1995 volumne 16卷 Issue 04
Ma Shenggang, Ma Shengtian
Abstract: This article focuses on combining the dynamic simulation of the hydraulic system with the optimization technology, automatically find the best combination of various parameters in the system, analyzes the key problems encountered when applying this method, proposes a solution, and finally gives an application instance.
Hao Wei, Xu Min, Zhang Ruilin
Abstract: In a clustering learning method based on neural networks. There are supervision learning methods and unsupervised learning methods. This article uses unsupervised learning methods to conduct more detailed research on the classification of common faults in rotating machinery. With this classification result, the purpose of fault diagnosis is also described in the article to describe the implementation method of the algorithm. The results show that this method overcomes some defects of rotating mechanical failure diagnostic techniques with supervision and learning methods, and is an effective method for the diagnosis of large -scale rotation mechanical failure.
Cong Xiaoxia, Zhang Aimei
Abstract: This article uses the geometric characteristics of a certain trajectory on a certain trajectory on a special position on a special position on the theorem and component of the Bobilla.
Li Fushan, Wang Jinlong
Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of thermocouple temperature measurement, this article pointed out that cold -end temperature compensation is a key technology that achieves high -precision thermocouple temperature testing. It also focuses on analyzing the circuit with precision measuring cold -end temperature and compensation with integrated temperature sensors. Therefore, it can greatly improve the precision of temperature measurement.
Wang Wei, Chen Huai, Ma Chenggang, Yin Zhenya
Abstract: This article uses the metal drilling tower of the oilfield as the actual work background. Combined with the use of and re -built the tower, it analyzes the static mechanical performance of the oil field metal drilling tower and considering the influence of the overall mechanical performance of the tower after the degradation of the tower’s local rod.
Deng Xiutai
Abstract: When the disability of the branch point, the theoretical characteristic value is the same as its freedom. The general energy of the system is a solid secondary type of displacement. It can be clearly expressed in a diagram to clearly express its energy characteristics and mathematical characteristics in different load stages. It gives clear physical significance to several definition domains in the secondary type.
Zhao Xiao, Li Jie
Abstract: The industrial and industrial system’s seismic performance analysis is a new direction in the research of seismic engineering in recent years. Aiming at the problems existing in the power interaction of the structure of the structure of the structure of the structure, this article focuses on the spatial structure -the dynamic model of the equipment system. In the article, taking into account the Ragrangine equation with forces as a tool, it specifically gives the dynamic equation matrix expression of the inter -inter -cutting system, and analyzes the model calculation results with the experimental results.
Yang Guangjun, Shen Changyu, Chen Jingbo, Liu Chun, Wang Lixia
Abstract: This article uses the aggregate logistics break as the research object, analyzing and researching the adhesive bomb effects and squeezing expansion mechanisms generated in the squeezing molding, focusing on the design method of the value analysis steps of the streaming finite element and the computer auxiliary analysis program.
Mao Xiaobo
Abstract: This article analyzes the problems existing in the quality management of modern enterprises in my country, and proposes the architecture, function model, information process, and interface relationship of the quality information system under computer integration manufacturing (CIM) environment.
Sun Fengqi
Abstract: "10kv, 35kv line protection group relay" is a new type of relay developed by the Xuchang Research Institute. The relay is composed of an integrated circuit. The speed breaks, over -current protection, and three -phase overlapping gates of the hinged route are integrated. This article introduces the principle of combination relay.
Lang Hong, Yang Guoying
Abstract: From the overall, correlation, comprehensiveness, and optimality, this article discusses the application of system methods in dealing with complex issues.
Yan Yanping, Ren Baozeng, Zhao Tianyuan, Zeng Zhiping
Abstract: This article applies the PIT 电ER electrolyte solution theory, calculated the phase balanced data of 15 ° C, 35 ° C ammonia saline carbonate system naCl -Nahco_3 -4cl -4hco_3 -H_2O. The calculation results are more consistent with the document experimental data.
Li Hongliang, Ma Xiaojian, Fang Shuqi, Liu Lolina
Abstract: This article analyzes the working principle of the Kenics type static mixture. The air and water are used as the experimental medium, respectively, and determine the flow resistance in the static mixture. Calculation method of dynamic resistance (scope of application: gas phase Renault number REG = 711-4746, liquid phase Renault number RED = 1289-25477), and the basic phase of the results reported in the literature. The influence of static hybrid components on flow resistance in the article also analyzes in the article.
Zou Jinshu
Abstract: According to the theory of statistical thermodynamics, this article derives the excessive water vapor parameters from 1-120AT, 160-560 ° C all working range, and the more practical computing formula of the capacity V. The percentage error of this formula is within ± 0.5 %. It unifies the current segmented experience formulas commonly used in engineering, which can be used as the basis for steam thermal engineering calculation.
Ma Zhigang, Yuan Mingming, Zhang Ruilin
Abstract: Ma Zhigang, Yuan Mingming, Zhang Ruilin (Henan Petrochemical Engineering United Company) (Institute of Health Industry) (Zhengzhou Institute of Technology) Abstract: ** This article expounds the development level of screening technology at home and abroad, introduced to sieve, ultrasonic sieve, and flax sieves suitable for sieved materials. For the selection of coal slurry, the screen vibration and amplitude are adjustable ...
Wang Changhua, Zeng Zhiping, Zhang Hongling
Abstract: Through the survey of sodium carbonate products, this article has collected a large amount of information, so as to review and comment on the product’s production status, product nature, use, production methods, processing methods, process processes, improvement technology and development prospects at home and abroad. It is believed that the product has broad development prospects in my country’s chemical market.
Yan Rui, Xu Guangxian, Zhang Zhanke
Abstract: This article uses the theory of gray system to analyze the current status of the economic development of a large reservoir, establish a gray prediction model suitable for the characteristics of the reservoir, put forward guiding suggestions and countermeasures for economic development, and enriches the method of quantitative analysis of the reservoir.
Zhang Yanxin
Abstract: This article combines fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and hierarchical analysis method, establishes a multi -level fuzzy -level comprehensive evaluation model of the level of corporate management, and conducts a trial evaluation based on China’s first tractor engineering machinery company and other enterprises, which has achieved satisfactory results.
Dong Liqun
Abstract: This article discusses the cycle solution of a type of non -linear characteristic value problem, and starts from the initial value conditions, gives the classification of sufficient necessary conditions for the existence of cyclical solution, the calculation formula of the cycle, the scope of the cycle, and the cycle solution.
Chen Jianmei, Zhang Changchun, Zhang Guoqiang
Abstract: This article first uses the multiplication of the two matrices and its equal definitions and the Claim rule to prove AB = BA = E = AB = E (or BA = E). Secondly, after simplifying the definition of the inverse matrix, the definition of the inverse matrix is ​​simplified to AB = E (or BA = E), it also proves the necessary adequate conditions and uniqueness of the inverse matrix.
Zhao Yuying
Abstract: This article gives an algorithm for feasibility distribution, and studies the boundaries of the algorithm.
Li Fengting
Abstract: This article shows that the Bayrtal equal formula of boundary and measured functions and the LCD function may not be established. Give the required conditions for the establishment of this formula.
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