1996 volumne 17卷 Issue 02
Xu Zhongxin, Wang Xianyi, Laotian Yu, Pu Jian
Abstract: Object -oriented knowledge expression method is a new method of knowledge expression. It combines a variety of knowledge expression methods such as rules, frameworks, processes, etc. According to the principles of object -oriented programming, forming a mixed knowledge representation form. This method can achieve both inference. A numerical calculation can be performed to meet the needs of the construction expert system. This article introduces the basic structure and characteristics of object -oriented knowledge expression methods, as well as applications in the design expert system in CNC Dragon Gate milling transmission structure design.
Wu Zining, Ding Dafa, Wang Zhenhua
Abstract: From the departure of the water resources of the basin, this article expounds the method steps of the annual multi -station year and the moon runoff randomly generated model establishment, and verified the reliability of the model with an instance.
Li Xianqiang, Li Jianfeng, Ding Chuanxian, Zhang Zongcheng, Zhang Pingyu
Abstract: MO + AL2O3 -TIO2, MOS2 + Al2O3, TIO2 + CR3C2Nicr and MOS2 + CR3C2 -NICR composite coating were used to use plasma spraying technology. Use SEM, XRD, and XPS. Observe and analyze the impact of the change in the microcontroller of the coating and the phase change in the spraying process and the effect of adding ingredients on the wear resistance of the coating. The sliding friction coefficient and wear rate of the coating are determined on the MM -200 trials. The results show that the binding performance of MO, MOS2 and Al2O3 -TIO2 is better. The TIO2 and MOS2 are partially converged at the pores and cracks of the CR3C2 -NICR coating; the addition of MOS2 on Al2O3 -TIO2 coating has a significant effect; appropriate amount of MO and MOS2 add to Al2 to Al2. In O3 -TIO2, the friction coefficient and wear rate of the coating can be reduced; and TIO2 and MOS2 add to CR3C2 -Nicr, which has little effect on the friction and wear performance of the coating
Secret Army Lin, Liu International, Ji Tingliang, Li Yu
Abstract: For the methanol synthesis reactions on the copper -based catalyst, the parallel reactions of CO and CO2 hydrogenation are selected as key reactions, and CO and CO2 are used as key group points. This article gives Kjaer’s approximation of Kjaer’s approximation of the key dual group diffusion model of the parallel response internal diffusion factor in the computational copper -based catalyst. The results of the simplified calculation values ​​and experimental values ​​and numerical solution of efficiency factor indicate that calculating the efficiency factor using this method is simple and feasible.
Lu Yueli
Abstract: This article studies by using synthetic gas and water to replace hydrogen to study the hydrogenation and hydrogen desulfurization reactions of the coal model. The results show that: In the oil -based solvent, under the catalysis of Nimo / Al2O3, the synthetic gas can be used to significantly reduce hydrogen consumption and get better results.
Cen Shaoqi, Li Wei, Hua Shaojie, Li Ruizhen, Xia Hengqing
Abstract: This article discusses a dynamic pressure bearing that only rely on shallow cavity to save and calculates the finite element analysis and optimization calculation. The calculation model of the finite element -optimized iterative iteration is established, and the computer program is compiled.
Wang Hengdong, Ding Ziqiang, Zhao Guangtian
Abstract: This article uses a prestressed tube pile with a diameter of 550mm. Through nine test parts, the axis bearing capacity of the pile and the sex hat connection node is conducted. It discusses the connection form of sexual and pile hats, the destructive form of the connection node, and the characteristics of the force. On the basis of experimental research, the recommended formula for the connection node axis and the calculation method to determine the depth of the pile pile was determined, and it is recommended that the connection form that should be adopted in actual engineering should be used.
Xu Qilou
Abstract: This article proposes a deflection expression that can meet the conditions of the free angle point of the cantilever board and the bending solution under the action of the average cloth load. The calculation shows that the convergence speed of this solution is fast and the calculation accuracy is high.
Ji Kui, Ma Yuexian, Liu Guochang, Zhang Bian
Abstract: Through model test research, the original tail water fork tube of the small wave bottom hydropower station has been modified to reduce hydraulic losses. It can send more than 10 million KWH each year, with an annual benefits of more than one million yuan.
Jiang Huiqin, Xu Yajing, Yuan Xinfeng
Abstract: In this article, a class of ABEL -type integral equations with strong application background conducted research. It points out the discomfort of this type of integral equation to a certain space, and use the Tikhonov regularization method to obtain the stable numerical solution of the problem. This method is easy to implement on the computer.
