1996 volumne 17卷 Issue 04
Hua Shaojie, Fu Shaomin, Guo Hong, Qi Jianzhong, Li Ruizhen, Xia Hengqing, Cen Shaoqi
Abstract: Here, the outer flat hair fine tube throttle throttle is moved to the beginning of the rotation direction in the cavity, and reunited through the shallow cavity. This article conducts a comprehensive finite element analysis and optimization calculation of this new type of dynamic pressure sliding bearing, establishes the finite element -the computing model of optimizing iteration process, and compiles computer program, draws the optimization results of several main design parameters, thereby providing a basis for design and manufacturing.
Su Yu, Jiang Yuanli, Ma Guoyu, Fu Jusu
Abstract: This article targets the problems existing in the establishment of the emulsifier's fluid film system diffusion and transmission model, and in -depth analysis of the effects of inflation and membrane rupture that affects the stability of the liquid membrane on the process. Establishing a comprehensive reflecting the influenza and membrane rupture influence, the mathematical model, this mathematical model is more consistent with the actual leather. The limited difference method was used to solve the complex model. During the quality of the mass, the impact of the border layer and the surfactant layer of the emulsion of the emulsion droplets on the mass transfer process. The calculation results are more consistent with the experimental results, which proves the rationality of the model built.
Wang Liancai, Li Xiaoning, Qin Kejing, Zeng Qingshan, Wang Chunju
Abstract: This article analyzes a large number of asymmetric circuits and a variety of typical asymmetric circuits when using a large amount of gas discharge lights. The mid -line current waveform of these circuits was shot. Analysis of these waveforms can be seen: (1) Even though the three -phase load is completely symmetrical, the mid -line current is still 32.7 % of the full load phase current. (2) In the case of typical asymmetric conditions, the mid -line current is greater than the full load phase. (3) If the circuit structure changes, the mid -line current may be greater than twice the phase current. (4) The mid -line current of a three -phase power supply circuit with a large number of gas discharge lamps is not only greater than the mid -line current of the linear load of the same situation, but also rich in high -level harmonics. It is a new harmonic source. These analysis and experimental data control design and cable manufacturers are valuable.
Li Jianwei, Liu Jin Dun, Zhang Yongzhan, Huang Qiang, Fu Hai
Abstract: This article uses an internal circulation no gradient reactor. Under 55-160 ° C, under normal pressure and carbon dioxide atmosphere conditions, a hydrolyzed dynamic dynamic dynamic dynamics on the T -2-4 catalyst (COS) hydrolyzed reaction dynamics. Established the following dynamic equation. The number of reaction levels of COS and CO2 is 0.7 and -1.0, respectively.
Wang Songjie, Shen Changyu, Chen Jingbo
Abstract: This article introduces the functions and system processes, interface design and usage methods developed by computer -assisted design (CAD) subsystem DB, EXAMPLE, CALCULATE in the "Rubber mold CAD / CAM / CAED" (z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z m m m m m 本
Ji Yanguang, Ling Xiang
Abstract: This article applies the method of continuous damage mechanics theory and finite element method, and has studied and developed the life evaluation software of the main steam pipeline of the power plant. Using the software to predict the life of high temperature and high -pressure pipelines; estimate the surplus life of service pipes; simulate the expansion of pipeline cracks. In the article, a high -temperature mechanical performance experiment was conducted for the steam pipeline of 12CR1MOV, which calculated the remaining life of the service pipeline and obtained satisfactory results.
Zhou Jianmin, Shen Xianzhang, Huang De, Shen Haihua
Abstract: This article introduces the status quo of multimedia technology; research adopts a multimedia technology control system; proposes a new learning algorithm of neural networks in the system, which has greater practicality and developmentability.
Chen Shifu, Zhao Mengyue, Tao Yuewu, Liang Xin
Abstract: The feasibility of photocatalysting organic phosphorus pesticide wastewater was studied with TiO_2 powder as a photocatalyst. Results showed that the CODCR 650mg · L -1, the pesticide wastewater with an organic phosphorus content of 19.8m · L -1, was illuminated by the mercury lamp in 375W, the removal rate of COD was 90 %, and the recovery rate of inorganic phosphorus was 99.8 %. At the same time, the impact of various factors such as the dosage of the first catalyst TIO2, the initial pH value, the air flow, and the FE3 + concentration outside the optical catalyst on the photocatalytic degradation; and the outdoor experiments were used to use the sun concentration.
