1996 volumne 17卷 Issue 01
Ren Baozeng, Zhao Tianyuan, Zeng Zhiping, Li Weiran
Abstract: This article is mainly based on the orthogonal experimental method, screening the catalyst of wet decomposition of severe alkali (sodium bicarbonate), and selection of 1, 6 -dilay and dihalamine is the most effective catalyst. At the same time, the effects of temperature are inspected.
Lei Steel Army, Shen Ningfu, Wang Xike, Han and Shanghai
Abstract: Under the conditions of atmosphere and radon protection conditions, the non -crystal FE90zR 10 alloy band is prepared, using AES and XPS, and combined with AR ion’s original sputtering and stripping technology to study the surface component distribution and elements of the surface component and elements of the surface component of the non -crystal FE90 -z -10 alloy bars with the side roller side. The results showed that the band of the bands prepared in the atmosphere existed with the bias of the rigidity; the side roller side had the partial gathering of the FE; the surface existed in the form of z ROX (1
Shi Guangxin, Shen Ningfu, Ren Chenxing
Abstract: The rapid solidification technology was obtained in Al -3.18TI -0.65C alloy (WT %) alloy. Combined with the analysis of conventional and fast solidification organizations, it has studied and discussed the formation process and mechanism of phase; fast -coagulative technology has opened up new ways for the development of Al / TIC self -lifting composite materials.
Li Jie
Abstract: Crossing the finite element method is one of the basic means of random structural analysis. However, the discussion of the difference between the difference between random parameters and definitive parameters is rarely discussed. This article tried to do this work. The article defines the concept of the closer of the M -level accuracy of the random switch answer. Through discussion, the possible research direction of the closing finite element method was pointed out.
Wu Mingjian, Shen Guopeng, Liu Jiayong, Yan Lijun, Sun Biao
Abstract: High -speed cigarette glue plays an important role in the quality of cigarette production and cigarettes. This article has comprehensive research on high -speed cigarettes synthesis, performance testing, application experiments and other aspects, and has achieved good results.
Chen Shifu, Zhao Mengyue, Tao Yuewu, Li Feng
Abstract: This article explores the process and mechanism of long -effect phosphorus pesticide photocatalytic degradation by detecting the intermediate product and final product of long -term phosphorus pesticide photocatalytic degradation. It is believed that the photocatalytic degradation of the long -acting phosphorus pesticide is caused by the · OH attack; the degradation first occurs on a more acidic ester group. The photocatalytic degradation of triteromyate is formed by the removal of fatty people hydrogen by the TIO2 surface · OH attack.
Su Zhijian, Xia Hengqing
Abstract: This article discusses the finite element method of the solution to the problem of cone sliding bearing lubrication. For Renault equations that appear in the form of polar coordinates, the corresponding limited element computing formula of polar coordinate form is to reduce repeated coordinate transformations in the calculation process to improve the speed and calculation accuracy. Lubrication problem. A practical verification was performed and a satisfactory result was obtained.
Yang Yuxia, Wang Junyi, Gao Jinfeng
Abstract: CELLALANURALALALALKS has been by L. since 1988, L. O. After CHUA and others were proposed, they have made great progress and have been applied in many fields. In this article, only the problem of stability in the basic theory of CNN studies a non -linear mechanical properties containing a triple neuron CNN autonomous system. The method of simulating the computer reveals various cycles and chaos phenomena in this system.
Wang Bo, Dong Yaoxing, Wang Zongmin
Abstract: This article uses the basic solution of the opposite sex board to establish a direct boundary element format of plane general opposite sex issues. It can solve the problem of orthogonal or general opposite sex materials. Examples show that the solution of the heterosexual boundary metad to the problem of stress concentration has a high calculation accuracy.
