1998 volumne 19卷 Issue 04
Guan Pinwu, Liu Lixin, Wang Jing, Bi Suping
Abstract: Collecting 1627 cold -rolled -twisted steel stretch parts across the country. After statistical analysis, it was found that the strength of cold -rolled twisted reinforced steel and more delay losses. At the same time, through more than 600 different processing parameters of cold -rolled twisting steel bars, the material stretching test research was proposed to improve the deformation performance of the cold -rolled reinforced concrete structure (component). The results have been absorbed by the "Technical Regulations of Cold -Rolling Twim Reinforcement Connection."
Liu Zhiqi, Hou Bijie, Zhou Wanchun
Abstract: The basic characteristics of the CNC imitation motion were analyzed, and the main factors affecting the stability and accuracy of imitation processing processing were pointed out, and two practical control methods were proposed. Experiments have shown that these two control methods effectively improve the stability and accuracy of CNC imitation processing, and also improve the efficiency of CNC imitation processing.
Yang Xiaodong, Liu Chun Tai, Shen Changyu, Chen Jingbo
Abstract: Based on the introduction of the concepts of non-Delaunay triangles and non-Delaunay edges, the Delaunay triangulation method and the front generation method are organically combined, and an effective scheme for generating nodes in the internal region is proposed for any single-connected or multi-connected planar region, which not only ensures the quality of the local and overall meshes, but also greatly improves the computational efficiency. The work of this article has been implemented as the front processing machine in the injection molding CAE software z -MOLD.
Hu Liangming, Dong Yuexing, Zhou Hongjun
Abstract: Using the 8-21 node block cell unit to discrete the 3rd water entry tower, analyzed the static force of the five types of operating conditions, and calculated through the internal force value of the 11 broken surface and the stress status of the side wall of the gate room.
Bibo, Zou Xiajiang, Shou Nanchun
Abstract: When analyzing the analysis of the reinforced concrete structure with the finite element method, the Xuchang changes should be applied to the equation. The use of the median theorem of integration theoretically explores several expressions of Xuchang’s incremental equation in theory, pointing out the problems existing in the existing literature, and obtaining the correct formula.
Guo Congress, Fu Yuping, Yi Weijian
Abstract: In the vibration test of the structure, the low -level frequency and vibration type of the correct identification of the structure is particularly important. A structural vibration recognition method based on the KOHNen network provides a simple and powerful way for the long -term difficulty of vibration recognition. The actual data analysis shows that this method has good robustness.
Gao Xuejun, Zhang Linna, Su Zhijian, Zhao Fengxia
Abstract: The cooperative design of mechanical parts is an important part of mechanical design and manufacturing. The principle of the Genxuan expert system proposes a method of using rules to solve the design of parts to solve the design of parts, and realizes the knowledge representation and the rules based on accurate reasoning mechanisms.
Wang Longhui, Qiu Daoyin, Wen Chenglin, Shen Chances, Hou Lia
Abstract: A new moderate fuzzy enhancement algorithm is proposed, and the specific steps for enhanced the enhancement of the enhanced operator to enhance the image enhancement in detail. The experimental results have proved that this algorithm can keep the image more gray information after enhancing, which is significantly enhanced, and has good results.
Chen Songying, the Tang Dynasty school, Lngarian Xia, Zheng Wen
Abstract: It is proved that the scattering of the accumulated function of the Licerline L integration equation is equal to zero, and the area is converted into line points to reduce the dimension of the solution problem by two dimensions. Use the result of the boundary contour method to make the solution of the plane break.
Zhang Chunxiang, Zheng Yingzi
Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the centrifugal friction -type old sand regeneration process, the motion of sand was calculated on the movement of sand, and the conclusion of the regeneration method based on friction -based and impact supplemented.