Zuo Jing
Abstract: This article discusses the concept, function and characteristics of the turning object. The definition of two types of turningr is proposed.
Zhang Changchun, Hou Shuangyin
Abstract: This article gives a complete proof of the power function y = x μ (μ is real number) in its definition domain and its guidance formula. It has certain theoretical significance and high value.
Lei Tianyou
Abstract: This article introduces a control circuit for the introduction of pulsed pocket dust collector. The control process of the single -chip microcomputer is described in the article, which gives the system hardware structure diagram and software box diagram. The system design is reasonable, simple structure, and high anti -interference.
Zhou Yong
Abstract: This article studies the main features of the four electric locomotives running on the Xilonghai Electrical Railway, analyzes the harmonious current of the negative order of the grid into the grid, and lists the relevant calculation results and measured data.
He Zongguang, Ma Yuexian, Yu Ning
Abstract: Take the new density as an example. The main cause of ecological destruction is the shortage of water resources, overcubation and pollution. The way to improve the realistic improvement is wastewater resources. This article discusses the feasibility of wastewater resources; proposes a combination of embodiments with water conservancy facilities.
Lian Xunzhang, Wang Zhonghan, Zheng Weibang, Zhuang Qingchen, Zhu Qingxiang, Li Gang
Abstract: In view of the overall resistance test of the 500 kV band electricity operating tools, the variable frequency resonance device needs to be enabled. This article discusses the equivalent of the inverter resonance device for charging operating tools and parent porcelain bottle resistance test.
Chen Yongxiao, Sun Junjie
Abstract: This article discusses the design scheme and implementation method of the hood patrol detection system. The system uses double z 80CPU to meet the requirements of a large amount of data collection and processing. It can achieve statistics on the output and raw material consumption of horn machines, monitor the operating status of the machine, and give an alarm on the abnormal situation. You can also print production reports as needed.
Abstract: This article is based on the existing literature. The active control scheme of various rotor vibrations was analyzed, and the optimal control technology was adopted, and the control force was applied to the bearing seat, and the rotor vibration closed -loop feedback control was achieved. Experiments have shown that the control effect is ideal.
Gao Baocheng, Liu Hongxia, Uncle Yang
Abstract: This article discusses the use of neural networks for structural dynamic load recognition methods. Establish a system simulation model through system input and output. Then the dynamic load of the time structure is identified, and the problem of non -linear identification is used to solve the problem of useful discussions. It has certain practical significance.
Guo Yuancheng, Wang Dongwei, Zhao Zhuo
Abstract: Based on the characteristics of the mechanical properties of the horizontal hinge of the board bridge structure, this article believes that cross -inner radius bending moment is the key to the design calculation of the slanting plate bridge structure. Compared with the method of curvature of the bending moment in the other span stent, the equivalent loading coefficient of the equivalent load of the oblique board bridge into a single plate (beam) is found. As a result, the solution of the diagonal plate cross -inner radial bending momentum is simplified into the calculation of the single -span simplified bracket -to -medium bending moment, which solves the difficulty brought by the calculation between the inclined plates, which is more simple and practical than other practical components. A shake board bridge calculation is given in the article, and the comparison of the calculation results of the classic finite element method, limited method and other practical calculation methods confirms the correctness and practicality of this method.
Deng Qihui
Abstract: This article introduces the use of the DSH hydraulic system simulation software to the computer simulation work carried out by the hydraulic elevator developed and developed by the author’s development and development of the hydraulic elevator, and focuses on the in -depth analysis of the pressure of the valve block system -speed simulation curve, which has obtained conclusions that meet the test results.
Zhang Baolin, Hou Cuihong
Abstract: Given the reality of low domestic and foreign fertilizer utilization rates, the research on improving fertilizer utilization has attracted widespread attention. The new type of mild release fertilizer -parcel -type compound fertilizer will improve the work of improvement of fertilizer utilization. This article introduces the curve of the production process, product types, fertilizer effects, and several main crop growth of packaging. In order to further improve the utilization of fertilizer, the new requirements for complicated fertilizer of packaging and complicated fertilizer for production and crop growth are appropriate.
Li Xuemeng, Li Qian
Abstract: The quality evaluation of scientific and technological papers is a comprehensive indicator of multiple factor. The level of the carrier B, the thesis level C, the citation status D, the reference situation E, the social influence F and other indicators to form a "index comprehensive system" of scientific and technological papers, and make a more detailed discussion.
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