1997 volumne 18卷 Issue 03
Jiang Yuanli, Gao Guangying, Wu Zenggang, Wang Zi, Fu Jushu
Abstract: This article adopts the LEWIS slot that is effective in the solution -liquid interface, which is effective to study the quality resistance of the surfactant layer during the transmission of the emulsion membrane. This article improves the LEWIS slot used to make it more in line with the configuration of the emulsion liquid film extraction slot, in order to achieve the purpose of describing the resistance of the mass transmission resistance of the emulsion membrane, which can provide important experimental parameters for further theoretical discussion of the emulsion liquid film transmission process.
Xu Qilou, Jiang Rui, Long Yanjun
Abstract: The unified calculation mode solves the six rectangular boards that are free on one side of the three sides of the branches on the plate surface. They are loaded on the plate surface, and the triangle distributed loads. The free edge function distributed shear, distributed bending moment, concentrated force, or concentrated bending moment. Calculation shows that this solution is fast, and the calculation accuracy is high.
Wang student, Dong Qiwu, Liu Minshan, Wang Dingbiao, Guo Chaxiu
Abstract: The random vibration theory discusses the random response of two different structural tube shell heat exchangers caused by turbulent pulse. The calculation results show that the new RRS heat exchanger has excellent vibration resistance compared to ordinary baffle heat exchangers.
Ye Yuanlie, Liu Zhenhua, Qin Dongchen
Abstract: This article analyzes the pressure mechanism of the overall ironing machine of the clothing, and completes the optimized design of the agency. The optimization design of the organization uses a composite method. It uses multi -level optimization technology to obtain satisfactory results and provides reasonable and reliable data for structural design.
Zhang Leishun, Song Ruyu, Guo Jin march
Abstract: Based on the results of the test and finite element calculation, this article establishes a formula for controlling the stress control of the steel.
Zou Jun, Xu Yan, Lou Hegong
Abstract: According to the actual situation of the large -scale substation (220kV) of the Municipal Electricity Bureau, the author of this article introduces a multi -functional software package that automatically generates, edit, storage and print operation tickets. The system uses BORLANDC ++ to develop and run under the MI -CROSOFTWINDOWS platform to display the station’s connection and perform simulation operations. At the same time, the software package can be displayed. Using blackboard technology (dynamic database) to establish a rules -based front -directional mechanism, and automatically generate operating tickets that adapt to the current state.
Wang Liang, Gao Qingguo, Liu International, Liang Tingliang
Abstract: This article establishes a mathematical model for the couplet synthetic tower reactor, and uses the actual production data of a factory to correct the model. The calculation results of the model are consistent with the actual measurement results of the synthetic tower, indicating that the mathematical model established is feasible and can be used for analysis and simulation of alcohol synthetic tower.
Yang Jianshui
Abstract: Through the experimental research of 8 unblocked bilateral overlapping boards, this article adopts a combination of perimeter migration mechanism. The tapered parent line is a linear line and curve connection. The formula of the shear strength is derived by the analysis of plastic limit analysis. The formula and test results are good.
Guo Le worker, Liu Zhongyu, Li Xiang, Fan Yingfang
Abstract: Based on the test of 72 cold -rolled ribbon reinforced concrete components, this article has conducted in -depth research and analysis of the working performance, bearing capacity and economic benefits of cold -rolled rib steel reinforcement, the work performance, bearing capacity and economic benefits of cold -rolled rib steel. The results of the test research show that the cold -rolled rib steel concrete plate components have significant economic benefits and broad application prospects, and should be accelerated and applied.
Shi Yufa, Gao Jinfeng, Hu Youfu, Yang Yuxia
Abstract: The real -time control of the self -designed tobacco leaves fermentation temperature and humidity is an automatic control system made of DDz -Ⅱ series instrument and single industrial control unit. A microcomputer completes tasks such as adjustment, parameter modification, and printing of a distributed upper and lower position 24, and it is divided into the work method of the front and backstage in the design of the software.
Ma Xixia
Abstract: Based on the decision -making of the gray system situation decision -making, this article uses multi -target and multi -layered gray situation decision -making methods to optimize the multiple combination schemes developed by river steps. Example analysis shows that the method proposed in this article is correct.
