed that BPA solubility increases with temperature increasing, decreases with NaC1 solution concentration increase. Lambda - h, the ideal solution model and equation associated with Apelblat model on the solubility data, the total average relative error is 1.88%, 2.83% and 1.57% respectively, three kinds of model are applicable to ternary system of electrolyte, solubility data can be well associated with BPA.
Wang Suran,Duan Sheng-jun,Yu Jie,Xing chuanhong
Abstract: An integrated process of enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus removal from mixed municipal wastewater by membrane Bioreactor was studied. The results showed that the effect of reflux ratio on COD and NH3-N was not significant, and the average removal rate of TN gradually increased with the increase of reflux ratio, when the reflux ratio increased from 1.5 to 2.0, with the increase of reflux ratio, the removal rate of TP increased from 2.0 to 3.0, and the average removal rate of TP decreased with the increase of reflux ratio, the average removal rate of TP was the highest when the reflux ratio was 2.0. The optimum reflux ratio is 2.0.0.
Fan Zhonglei, Cha Huiping,Wang Linghui
Abstract: The ethylenediamine silica gel material (EDA/SiO2) with an amine group content of 1.35 mmol/g was synthesized, the effects of solution flow rate, initial concentration, and loading amount on its dynamic adsorption performance were investigated, and the Thomas model parameters and operating conditions of the system were studied. The results show that EDA/SiO2 can effectively remove copper ions in water, and the breakthrough time is shortened with the increase of the initial concentration of the solution and the acceleration of the flow rate. The equilibrium adsorption capacity q0 has a significant impact, and the flow Q has a significant impact on kTh. The model parameter q0 has a linear relationship with C0/m through the specific strength of the ion adsorbent, and the equation is: q0=0.023 4C0/m+ 0.257. The correlation equation can Describe the relationship between the adsorption operating conditions and the breakthrough curve, and provide a certain experimental basis for the application of this material.
Hu Guoqin, Wu Peipei, Xie Ganghai, Zhang Sujuan
Abstract: The reaction kinetics of sec-butyl disulfide synthesis by chlorinated secetane and sodium disulfide solution under the action of phase transfer catalyzed wattle was studied, and a kinetic model was established. The reaction belongs to the first-order reaction, and its apparent kinetic equation: rA=-dcA/dt=47 098.67exp(-5 153.99/T)cA, the performance activation energy is 42.85 kJ/mol, between the activation energy of the general chemical reaction 40~200 k J/mol, which belongs to the chemical reaction control process, and the proposed kinetic model is experimentally verified, which confirms the reliability of the model.
Zhang Jun.Jia Hong.Tianyang
Abstract: Based on the finite element analysis software Abaqus cohesion unit, a two-dimensional elastoplastic cohesion model subroutine was compiled by using a custom material (VUMAT) . Using the developed VUMAT subroutine of elastic-plastic cohesive force model to simulate the cracking of thin plate bonding structure, the simulation results are compared with those of the bilinear cohesion model and the polynomial cohesion model by using the VUMAT subroutine. The results show that the cohesion relation has a great influence on the tensile force of the adhesive structure during the cracking process, and the cohesive force model should be chosen for the adhesive structure of different colloids.
Xu Zhengtan Liu Xinxin
Abstract: Using municipal sludge as raw material, a new type of magnetic sludge activated carbon was prepared through zinc chloride activation-tube furnace pyrolysis, activated carbon/iron oxide co-precipitation and bonding extrusion molding, and through orthogonal experiments and BET, SEM, IR and magnetic intensity measurement were used to systematically study the preparation process of activated carbon, the microscopic morphology and properties of the products in each step. The results showed that: when the zinc chloride activator concentration was 3 mol/L, the pyrolysis temperature was 650 °C, Under the preparation conditions of pyrolysis time of 2 hours and liquid-solid ratio of 2:1, the iodine value of the obtained sludge activated carbon reached 334.6 mg/g, and the specific surface area of ​​activated carbon, magnetized activated carbon, and shaped magnetized activated carbon were all ≥300 m2/g. It can be easily separated by a magnet, and it is expected to have a good practical application prospect.
Chen Yajuan, Wang Qinting, is still in the Spring Festival.
Abstract: Apply the viscoelastic finite deformation theory to study the problem of hot cavitation of a noncompressible viscoelastic cylinder under a uniform temperature field. We discuss the cylindrical case and the pre-deposited cylinder case. The numerical results confirm that the bifurcation problem can be regarded as an ideal model for the growth of predeposited pore radius, and the dynamic change curve of micropore radius grows with time. The effects of the external temperature field, initial pore radius, material parameters and axial elongation on the growth law of micropore radius are discussed.
Li Yanyan1Li Zegao2Liu Kun3Zhang Yanping1
Abstract: Low-cycle repeated tests were carried out on four T-shaped concrete columns equipped with HRB500 steel bars, and the failure mode, bearing capacity, ductility, stiffness degradation, and hysteresis characteristics of the HRB500 steel bars and the matched high-strength concrete T-section special-shaped columns were analyzed. , energy dissipation capacity and other seismic performance indicators, the influence of hoop eigenvalues ​​and axial compression ratio on the seismic performance of T-section columns is discussed. The research shows that: T-section concrete special-shaped columns with HRB500 reinforcement work well with high-strength concrete , has a high load-bearing capacity, and its ductility and energy dissipation capacity and other seismic performance indicators are good, and can be used in special-shaped column structures in strong earthquake areas.
