1998 volumne 19卷 Issue 03
Chen Huai, Xiong Zhengyuan, Zhang Shengming
Abstract: According to the structural characteristics of the box beam bridge and the displacement during the vibration process, the damping matrix of the vibration of the box beam bridge space is interpreted by the principle of energy, which gives the exponential expression of the damping matrix, which can be used as the actual application of the project.
Tang Yali, Shen Ningfu, Guan Shaokang, Liu Xiaofang, Yuan Xin
Abstract: A circular quasi -crystal phase was found in the fast solidification Al -FE -V -SI alloy rod. The size is 0.2 to 0.5 μm, and the ingredients are AL -8 0AT % FE -2.1AT % V -3.2AT % SI. In this regard, the quasi -crystal analyzed the electron microscope and X -light diffraction structure, and discussed the formation mechanism of the crystal.
Wang Bo, Wang Guanyue, Xu Jianguo
Abstract: The calculation accuracy of the limited element analysis model used in the linear structure earthquake response analysis was discussed in detail. The numerical examples compared the effects of using different finite element mass matrix to the effects of the calculation of the calculation of the linear structure earthquake.
Yang Li migration, Bao Yi, Hao Yudong, Feng Hongjian
Abstract: According to the voltage current function of the power system failure, the algorithm of the random function model in the microcomputer protection is analyzed from the principle of algorithm, and the characteristics and application range of the certain function model algorithm are discussed.
Ma Yuexian, Niu Zhenquan
Abstract: The technical route of a shaft -flowing paddle -type water turbine was changed to a manual paddle -type water turbine, and the working conditions of the water turbine before and after the transformation were analyzed. This transformation has a wide range of application prospects. It is of reference for the technical transformation of the old power station and the selection of water turbines of the new power station.
Wu Xiaoqin, Cao Wei, Yu Xiaorong, Dong Binbin, Zhao Yanxia
Abstract: The key algorithm of the curved surface seeking sex is introduced, and the efficient curved surface is given to the preliminary judgment method, and the traditional intersection validity test method is added.
Duan Lijuan, Zhang Jiayi
Abstract: First discuss the meaning, technology, and development status of software reuse, and then discuss the concepts and development methods and development methods of software components that have obtained huge advantages in software reuse. Finally, the development situation of software component -based application system development strategies based on the current Internet / Intranet development situation.
Li Tian, ​​Liu Hongxia, Wang Guanyue, Wu Binghua
Abstract: In the floor structure system, steel concrete shaft beams and honeycomb cross beams are often used in structural systems. Generally, the reinforced concrete beams and honeycomb -type cross beams are designed as equal sirs during design. Because the steel bars are intertwined at the cross nodes of the beam, the actual effective section of the beam is reduced. By analysis and calculation, when the height of the beam is less than a certain value, this reduction has a greater impact on the strength of the beam and cannot be ignored in engineering design.
Wang Xinling, Liu Lixin, waiting for Guoan
Abstract: The space truss theory was used to establish a stress model of the twisting components. The intensity theory and destruction criteria for reference in the two -way stress state derived the formula of the bearing capacity of the twist and cutting components, and analyzed the specification formula to obtain the practical expression of the cutting component, and connected with the carrying capacity of the pure twisting component and pure shear component to make the design easier.
Liu Zhongyu, Liu Wei, Li Guoqing
Abstract: Based on the simplified assumptions of the three -dimensional slippery model and Janbu.n, the stability problem of the viscous soil slope is equivalent to the problem of the generalization of the generalization of the border of the border of the dual -cinior function, and uses the change method to derive the partial micro -division equation (Euler equation) and cross -deserved conditions that should be met by the slippery surface. This method can determine the shape and safety factor of the three -dimensional sliding surface, while studying the width effect of the landslide.
He Yupeng, Hua Shaojie, Xu Bo, Su Zhijian
Abstract: The working principles and calculation methods of dynamic pressure rolling hybrid bearing are discussed. The bearing has less friction power consumption and good elastic support effects.
Zhang Qingxiao, Zhang Weihong, Cao Baishun
Abstract: Firstly, the effect of thermal treatment temperature on Ni -P, Ni -P -SIC chemical coating structure and hardness, and then systematically studied the effects of SIC particle size and concentration on the microscopic hardness of Ni -P -SIC coating. The plating structure was determined with XRD, and the coating tissue was observed with golden microscope. The results show that adding SIC can increase the microscopic hardness of NI -P coating. After the two plated layers are treated with 400 ° C, the micro -hardness reaches the maximum value. After 400 ° C thermal treatment, the hardness of the NI -P -SIC coating increases with the increase of SIC concentration, and the monotonous is increased, and it has a maximum value with the changes in SIC particle size.
Tang Wenbo, Qin Jun, Pan Jimin
Abstract: The influencing factors of alkaline stripes were studied, and the hydrogen content of welded metal metal, the hydrogen absorption of the chip skin, and the strong toughness characteristics of the weld metal. Based on this, high toughness, ultra -low hydrogen and operation process are excellent, suitable for the yield limit of 400 ~ 450N / mm2 -level low -alloy steel, J557GR high tough stripes.
Wang Zhiling, Li Ming, Li Minsheng
Abstract: The experimental situation of the vertical static load of the artificial digging piles in a certain project was introduced, and the cause of its serious lack of bearing capacity was revealed. The test results show that the bearing capacity of the expansion of the bottom pile is not only related to the size of the pile end, but also related to the state of the pile ends. The soft the soil, the smaller the limit bearing capacity. Therefore, in the weaker foundation, it is not advisable to use the size of the pile end to increase the bearing capacity.