Yang Weizhong, Chen Shixia
Abstract: This article uses the force method to export the internal force calculation formula of the reinforced concrete plate -type suspended staircase, and propose the simplified calculation method. The method has the advantages of clear concepts and simple calculations.
Zhu Quanzhi, Wang Wei, Miao Tongchen
Abstract: This article uses the limited point method of the samples under the coordinate transformation to study the problem of the large deflection of any quadrilateral thin plate, gives the calculation instance, and verify the correctness and good versatility of the method.
Chen Zhiwei, Si Huaiji
Abstract: This article discusses the principle and circuit composition of 20khzpwm (pulse width modulation). The PWM signal is generated by an integrated circuit with excellent performance. The high -frequency inverter uses international advanced magnetic materials and IGBT power devices. The inverter sends the output high -frequency voltage into the ultrasonic converter to radiate the ultrasonic. The system has the characteristics of simple circuits, reliable work, small volume, low cost, convenient output power adjustment, high efficiency, and strong practicality.
Zhang Chuanhe, Han Qianyong, Tian Shujun
Abstract: This article introduces the performance requirements of the aluminum alloy material used in the carbonized tank water tank of chemical industry and small and medium -sized chemical fertilizers, and conducts trials of bending and swelling. The processing process performance of the 5454 aluminum alloy thermal squeezing tubes has been studied, and the sandblasting test is also studied through sandblasting tests.
Set up a society
Abstract: This article gives a kind of convergence method for the positive level. This convergence method can summarize the common coordination method of the common Cos. And this method can also launch more detailed conclusions than Koisi’s sword trial.
Abstract: This article promoted Hamilton -CayLey’s theorem about zero -e -terms, and gave a complete proof of Hamil -Ton -Cayley theorem.
Li Hua, Chen Wanren, Wang Guanglong
Abstract: Biological nitrogen fixation not only has a large amount of nitrogen fixation, but also improves soil fertility, improves soil conditions, and does not pollutes the environment. More importantly, it has inexhaustible low -cost nitrogen sources with low cost and high utilization rate. Therefore, biological nitrogen is one of the main directions of fertilizer development in the future.
Qu Weishi, Zhao Jianguo, Qiu Yi
Abstract: Common double three B -sized bar surfaces are determined by the feature grid composed of M × N’s top point. An M -2 point on the M -2 points on the curve curve (curve bus) only needs to be given by a rotary curved curved B -shaped stripe constructor. The text exports its matrix expression form, and the verification is drawn on the computer, and the graphics are drawn. This method has the characteristics of few raw data, simple operation methods, less time to occupy machines, and easier to control the surface. It has theoretical significance and practical value in the fields of product modeling CAD and its solution optimization, as well as video technology, advertising and animation design.
Liu Wei, Xu Xiaohui, Han Lan
Abstract: This article introduces a variety of methods that use embedded customization technologies and development languages ​​on the use of embedded customization technology and development languages. The content includes the national standardization method of graphic, frame, title bar, proportion, font, graphic line, section symbol, and size marking.
Yu Bing
Abstract: This article introduces the structure, principles and characteristics of a jagged wave circuit composed of integrated computing amplifiers.
Wang Yuping
Abstract: From the perspective of intensity, the stable performance analysis and discussion of stable performance in the most widely used single -mast drilling tower in drilling production. Among them, the structural characteristics of the mast were analyzed, and the stress conditions were analyzed, and the structure of the overall and front thighs was discussed to derive the practical computing formula, which provided the theoretical basis for its safety production in the actual situation.
Yang Xiaotian
Abstract: This article describes the improvement opinions stipulated in the technical regulations of ordinary concrete coordination ratio design, and puts forward simplified suggestions for the design of medium and low -intensity concrete ratio.
Huang Shiqiang, Sun Yuejun
Abstract: This article establishes a second -order partial formula for multiple composite functions.
Abstract: This article establishes a new system of 1.0mol / LHCL medium, with a chloride hexisyxylpyamine -aceticate extraction silver system, and uses organic phase spray to perform flame atom absorption method to determine silver. This method is simple, fast, and sensitive. About 30 coexist ions have been successfully used to determine the micro -measurement of silver in the probe sample.
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