1997 volumne 18卷 Issue 04
Gao Jinfeng, Ning Yanqing
Abstract: Anecdotal network implementation solution was proposed on a neural network that realizes real -time frequency tracking and Fourier analysis. The improved network structure is obviously simplified and can still achieve the required functions.
Wu Jinxing, Dong Qiwu, Liu Minshan, Wei Xinli, Wang student
Abstract: Based on the structural characteristics of the shell -type heat exchanger and plate evaporator, based on the high -efficiency horizontal tube spray -type membrane -proof evaporator, a new type of shell -shell reduction evaporator is developed. The theoretical analysis and experimental results show that the ellipse cavity beam is a new type of evaporator with an evaporation inner part. The evaporation speed is fast and the heat transfer efficiency is high.
Yang Kaiming, Liu Hongxia, Ren Tianping
Abstract: The system is based on grinding force tracking control to achieve grinding force and double closed -loop control of the machine tool. This control method implements grinding processing without the need for NC instructions, and automatically compensation for sand wheel damage while grinding to ensure the processing accuracy.
Han Juhong, Ding Ziqiang, Shan Wei
Abstract: Based on the results of the rectification of the tributary plate of the rectangular board of the reinforcement of the four -sided rectangular board under the action of 30 concentrated loads, the distribution rules of the supporting force of the support and the influence of the destruction of the board were obtained.
Chen Feng
Abstract: This article establishes the stable conditions of multiple finger claws on objects. And analyze the movements and contacts of the three -finger claw claws, which provides theoretical basis for the control of the finger.
Zhu Haitang
Abstract: Combined with experimental research, the mechanics and deformation characteristics and its connection performance of prestressed concrete pile piles and pile caps in small eccentric pressure are analyzed.
Shi Li, Lu Wei
Abstract: The necessity of developing microcomputer process control software platforms on the opposite side of the medium and small process control systems, focusing on the development of the microcomputer process control platform interface with BORLANDC ++ under the WNDOWS environment, and applied on the WK -1 temperature control system. The effect is friendly and easy to use.
Jia Yanze, Yang Wanhui, Xie Qi, Qi Liangzheng
Abstract: The knowledge base and database are an indispensable part of the expert system. The advantages and disadvantages of its performance directly affect the generality and operability of the software, and also directly affect the user’s evaluation of the entire expert system. This article analyzes and studies the methods of using relational database representations and storage knowledge and information, and uses an accidental simulation part as an example to explore the application of the relationship database in the substation simulation training expert system.
Zhang Congliang, Li Pengtao, Zhang Ziyu, Li Xuemeng
Abstract: Taking white cloudstone as the raw material, light carbon ammonia dual -cycle method is used to prepare light magnesium oxide, propose new processes and best process conditions, and provide a basis for its industrialization.
Qin Dongchen, Yuan Hua, Ren Tai’an
Abstract: In order to effectively reduce the number of structural analysis in the structure optimization design calculation of complex box beams, this article proposes a approximate structural analysis method for resolution analysis of complex box -shaped beams, and gives the concept of load distribution coefficient. The structural optimization design of the complex box beams on the microcomputer has obtained a satisfactory result of the accurate and better design optimization design.
Zhang Heng, tension, and king’s coexistence
Abstract: It proposes a method of combining the elastic static multi -regional combination boundary and mathematical statistical theory to calculate the macroex modulus of the mold of the mold / resin composite material for the mold. The measured results and calculation results are better.
Zhao Guangtian
Abstract: Through the analysis of the causes of cracks of large -volume concrete, the concrete pouring conditions and cracking methods were determined, and the construction unit was based on the construction of the engineering unit.
Han Fan, Gong Zhejun
Abstract: In multi -medium and medium -sized production, parts of parts are important content of group technology. Use the BP network to establish a parts classifier to discuss the application of the ARTI model in the parts group.
Zhang Guobao, Zhao Gensuo, Sun Dingyi, Wang Ying
Abstract: Use the infrared spectrum and gel color spectrum to study the chemical composition of the hybrid polyurethane elastic body of the soft segment as polyester and polyether. It proposes that its chemical group is formulated as an embedded segment clustering polymer material, not a mixed polymer material, and verified with nuclear magnetic resonance and adhesive spectrum.
Li Tiesheng, Wu Yangjie, Sun Yu’an, Cheng Yufeng
Abstract: Metal pyrine can cooperate with organic alkaline pyriral, pyridine, etc. [1], while simple pyrine has no nature. This is because the transition metal pyrine has a plane structure and axial non -saturated. It is easy to form a combination with organic alkali, which enhances the ligand activity and provides spatial conditions and structural conditions that are conducive to response. This article studies a series of changes in the combined reaction and ultraviolet visibility spectrum of pyrodoline cobalt brackets and pyridine, and obtains the number of molecular numbers and balance constants.
Zhang Jianguo, Zhang Xinyu
Abstract: Parameter estimation theory is an important part of statistical decision -making theory. The work of this article is to promote the relevant results of the well -known statisticians Karlin [1] about the relevant results of the parameter estimation of the intercepted distribution family to α <0. And give an accurate MINIMAX estimate of parameter θ and θ2 in the Pareto distribution family in economics.
Wang Wenyi, Wang Ruoyu
Abstract: Introduce several major world -class major challenges and their needs for computer performance that are urgently needed to be solved today. At the same time, they also discuss the development status and problems of large -scale parallel computers with advanced system structures.
Zhou Tonghe, Guo Hong, Zhao Tong, Xie Jian
Abstract: The development and development of the "Basic Engineering Optimization Decision Computer Consultation System" software, the content includes the composition, function and related technologies of the system. The software can provide consulting services for users to make decisions on foundation processing methods and basic forms in order to quickly make economic and reasonable decisions.
Li Dalei, Qin Shoutong, Ma Shenggang, Chen Yongsheng
Abstract: This article outlines the reasons for the positioning error, comprehensively analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various positioning error calculation methods, and proposes a new problem of calculating the positioning error when the "adjustment method" is drilled on the slope with the "adjustment method", thereby exporting the concept of a wider positioning error.
Liu Weiwei, Ji Yanguang, Wang Xing, Wang Suguang
Abstract: Amazine replaced by oxyl chloride and methyl -based, and the LaWESSON reagent is a sulfide reagent, which synthesizes three N, N ′ -diopenzhenyliosulfonal meseanamide.
Zhou Jianwei, Wang Shouwei
Abstract: The method of using nitrate oxide oxidized oxalic acid was studied, and the effects of sulfuric acid concentration and nitric acid consumption on the yield of oxalic acid were explored, and it provided a new way for the development and utilization of local natural resources.
Li Jiuju
Abstract: From the aspects of personnel quality, collection quality, service level, and service methods, it clarifies how to fully develop and utilize journal information resources.
Lei Ping
Abstract: Use the P -q diagram to analyze the speed regulation performance of differential voltage variable pumps and throttle valves; and analyze the performance and circuit efficiency of the load and transmission during the transmission.
Li Dexin
Abstract: Introduction to the performance of carbide and its application, through experimental research, it determines the method and process conditions of the carbonide and its technical conditions based on urea and hydrogen peroxide as the raw material.
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