Gou Zhaoli, Chai Bingqin, Hu Zhanguo, Zhang Liangshu
Abstract: The phenomenon of the double -layer leak drainage sewing pores found from the decompression and normal pressure test, which is verified by the dual water cave test, which proves that it is a gas zone and explains the cause of this gas band. The result has a practical guidance effect on the causes of the destruction of the Sanmenxia double -layer holes and sloping door slot guide rails to the correct judgment of the Sanmenxia double -layer hole slot guide rail.
Shen Jinshan, Wang Zhixiu, Bi Suping
Abstract: The theoretical and methods of gray situation decision -making is applied to the plan for real estate investment decision -making preferred plans, giving methods to solve the optimal situation of the global coordination, and use examples to explain that this method is feasible.
Tu Xingyuan
Abstract: The excavation problem of associated rules based on the numerical attributes (Kuantitatodes) was studied, and the mining algorithm Q_BASIC and q_AR were proposed. Tests showed that q_AR was valid.
Yang Changsheng, Li Yu, Wang Fu’an
Abstract: The high -efficiency liquid chromatography analysis method of the new generation of ninosone antibacterial antibiotics is proposed. Taking H3PO4 -NH4H2PO4 buffer solution (ionic ionic four ethyl (ammonium bromide) and methanol as the flowing phase, it successfully analyzed Positive Floxacin on the ODS column. The method of reappearing is good. The relative deviation of Vinkin is less than 0.58 %, and the recovery rate is greater than 99.30 %.
Yang Zhimin, Zhao Anqing, Feng Chaoling, Zhang Fengling, Wang Yongsheng, Lin Tiesheng
Abstract: Use the synthetic high -purity Alq3 to prepare a single -layer small molecular device ITO / ALQ3 / AL. Under different working conditions, the brightness of the device is tested over time, and the effects of different vacuum, different humidity, different temperatures, and different working voltage on the work life of the device are discussed.
Li Wenhua
Abstract: The prediction accuracy formula for continuous situations is defined, and on this basis, a general definition of the effective indicator of the effective indicator of the quantitative prediction method is given, and the relationship between several types of effectiveness is discussed. At the same time, it gives specific methods for estimating the effectiveness of the fitting and the effectiveness of the prediction. Therefore, it provides a reliable theoretical basis for predictors to choose effective prediction methods, and reduce the blindness and prediction costs of prediction work.
Wang Xia, Chen Peng, Zhao Lingling
Abstract: The large linear equation group on the ultra -cubic multi -processing machine system was available in parallel to the way to find the solution design and the analysis of the complexity of the operation time, and did a numerical test under the parallel virtual environment (PVM environment). The test results show that the algorithm has a good operating effect on the super cube.
Zhang Jianhua, Single Penalian, Gong Mouda
Abstract: A physical instance of mutation is provided, and its mathematical descriptions all involve jump in the guidance, and the original function is continuous.
Zhao Sheng
Abstract: During the process of solving the distribution problem with the Hungarian algorithm, the maximum distribution of the 0 element in the transformed coefficient matrix after the transformed coefficient matrix needs to be determined. At present, the maximum distribution of Elements is found to apply to the maximum method of the network. A more simple and fast method of consumption is proposed to determine the maximum distribution of the 0 element.
Shi Jun, Wang Yaming, Liu Jinting, Zhao Wenjie
Abstract: Study the preparation of load -type PD catalysts produced by branfetal -formation, and inspect the impregnation, roasting, and activation of PD / C catalysts using the impregnation method, and obtained the best preparation conditions for PD / C catalysts for pyramal liquid -phantal liquid -phase -based pyramids.
Feng Miro
Abstract: Discuss the compatibility of the broad GAUS -MARKOF model, that is, the contradictory of the model, the natural constraints of the parameters, and the valuation of the linear function. These are large different from the GAUS -MARKOF model when the coordinator matrix is ​​positive. By discussing the concept of compatibility in a broad model.
Lou Meizhi
Abstract: For the application system designed by Foxbase or FoxPro database management system, a method of implementing graphics analysis is given, and the application effect is good.
Li Lingzhi
Abstract: Application probability theory of knowledge, discusses the application of the digital characteristics of random variables in theoretical and practical problems.
Wang Wenyi, Wang Ruoyu
Abstract: Detailed introductions to the development dynamics of the United States in the field of higher parallel computer system and the implementation of the ASCI cross -century plan. At the same time, it also introduced a typical latest distributed shared storage system DSM (DISTRIBUTEDSHEDMEMORL) -s PP 1200 / XA.
Chang Yongying, Li Yuwen, Zhang Songzhi
Abstract: On the basis of the state observer theory in the inverse system method, the design method and specific steps of the standardized state observor of the single output -time -changing system are given. This method is not only suitable for linear systems, but also for non -linear systems.
Yang Feilong, Pan Jimin, Qiu Yi, Xu Changbai
Abstract: It discusses the use of high -speed rotating ultra -hard wheels to wear the material for wear and stripping the powder, analyzes the impact of the working principle and parameters of the high -speed wheel mill, and provides a useful basis for further developing and developing a series of new high -speed sand wheel abrasive machines in the future.
Cao Dongsheng, Zhang Lan
Abstract: Briefly introduced the structure layout, structural computing analysis, and multi -faceted structural system of Zhengzhou Tobacco Technology Training Building, and finally introduced several common and difficult problems in structural design.
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