Zhu Shijie, Guo Xiyun, Yang Kaijun, Lou Nanjin, Lou Hua, Du Mingwei
Abstract: The impact of rare earth on the co -seepage process of 45 steel solid boron nicotin, osmotic composition, tissue, abrasion resistance, and fracture shape. The test results show that the addition of rare earth increases the seepage speed, B, and the content of N content in the infiltration layer increases, especially the N content of N, and the boronic needle tooth becomes fine and straight; and the relative content of the FEB decreases, the FE2B phase increases, the penetration layer has increased abrasion resistance, and the thick soil increases the thickness of the transition area to reduce the crack source. Production applications have proved that rare earth boron -nicotin penetration can greatly improve the service life of hood machine accessories.
Jiang Rui, Xu Qilou, Li Fang
Abstract: A unified solution method is used to solve the bend of one pair of branches, and the other pair of free rectangular boards are loaded on the plate surface, the triangle distributed load, and the partial or centralized load. The calculation shows that this solution is converged quickly and the calculation accuracy is high.
Zhu Haitang, Zhang Qiming, Li Chunyue
Abstract: Combined with the test analysis, a mechanical mode, calculation method and node area structure requirements for prestressed concrete pile piles and pile caps were proposed.
Liu Wei, Xu Xiaohui, Feng Wei’an, Li Chunying
Abstract: Through the analysis and research of the development process, software structure and design method of EDMCAI multimedia system, the development model of the multimedia system was proposed to provide a reference for the development of other multimedia systems
Xin Xiaonan, Sun Pengnian
Abstract: It proposes a new device that combines traditional grounding transformers and arc consumption rings two -arc -eliminating transformers. This device has only one iron core and a set of winding. By changing the size of the air gap to achieve no contact and stepless adjustment of the inductive current, it reduces the installation size, saves materials, and improves the reliability of operation. If you install twists and turns on the iron core, you can also power the low -voltage load of the substation.
Chen Yongxiao, Gao Guanzhou, Lang Hong, Luo Yaochen
Abstract: Aiming at the problem of explosive gas gas in coal mines, the mine gas safety detection system was designed and installed and installed. The system can automatically test the gas content in the work site under the well, and transmit the detection data to the industrial control machine system of the ground monitoring center, and finally display it in real time on the CRT display.
Wu Peng, Henan Normal University, Guo Yuancheng, Chen Shaowei
Abstract: Starting from the maintenance of the architectural structure, from the design from the structure to the service of the comprehensive resistance and comprehensive load effect of the entire stage according to the structure to the service of the entire stage, the substantive meaning of the reliability concept in the design of the probability limit state of the structure at the stage of the structure is detailed. The identification and control of structural dynamic reliability levels in structural design and normal use has a certain meaning
Zhao Yanxia, ​​Sun Qianwen
Abstract: The article studied the generation of B -sized curve and B -sized bar surface. At the same time, it also studied the controllable shape of the B -sized curve and curved surface, that is, modified it to any shape required on the basis of the original basis. The result of generation and modification can be displayed on the computer. The study is to implement its algorithm in C language.
Ren Wanqiang, Hu Qiu, Wang Hezheng
Abstract: Established a mathematical model (PCC) including the active power filter (APF); for the time delay in the calculation process of the actual controller, two algorithms were proposed to predict the load current value, and a new type of pulse width modulation (PWM) control scheme was proposed to the inverter’s switch component, and the electronic electronic simulation software package was used to imitate it. Really verified.
Song Jianxue, Zhao Shuimiao, Li Jiang
Abstract: Starting from statistical data, analyzing the general laws of fires in Kaifeng City, the quantitative results of the risk analysis of fire of fire were given, and the weak links of the fire protection system were revealed.
Guo Xiangrong, Mei Wenyong, Chen Huai
Abstract: An analysis of the three -dimensional space structure of the upper -type steel truffle beam bridge, from the static and power characteristics of the setting of the bridge gate and the middle horizontal connection system, the impact of the rigidity of the upper steel truffle beam bridge has been more detailed.
