1996 volumne 17卷 Issue 03
Dong Qifu, Liu Minshan, Guo Chaxiu, Hu Qingjun, Wang student
Abstract: This article conducts theoretical discussion and experimental research on the fluid mechanics and heat transfer mechanism of the longitudinal shell, and prepares the corresponding computer program. The research results show that the longitudinal shell changing thermos is better than the folding plate heat exchanger has excellent fluid mechanics and heat transfer performance.
Li Qingfu, Liu Chenguang, Zhang Yanli
Abstract: Carbonization of concrete is one of the main causes of reinforced concrete structure resistance. In order to consider the impact of various irregular factors on the carbonization process of concrete, this article recommends a regression analysis method based on fuzzy mathematical theory, which expresses the carbonization law of concrete as a vague area, and at any point in the area has a corresponding affiliation function value to it. The article finally illustrates the application of this method in an example.
Wang Wei, Hu Shaowei, Chen Huai
Abstract: This article applies random finite element method. The first and second -order sensitivity analysis of the number of parameters of A -shaped wells was performed, and an expression of random flexion was given. The conclusion can provide a reference for the design of the re -built manhole.
Le Jin Chao, Wang Fuming, Liu Wenting
Abstract: This article uses Fourier points transformation to study the cracks of GRIFFITH under the action of asymmetric load. Using the displacement and stress connection conditions on both sides of the cracks, the problem is attributed to a set of strange integral equations with the CAUCHY nucleus, and the precise solution of the problem is obtained through the CAUCHY reverse. The expression of its stress intensity factor is given. This result can be used as a basic solution to solve the problem of general cracking systems.
Jia Yumei, Su Zhijian, Ye Yuanlie
Abstract: For the work characteristics of the automotive gearbox, this article adopts the optimization scheme of grading and step -by -step and step -by -step. When the model is established, the target function of the volume (weight), strength, and middle axial force is used as the target function. Among them, the strength division target also includes: bending fatigue strength, contact fatigue strength, and wear target. When optimizing the characteristics of the carrier of each gear, use the method of adjusting the right coefficient to achieve the optimal comprehensive performance of the gear side. All optimized variables are discrete variables. The optimization method adopts a direct search method of discrete variables MDOD. Based on the parameters of the EQ140 five gear transmission as an example, comparative analysis was performed, and the satisfactory results were obtained.
Zhang Yadong, Wang Zijian
Abstract: This article describes the principle of stability of organic activity intermediate. Study the stability of active intermediates such as free radicals, positive carbon ions, and negative carbon ions of the organic reaction process. It is pointed out that the main factors that affect the stability of the organic activity intermediate are electronic effects, spatial effects, and solvent effects.
, Xiaoqin, Wang Guozhong, Shen Changyu, should enter
Abstract: This article details the CAD system design of the injection molding structure developed on CADDS5 software. The system makes up for the shortcomings of the CADDS5 software for injection molding design, so that the injection molding mold CAD can be truly realized.
Deng Qimin, Chen Tiejun, Feng Dongqing
Abstract: This article introduces the fault diagnosis expert system in the electrical section of the thermal power plant. Discuss the diagnostic content, knowledge base and knowledge expression and reasoning mechanism. For practical problems, further research on the content of the diagnosis.
Shi Li, Cao Wei, Liu Lingzhi
Abstract: This article introduces the method of plastic injection molding computer simulation system zMOIIIII -D geometric modeling subsystems to obtain the two curves (including linear, circular, arc, and samples).
Mao Xiaobo
Abstract: This article analyzes the problems existing in the management system of my country’s current enterprise, and proposes the design method of the MIS system using the client / server structure, which gives the relationship between architecture, function models and information transmission.
Chen Yongxiao, Wang Anguo, Zhu Zhijun
Abstract: This article takes the third -order lock ring in the external test system as an example to discuss the digital method of simulated locks to the sampling ring ring. On the basis of mathematical analysis, transform. Drive the structural diagram of the third -order sampling lock ring, and give a digital 8086 assembly language program map with a microprocessor.
Huang Shitao
Abstract: This article uses the method of finite element to study the round pole of deformation, and the non -linear vibration conditions made during large deformation. The article first exports the non -linear partial micro -divide and its boundary conditions in general. Then, use the node seat label and insert function to rewrite the strain energy and kinetic energy of the circular plate, and then apply the Hamilton principle to obtain the equation of the matrix form of the thickness round plate when the large deformation is obtained. The corresponding boundary conditions are imposed into the matrix equation so that the equation meets the boundary conditions. Then, the recursion method is used to solve the characteristics of its characteristic value. This article uses an example to illustrate the relationship between the base frequency and amplitude when the thickness of the deformation board is not linear vibration. The accuracy of its calculation results is better than other methods. This method can be promoted to the non -linear vibration problem of other similar round boards.
Yan Jiajie
Abstract: This article discusses the general mathematical model of fuzzy control, points out some of its shortcomings, and puts forward improvements from a practical perspective. The improved mathematical model not only facilitates operations and operations, but also is more suitable for practical applications.
Jia Junguo
Abstract: The analysis of this article pointed out the inherent connection and their own characteristics of the two main formulas (annuity method, income ability method) in the current value method. On this basis, using computer computing technology, this article has established a more general and reasonable assessment formula. Therefore, the above two formulas are unified.
Liu Jinlu, Zuo Jing
Abstract: This article uses a cone function method to give a calculation method of the associated function in the space ring area.
Chen Feng
Abstract: This article introduces 6 Freedom STANFORD host robots, and demonstrates its rationality from the aspects of position matrix analysis and dynamic mechanics solution.
Zhang Min, Yuan Hui
Abstract: For the application of conceptual confusion in the application of standard errors, first of all, the calculation formula, meaning and application conditions of four standard errors are given theory, and then discussed the exponents and positions of the measurement results, and analyzed the instance. Therefore, it provides theoretical basis for correct, standardized and unified writing measurement results.
Li Hua, Wang Guanglong
Abstract: This article uses round brown nitrogen as the starting strain, which is treated with ultraviolet mutagneity and obtained two maximum positive variable plants. The nitrogen fixation capacity increases by 112.47 % and 110.79 % compared with the starting strains; the nitrogen fixation capacity is increased by 458.65 respectively from the departure strains, respectively. %.
Zhou soldiers
Abstract: The difficulty of the design of the CNC grinding machine is the implementation of the shape of the roots and the top of the tooth. This article introduces the two commonly used shape repair processes, the algorithm implemented in linear repair and arc fixation. The algorithm has been applied in the YK7163 CNC grinding machine.
Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Yanping, Wen Guanghong
Abstract: This article draws a test research conducted by an umbrella spray combustion on the 135 test machine. The performance parameters indicate that the combustion method has the characteristics of thermal mixing combustion, and improves economy, work roughness and discharge indicators.
Liu Weichuan, Wang Guanglong
Abstract: This article mainly applies a variety of corrections, and handles a type of equation. Get O (ε2) approximate solution.
Wang Xinyou, Cheng Hongcai, Wang tried his best
Abstract: The asphalt pavement of 12 kilometers long of the Beijing -Guangzhou Line 472 + 0000-484 + 0000, from the three stages of road design, construction, and use, uses 6 years to summarize the factors that affect the service life of the asphalt pavement and explore the law of changes in the intensity of the road surface.
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