1997 volumne 18卷 Issue 01
Xia Boqian, Yu Lie, Xie Youbai
Abstract: This article pointed out the lack of the gear -rotor -bearings system in the current literature. By the impact of changes in the instantaneous position of the gear meshing line on the dynamic mesh, a new bending coupling model is established. Based on this, the vibration equation group of the system bending coupling vibration is given to more comprehensively describe the vibration characteristics of the system.
Guan Pinwu, Liu Lixin, Xu You neighbor
Abstract: This article analyzes the bond anchoring mechanism of cold -rolled steel bars through a large number of cold -rolled steel bars bonding anchor tests, and the main factors affecting the bonding anchor. On the basis of statistical analysis, the calculation formula of various adhesive strength feature values ​​of cold -rolled reinforced steel bars is given to derive the critical anchor length calculation formula of cold -rolled reinforced steel. The beam -type anchor test was verified, and finally proposed the design recommendations for the bonding the anchoring length of the cold -rolled -twisting reinforced concrete component on the basis of reliable analysis, which provided a basis for the preparation of the national standard "Technical Regulations for Cold -Rolling Reinforced Setting Corona".
Li Jianfeng, Li Xianqiang, Ding Chuanxian, Zhang Pingyu
Abstract: On the MM -200 -ring contact wear testing machine, the plasma sprayed chromium -chromium -nickel chromium coating on the sintering Al2O3, the hot pressure sintering SI3N4, the SIC and the plasma spray TIO2 coating in the four ceramic materials and the amount of rubbing coefficient and rubbing in dry friction; Technologies such as EDAX and XRD observe and analyze the appearance, material metastasis, and physical transformation of frictional side materials; discuss the microscopic structure and certain physical properties of friction side materials and some physical properties, mechanical performance on the effects of friction and wear of chromium carbide -nickel chromium coating. As a result, the grinding amount of coatings is not only very different from its wear. Large, and its friction and wear mechanism is different. The transfer of abrasive materials to the coating surface during friction and wear is conducive to improving the wear resistance of coating. The smaller the size and elastic modulus of the pairing ceramics, the higher the thermal conductivity coefficient, the better the pairing performance of the chromium -nickel chromium coating.
Guan Huiling, Wang Wei
Abstract: The combination of fuzzy diagnosis and neural networks can improve the level of device fault diagnosis technology. The article explains the organic combination of single -disease diagnostic models and multi -symptom diagnostic diagnosis of fuzzy models and neural networks; discuss the plastic learning method of expanding neural network subnets and sub -nodes based on the principle of fuzzy diagnosis and the organizational method of learning samples with the theoretical guidance of the theoretical recognition theory. Briefly describe the verification of the production site of the diagnostic system and the diagnostic system based on the above -mentioned fuzzy neural network.
Yang Mingshan, Tang Yali, Shen Ningfu, Liu Xiaofang
Abstract: Advanced technologies such as gold phase (OM), transmitted electron microscope (TEM), scanning electron microscope (SEM) studied quickly solidified Al -4TI -2V -3LA alloys, and determined that the small enhancement of the scattered distribution in the substrate was a single AL20 (TI, V) 2LA phase. .47nm. This performance is close to the current mature thermal aluminum alloy, which shows that the fast -coagulans Al -TI -LA conformal alloy has potential strength as armal aluminum alloy.
Zhang Leishun, Song Ruyu
Abstract: On the basis of the calculation of the overlaide beam test and the non -linear finite element, this article establishes a short -term stiffness calculation formula
Ye Jianqiu, Li Liangjun
Abstract: In terms of principle and structural type, inductive sub -generators are very different from ordinary generators. Such as: the constant component that does not feel the potential of the potential of the air gap magnetic flux; there is no winding on the rotor. This article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various structured sensor generators in detail, and enumerates factors for frequency, efficiency (iron loss, copper loss), size, cost, processing process, bearing life, etc. Provide the correct basis for designers when choosing a structure form
Ding Xuejia, Shen Changyu, Zhu Yujun, Wu Shemao
Abstract: This article uses a sulfur vulcanization system to prepare the PVC / NBR mixed thermal elastomer (TPE) with dynamic vulcanization method. This material has the characteristics of high strength, permanent deformation, and repeated processing. The effects of factors such as co -mixing time, cross -linked content and other factors have on the mechanical properties of materials and the performance of common comparative comparison flow. Through the observation of electron microscope, the PVC / NBR co -mixture presents a clear two structures. The cross -linking NBR is decentralized and scattered in the PVC continuous phase. Dynamic vulcanization PVC / NBR co -mixed thermoplastic elastic body is better than simple mechanical co -mixture in compressed permanent transformation, interrupt permanent deformation, oil resistance and aging resistance.