Han Jie, Zhang Ruilin
Abstract: This article introduces a set of signal analysis and data processing system with large -scale rotation equipment such as petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, metallurgy and other industries. This system is one of the key parts of the national "five" major technical research projects "large -scale rotation machinery online monitoring and fault diagnosis system". This article summarizes the characteristics of the system in dynamic computing, data management, analysis and processing functions, and discusses some key issues in the realization of each function and development.
Zhang Aimei
Abstract: This article uses the principles and methods of system engineering to analyze the new calculation method of spatial angle. It reveals the integrity, correlation, purpose and environmental adaptability of the space angle computing system. It provides convenience for further research on the theoretical problems of spatial angle and calculations in the actual situation.
Wang Heming
Abstract: This article proposes the concept of two -way monotonic virus confession and analyzes its error correction ability.
Wang Qing
Abstract: This article details the method of using the CSIMAN system simulation to determine the best configuration scheme of the machine tool equipment of the mechanical processing workshop.
Yang Shiming
Abstract: This article proposes a method to use a computer to design ordinary worm transmission. Avoid problems that must be assumed in general worm transmission design first, and problems that need to be calculated multiple times.
Chiefs, Lei Tianyou
Abstract: This article introduces a single -chip microcomputer prediction compensation dynamic electronic scale. The article explains the weighing prediction compensation method to improve the weighing accuracy. The system hardware structure diagram and software frame diagram is given. The system design is reasonable and simple in structure. Accuracy <0.8 % (500 grams per bag).
Hu Youfu
Abstract: Summary, this article has analyzed a state analysis of the longitudinal failure caused by the three -phase oil switch during the operation or in the interpretation of the three -phase oil switch during operation or in the interpretation. It proposes the idea of ​​rapid judgment of fault judgment with status current.
Zhai Guangqun
Abstract: This article is raised on the basis of the evaporation of alkaline evaporation. The algorithm of the alkaline of the alkali concentration FU Y. The actual operation results show that the concentration measurement has a high accuracy, thereby realizing the automatic discharge of alkaline evaporation.
Shen Haihua, Shen Haihua
Abstract: The discrete control system is widely used in production practice. This article proposes a new method of solving the mathematical model of discrete control systems -the mother function method. This method can solve the problem of linearly discrete systems. It can also be partially solved the problem of non -linear discrete systems. It can be used as an extension and supplement to the iterative method of conventional use.
Wang Shubin, Xing Jia Province
Abstract: This article takes into consideration the initial overlap of the multi -variable iron magnetic chain group with Gilbert scattered items. Under appropriate conditions, the presence of the overall strong solution is proved to adopt the Galerkin method and the principle of firmness. And obtained the existence of overall weakness of the initial value of the corresponding iron magnetic chain group.
Li Feng, Chen Liying, Zhang Hongyun, Zhu Dongmei
Abstract: Synthetic N -(3 -hydroxyl -2 — 萘 methyl group) matrix pemonyl and its CR (III) and PB (II) matches, through element analysis, Ir'hnmr. VV -VIS, TG -DTA, and Moore conducts their structure and properties. The proportion of the ligands is PH (II) and CR (III) of 1: 2 and 1: 3, respectively. They are all weak electrolytes.
Su Bailan, Liu Zhigang
Abstract: Discussion on the cause of the surface folding of hot -rolled seamless steel pipes, Su Bailan, Liu Zhigang (Anyang Iron and Steel Company Steel Research Institute 455004) The hot -rolled seamless tube occurs on surface folding defects, which not only wastes energy, but also cannot improve the effective utilization rate of equipment, which directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise. This article conducts gold phases and electronic exploration of seamless pipe samples with folding defects for this problem ...
Liu Chun, Chen Jingbo, Wang Lixia, Shen Changyu
Abstract: This article starts from the engineering background and research characteristics of the injection molding CAE technology. Briefly introduced the main content and priorities of this technology. It mainly commented on some basic theoretical issues and research methods that scholars at home and abroad. Discuss the possible development trends in the field in the future.
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