1997 volumne 18卷 Issue 02
Gao Jinfeng, Wang Jun, Huang Junjie
Abstract: This article gives a new method that measures the frequency and phase of the low frequency, especially the frequency and phase of the industrial frequency voltage signal. This method only needs to sample the two input signals at the same time, and obtain the five sampling points of each sine signal. The frequency and similarity of the signal can be calculated based on the formula provided in this article.
Liu Deping, Li Xinsheng
Abstract: This article uses the noodle combination method to construct the idea of ​​complex shapes, completes the Boer operation of the graphic graphics. Choosing the appropriate grain graphic can facilitate the constructing complex graphic shape. The developed system has a good user interface, laying a solid foundation for post -order work
Shen Xianzhang, Liu Xiaolan, Wu Tianfu, Minzun South
Abstract: This article analyzes the working principles of SNIh to estimate compensation control and sampling PI control, and compares the two control algorithms through simulation.
Zhang Junfeng, Gong Yuning
Abstract: This article considers the recovery effect of the initial stress (BOOYANCYEFECT) [1] [2] Establish a shaft symmetrical elastic dynamic equation with initial stress, and uses a feature function to solve the dynamic displacement and stress of the self -tightening residual time, which has obtained satisfactory results.
Luo Guojie, Bian Kaiyuan, Wu Yixiang
Abstract: The wide tail pier is a new type of elimination worker. The study of this article shows that the low -end pier of the low dam is the same as the high -本 本 本 pier, and it also has the characteristics of the hydraulic characteristics of the hydration of the water depth and reducing the length of the water leaps, and also has its own water flow characteristics.
Liu International, Xun Tingliang, Wang Liang
Abstract: This article conducts a comprehensive study of corn starch, acrylic, acrylamide and acrylamide polychide, and high -absorbent resin to obtain the most suitable process operation conditions and prepare high water absorption at 400-750 times.
Yang Wanhui
Abstract: The development of the hydropower integrated circuit’s set of protection devices "is our major technology research project we have completed. This article introduces our research on export circuit parts during the development process.
Zhu Shijie, Yang Kaijun, Guo Xiyun, Lou Nanjin
Abstract: This article studies the sound of rare earth, osmotic composition and tissue structure, and seepage layer performance of rare earth. By optimizing the appropriate types of rare earth, add quantity and process parameters. The results show that rare earth has obvious seepage effects, which can increase the seepage rate by 30 % compared with without rare earth; increased carbon and nitrogen content in the surface layer, increased the number of carbides, the particles became small, diffused, and extended inward distribution. Matriots and residuals are refined; the hardness of the peak layer is increased, and the microscopic hardness distribution becomes reasonable; the abrasion resistance of the penetration layer under high load is increased by about 30 %, and the life of the feed pressure of this technology has increased significantly. Electronic energy spectrum analysis and phase analysis show that rare earth elements infiltrate into the infiltration layer and form a rare earth compound phase, which plays a role in micro -alloy.
Du Xiaogang, Zhang Mingyan, Ma Yuexian
Abstract: This article introduces the most advanced internationally advanced CIN method grouting technology for the first time in the experimental application of large -scale water conservancy projects in my country. The corresponding results were systematically analyzed and studied, and some valuable conclusions were obtained. It has certain guidance significance for promoting the use of advanced technologies in my country.
Zhang Qiming, Jing Yali
Abstract: Based on the bending test of prestressed concrete pipes and pile cap connection nodes, the crack characteristics, destructive forms, and its forceful characteristics of the connection node test parts are described, and the embedded properties and delayed properties of the connected node area are analyzed and discussed.
Huang Rengui, Qin Shou Tong, Li Dalei
Abstract: This article clarifies that when the workpiece is located with a rotating surface and calculates the positioning error, take the positioning benchmark or is a bus to the reckle surface, or the center line, and the calculation results are the same. Then explain the positioning error from the principle of sports.
Yang Manxiang, Liu Enchen, Xie Yinde, Ma Guang aid
Abstract: : BLR -10 semiconductor hot and hot box, use the car’s own energy, use the Pertician effect to heat or cause cold or cold to solve the needs of the driver’s transportation. This article is briefly discussed by the system design and parameters of the hot and cold box.
Zhang Zhenzhou, Cao Baozhu, Kang Wanying
Abstract: This article is based on the collapse, sinking, and infiltration deformation of many reservoirs in the slope protection project of many reservoirs. It uses the representative river Chen Reservoir to be easily attracted by the wavy water slope as the project instance. After several years of use, the effect is good. The slope protection technology has the characteristics of simple construction, saving investment, beautifying the environment, and easy management. It can be promoted and applied in the slope protection project of the reservoir river.
Wang Haiyan, Ma Gangli
Abstract: This article mainly discusses the working principle of high -power arc -light discharge power supply and its manufacturing process.
Abstract: This article analyzes the process of Xue Dingzhang’s process of famous Dingbian Xue Dingzhang equation, and the role of theoretical intuition in scientific discovery. Especially through theoretical intuition, according to the actual export of the above -mentioned equations, the different effects of the logic and logical components of China and Africa, and the comparison with the background of the formation of the matrix mechanics form, the theoretical intuition judgment is in the new year.
Gao Yan, Zhao Chaopei
Abstract: This article exports a total molecular formula of organic compounds according to the price key theory. Based on this, not only can C, H, and no harmony in organic compounds can be calculated, but the specific molecular formula, structure and name of organic compounds can also be determined.
Tang Peiyuan, Shi Pengfei
Abstract: In response to the characteristics of the computers of the foreign exchange trading center, the characteristics of the computers in different places of the foreign exchange trading center analyzed the problems of several data security in the system, and focused on the effectiveness, integrity and confidentiality of the data information of foreign exchange trading business, the security and confidential services that the computer’s foreign exchange trading system should provide
Dong Nianhu, Duan Wenzhong
Abstract: This article summarizes the calculation method of the local and foreign non -viscous earthen pier. Many foreign computing methods have their limitations in domestic use. The domestic calculation method is mainly based on Type 65-1. In recent years, some improved calculation methods have appeared on the basis of 65-1, making the calculation method more reasonable. The formula of Zhang Hongwu is relatively simple to the Doshasha River.
Bai Yanqin, Li Nan
Abstract: The content of the graphic standard will become more extensive, and the general -purpose chart standard and professional graphics standards will coexist for a long time and coordinate development; the standards for simplifying graphics and the standards of graphic symbols will continue to increase; graphic standards will further internationalize and reflect the requirements of the modernization of engineering graphics.
Wang Guanhui
Abstract: This article discusses the test results of the microorganisms in the soil and the action of organic and inorganic objects in biodegradable sewage. The results of the test show that the effect of biodegradation is obvious, and a basis for scientifically developing sewage irrigation, thereby promoting the improvement of the agricultural ecological environment.
Zhang Congliang, Li Xuemeng
Abstract: This article studies the method of preparing potassium sulfate with zinc erup and potassium chloride as the raw material, and analyzes and optimized its process conditions. This process is simple and has no pollution.
Lang Hong, Chen Yongxiao
Abstract: This article explores the standardization of data in the relationship database application system.
Ding Xuejia, Shen Changyu, Chen Jingbo
Abstract: The activation agent A and activation agent B are used together, and the heat treatment can achieve the purpose of activating modified rubber powder. Compared with the performance of butadhide mixed with activated glue powder, in addition to the decreased dynamic and dynamic performance, except for the decreased decrease in the decrease of the decreased extension.
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