Wei Xinli
Abstract: This article briefly introduces the structural characteristics of the nail -type extruder, and combines its structural characteristics to introduce the plasticization and mixed mechanism of glue, the mechanism of increasing the amount of extrusion and the reduction of power consumption.
Zhou Cairong, Wang Haifeng, Li Huiping, Zhong Xian
Abstract: This article introduces the method of synthesizing new solid fuels with lidty acid and its salt as a curing agent. It uses the orthogonal test method to study the impact of the factors and product performance of the new solid fuel.
Qin Dongchen, Ye Yuanlie, La Kaiying, Zhang Ke
Abstract: This article uses the modeling design method in modern design methods, and considers the influence of air dynamic factors, analyzes and research the body shape of the three rounds of motorcycles, completes the shape design of the body, and three -dimensional and two -dimensional graphics, which provides some useful discussions for the body shape design.
How to compete for glory
Abstract: Study the adsorption mechanism of the activated carbon to the hexavalent chromium in the electroplating wastewater to help find an effective way to improve the amount of activated carbon absorption and regeneration efficiency. Based on the experiments such as the Optical Electronics spectrum (ESCA), this article proposes a new adsorption mechanism, successfully explained the adsorption and regeneration process of activated carbon, and proposed an effective way to increase the amount of activated carbon absorption attachment.
Shi Lejun
Abstract: The article discusses the most basic and most commonly used concepts in wastewater biological treatment, such as good oxygen microbial metabolic allocation, nutritional salt addition ratio, alkaline degree and influence, and the form of ammonia nitrogen.
Zhao Wanzhong
Abstract: This article improves the definition of the closer, so that it fully meets the axioms of closeness.
Jiang Zhimin
Abstract: This article gives an invariance of the general CDF equation. Based on this, we can get new solutions from the known solution of the general CDF equation through the method of integration. The results obtained in this article summarize the conclusion of the article [3].
Zhang Min, Yuan Hui
Abstract: In response to the requirements of sufficient measurement data when eliminating abnormal values ​​with Radida Guidelines, and the elimination methods, this article focuses on the applicable conditions of the Radida Guideline and prove it; derived the change of the Belsier formula, which provides a simple method for recycling abnormal values.
Xie Lingxia, Wang Changhua, Huang Zhenguo
Abstract: This article introduces the anti -corrosion method of reinforced concrete at home and abroad, analyzes the basic principles of various anti -corrosion methods, and has the scope of application and anti -corrosion design problems. Can be used for reference in selecting anti -corrosion methods.
Wu Huisong
Abstract: With the rapid expansion of software development, the current popular software development methods (including the current software engineering method) have difficulty meeting the requirements of development practice, and practice requires new progress in software development methods. In view of this, on the basis of object -oriented and opening methods, this article systematically proposes a strict software development method, trying to make the developer’s creativity and the automation ability of the development environment.
Feng Dongqing, Yao Zhihong
Abstract: The article introduces the method of online diagnosis of boiler operation failure, as well as the hardware structure and software process of the system, and gives the results of simulation experiments. Experiments show that the methods and hardware and software structures designed by the system are reasonable, effective and feasible.
Single Penalian, Wang duckweed, come to pine
Abstract: This article proposes a new method of storage of color image storage. This method uses a LCD space -luminous maker to realize the conversion of different colors of non -dry light to the same wavelength -related light. Therefore, it can be preserved with a monochrome laser rainbow holographic diagram, which has the characteristics of simple and low cost.
Wang Lei, Zhang Hongsheng, Song Jianchi, Zhai Shengli, Niu Junfeng
Abstract: Starting from the molecular structure, according to the linear law of Jiang Mingqian’s organic compounds, propose long -chain fat alcohol, acid, and ester in the anti -phase fluid chromatography in the citizen chromatography in the citizen chromatography, the retaining value of long chain fat, acid, ester, and the quantitative model of the same order.
Zhou Bing, Qian Depei
Abstract: This article introduces the design and implementation of the hardware and software of the CNC system of the YK7163 tooth grinding machine, the definition and application of the CNC language G code
Li Zhong, Liu International, Li Tingliang, Li Yu, Wang Liang
Abstract: This article studies the preparation of the TIO2 -SO2-4 solid super -strong acid catalyst, and is used in the synthesis of cymbal tactics. The H2SO4 concentration was inspected, and the effects of contact time such as H2SO4 and the roasting temperature on catalyst activity. By changing the impact of the amount of catalyst and the reaction temperature on product revenue, the best process conditions are determined by the orthogonal experiment. Under the best process conditions, some research on the activity of binary and three -yuan composite solid solid super -high acid catalysts. The experimental results show that the TIO2 -SO2-4 solid super -strong acid catalyst and its composite catalyst can be used in the synthesis of pyrinated titthopine, which has industrial extensive value.
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