Liu Shizhong1Liu Yongjian2Cheng Gao2Wang Xu2Li Na2Zhao Mingwei3
Abstract: Aiming at the complexity of the analysis of vehicle-bridge coupled vibration response of highway bridges, combined with the principle of separation iteration method and vehicle dynamics theory, a numerical analysis method of vehicle-bridge coupled vibration response based on ANSYS is proposed. The vehicle model and bridge model are independently built in ANSYS software In the environment, use the constraint equation to realize the displacement coordination relationship between the wheel and the bridge deck contact point at any time (the force balance relationship is automatically satisfied), based on the ANSYS transient dynamics solution function, use APDL programming to realize the coupled dynamics of vehicles (traffic flow) passing the bridge The time-history response analysis was carried out, and a quantitative comparison was made with the results of relevant literature examples. The research results show that the accuracy of this method is relatively high. The response trend is basically the same; this method does not need iterative calculation at any load step, which avoids complex program design and greatly improves the analysis efficiency.
Zhou Yungang
Abstract: Based on the traditional calculation method of the finished state of suspension bridge and the finite element method, an iterative algorithm for determining the finished alignment of the main cable of multi-tower suspension bridge is proposed based on Ansys Finite Element Analysis. On this basis, the trial design of 3-6 tower suspension bridges is carried out, and the calculation results are compared with those of gravity stiffness theory. An example shows that the finished alignment and internal force of multi-tower suspension bridge can be obtained accurately by using this method. This method can be applied not only to the analysis of finished state of plane cable system, but also to the analysis of space cable system.
Cheng  zhanqi,Xia naikai
Abstract: The interface between steel fiber and concrete matrix has a great influence on the strengthening and toughening effect of steel fiber concrete (SFRC), so in order to investigate its microstructure characteristics, the relationship between SFRC microstructure and its macroscopic properties is discussed. Considering the circular steel fibers distributed in the infinite isotropic plane, the super-singular integral equation and complex function are used to establish the analysis model of stress, strain and displacement on the fiber, interface and matrix. The Galerkin integral method and Gauss-Seidel iterative method were used to obtain the equivalent parameters of steel fiber concrete with different volume rates and interfacial layer thickness under plane strain gauges, and the influence of steel fiber volume rate and interface layer thickness on the equivalent parameters of materials was discussed, and compared with the results obtained by macroscopic experiments under the same conditions, the results show that the model can accurately analyze the macroelastic parameters of steel fiber concrete.
Zhang Weidang Wang Jiaojiao Chen Zexian
Abstract: The block fading channel is a widely used channel model, which is close to the characteristics of the wireless communication system. The upper bound of the bit error rate of the turbo code in the block fading channel is deduced by using the uniform bound technology, and the calculation is carried out for different packet lengths and signal-to-noise ratios. Simulation results show that it has excellent performance under the condition of small packet length and high signal-to-noise ratio, and compares it with M&L bound and DS2 bound.
Fan Wenbing, Fan Chenglong, Li Haitao, Xing Junyang
Abstract: The OFDM/OQAM system has become an alternative to the traditional OFDM system because it does not need to insert a guard interval, has higher spectral efficiency, and can resist inter-symbol interference and inter-channel interference at the same time. Based on the new pilot sequence structure and Based on the system characteristics of OFDM/OQAM, the correlation between adjacent subcarriers of the system is analyzed, and a new channel estimation method based on the pilot sequence structure is proposed. By calculating the correlation coefficient of adjacent subcarriers, the interference and The influence of noise on channel estimation. The simulation results show that this pilot structure is beneficial to reduce the influence of noise on channel estimation, thereby improving the performance of the system.
Xu Min, Chen Quan, Zhang Jinwen, et al. 
Abstract: Expert system theory based on rule reasoning method, combined with the fault recording data, the protection device set data, protect the operation data information, according to the dispatching personnel and relay protection operation experts summarized the experience of various reasoning rules, the behavior of the regional power grid relay protection device analysis and evaluation. It not only includes the working principle of a complete set of line protection devices within the differential protection, alternate distance protection and grounding zero order direction protection, but also combined with the actual protection action. The VC + + interface design is used to form an analysis software system, which is applied to the regional power grid.
Hui Xiaowei; Jiang Han
Abstract: The UWB power splitter has been studied, and a broadband power splitter with a working frequency range of 3.75-9.5 GHZ has been developed. The power splitter is equipped with a pair of double-stepped impedance and two symmetrical output terminals of parallel coupling lines. Realized Broadening the frequency band of the power divider. This kind of power divider has only one isolation resistor, which reduces the influence of the isolation resistance on the isolation of the power divider. The simulation results show that the power divider can still meet good performance in such a wide frequency range. In the 3.75-9.5 GHZ frequency range, the isolation is below -10 dB, and the input and output ports are well matched. It realizes the miniaturization of UWB, improves the broadening of the frequency band, and reduces the difficulty of processing.
Li Xia1Zhang Zhixian2Zhang Sanchuan2Liu Jian3
Abstract: Design the bridge platform structure of the airport container/board lifting platform vehicle, conduct static analysis on the key stress-bearing parts of the bridge platform, the upper table and the scissor arm, and check their strength. Perform modal analysis when the bridge platform is at the highest position, Extract the calculation results. The first five natural frequencies of the bridge platform are concentrated in the low frequency stage of 3-17 Hz, and the mode shapes of each order are mainly manifested as the swing and twist of the upper platform and the scissor arm. The static and modal analysis results of the bridge platform are: The design of the platform provides a theoretical basis.
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