Wang Jinlong, Lu Guangxi, Tang Wenbo
Abstract: This article uses a large number of sand process performance experiments to prove that the tightening rate method is a effective method for controlling the quality of the sand, and the development and development of the control system for automatic control systems by single -chip microcomputer is used as the host. The experimental debugging shows that the control system can stabilize the sand moisture in a short period of time to the suitable water content range, which can meet the requirements of the moisture control of the type of sand in production.
Wang Suitou, Zhang Pingzhi, Wang Pingzhu
Abstract: It proposes a new method of direct synthetic food preservatives with calcium oxide and propionate, and successfully studied the best synthetic process conditions of this method from the perspective of dynamics, and focuses on the most suitable concentration of propionic acid excessive coefficients and reactions. At the same time, in order to broaden the scope of its application, biological utilization and drug dynamics used as calcium composite agents for calcium acid also conducted preliminary research.
Li Dalei, Qin Shoutong, Ma Shenggang, Sun Junjie
Abstract: This article detailed the optimized design method adopted in the supply mechanism of the automatic compensation mechanism of the leather cutting machine. It proposes the main problems and solutions encountered in the design, and provides a successful experience for the development and development of similar leather machinery.
Zhao Zhengping, Li Xia, Wang Yonghua
Abstract: This article gives a design method in the number I / O link in the PC application, and introduces the peripheral hardware settings and software design in detail in combination with the instance.
Yang Weizhong, Lu Changlai, Wang Li
Abstract: This article uses Newtonian method to establish a value calculation formula of the ratio of the ratio of the section of the concrete section of the concrete and the full cross -section directly to avoid understanding the transcendence equation. This method has the advantages of simple, fast, and high calculation accuracy.
Zhu Haitang, Zhu Yanzhi
Abstract: This article is based on the stress distribution assumptions of the pilot pile -pile core concrete combination component section, which theoretically discusses and proposes the approximate calculation formula of the pile core concrete combination component of the pile core concrete component, which can be used for reference applications when designing the engineering industry.
Wang Wenyi
Abstract: The application method of the improvement of the RUNGE -KUTTA model proposed in this article can not only meet the requirements for calculating accuracy, but also can greatly improve the calculation speed.
Qi Shishuo
Abstract: This article uses monotonous iterative technology to study the weak sequence of Banach space. For example: U (4) = F (T, U, U ', U", U), U (I) (A) = u (I) (B), I = 0, 1, 2, 3, the presence of the maximum solution and minimum solution. Essence
Wang Mingtao
Abstract: Starting from the classification of system evaluation indicators, this article proposes the "albinization" and standardized methods of information of the three types of indicators based on the nature of the judgment matrix, and proves the feasibility of these methods through instances.
Duan Yude
Abstract: This article proposes the meaning of standard irrigation wells, and based on the non -stable flow theory of water under the ground, combines the requirements of farmland irrigation, derives the calculation method of standard irrigation and distance, and gives the experience value of the East Henan plain.
Xue Dongfeng, Liu Wei, Wang Tiangui, Liu Jin Dun
Abstract: This article uses toluene sulfonic acid, positive phosphate, phosphate, etc. as a catalyst, and synthesizes the glycolic glycol ester of glycolic acid under different reactions, and discusses the impact of the response conditions of esterization on product performance.
Pan Jimin, Wang Jinlong
Abstract: This article conducted a cathode protection test for the direct temperature measurement of the thermocouple of high -temperature salt bath furnaces, and analyzed the change in the change of corrosion speed with the density of the protection of the current. On this basis, the best protection current density is determined, and the service life of the protective tube has been increased by 8 to 10 times, so that the corrosion of the metal protection tube is better solved.
Liu Hongxia, Yang Kaiming, Huang Mingsheng
Abstract: This article introduces a self -adaptive control system for robotic grip. This system is to establish a fuzzy control set by detecting the signal of the party and the slippery party sensor installed on the robot arm to determine the control rules, so that the object is held by the smallest critical force without sliding.
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