Jiao Wenhong, Bi Suping
Abstract: Introduce the changes in the strength and delay of steel fiber concrete under local pressure, and then compare with the condition of reinforced mesh in the concrete, obtaining an effective method for improving the local pressure resistance of concrete.
Gao Guangying, Jiang Yuanli, Huang Qiang, Wu Zenggang
Abstract: On the basis of the liquid film system interface state equation proposed in the literature [1], the effects of the carrier on the interface tension of the emulsion -water phase -water phase are considered, and the existence of the carrier in the membrane phase will reduce the tension of the interface, indicating that the carrier can be adsorbed on the interface and the "competition adsorption" on the interface on the surface active agent, so as to propose a new liquid film body body The interface status equation, using this equation can make the predictive value of the interface tension better and the experimental value.
Zeng Yan, Li He, Ji Weijie
Abstract: Adopting test methods such as BET, XRO, IR, and ESR, the VPO catalysts prepared by 4 different methods (Pv = 1.15) are examined. Studies have shown that the main factor affecting the income of catalysis is the composition of the catalyst and the oxidation state of the catalyst. In the (VO) 2P2O7 phase, it contains a small amount of α -VOPO4, which is relatively catalytic. The use of organic solvents can increase the surface area of ​​the catalyst, but it does not necessarily change the catalytic activity.
Wang Guanglong, Li Hua, Gu Shouyu
Abstract: According to the actual situation of many parcel -type composite fertilizers factories, the economic evaluation method of chemical construction projects is used to use the four -scale parcel -type composite fertilizer factories (type A: 10,000 tons / year, B type: 30,000 tons / year, Types: 50,000 tons / year: 100,000 tons / year) investment analysis. The results show that comprehensive fertilizer supply supply Factors such as scope, construction investment, cost composition, main financial indicators and sensitivity are suitable for building factories from 10 to 50,000 tons / year, and the best is 30 to 50,000 tons / year. Within this scope, the unit production capacity investment amount is 126 to 177 yuan, the fixed cost accounts for total cost of 6 % to 8 %, the full investment internal yield is 40 % to 60 %, the investment recovery period is 3 to 3.7 years (including the construction period), and it has better resistance to risk.
Gao Jun, Zhang Hongjun
Abstract: Take Wubi Font as an example to introduce Chinese WNDOWS in Chinese to add custom Chinese characters input method, focusing on introducing the code watch input method of Chinese Windows through the UCDOS 50 IMDMNG (Chinese character input method manager).
Guan Zhiwu
Abstract: Kirhoff derived the diffraction integration public formula through strict mathematical theory. This article verifies the virtual factor in the formula in a simplified method and gives intuitive physical interpretation.
Yan Qiao, Dong Mingliang, Yang Yaomin
Abstract: Engineering drawing management is an important aspect of the CAD project. It introduces a practical system that uses FoxPro to manage engineering drawings. The system can easily complete the functions of drawing (warehouse), query, browsing and other functions.
He Fang, He Jie
Abstract: How to deal with the sand in the yellowing engineering has always been a major problem that plagues the design, application and management of the yellowing engineering, and has long been a great waste of land and resources to occupy a large amount of land. The introduction of the yellow -built embankment introduced by the development of our hospital has been developed in recent years, using the principle of sand building dykes to build canal to solve the effective method of staining land. Its economic benefits are obvious and worthy of promotion and application.
Ma Jing
Abstract: Discuss the fuzzyness that affects the improvement of English level factors. Based on the scores of the 94 -level graduate exam, the application of fuzzy approximation theory, the quantitative analysis of the interrelationship between the level of English and its influencing factors, found the main factors affecting the level of English, and have a certain guiding role in English teaching and learning.
Zheng Suxia, Xiang Xiang
Abstract: According to GB7714-87 "Reference Regulations for References", statistics on the references quoted by 390 articles, analyzed several irregularly record methods, and gave the correct expression method, which can provide reference for the author of science and technology papers and science and technology journals.
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