1995 volumne 16卷 Issue 02
Zhang Congliang, Li Xuemeng, Xu Xiucheng
Abstract: This article aims to develop a new type of phosphate reactor -a single groove and double -zone four paddle reactor (RTCB reactor) with a curve similar to the Taiji graphic curve. First, use tap water and phosphide to perform cold mold experiments for the mixing medium. The results of the cold mold experiment show that the RTCB reactor has the advantages of low power consumption, suspension, good mixed effects, and reasonable residence time distribution. Then, the same two -water process process conditions were adopted, and the Douer trough was used for reference to perform the heat model experiments. The results of the heat model showed that compared with the Douer groove, the RTCB groove has the advantages of saving power, superior phosphide crystalline environment, and slightly high phosphide washing rate. The research work in this article will provide a basis for the further development and application of the reactor.
Yin Huajie, Qin Jianzhao
Abstract: This article comprehensively combines the research results of the theory of combustioning, the theory of heat transfer, and the science of heavy metal metallurgy, which further improves the mechanism of heat transfer mechanism for the reducing zinc roasting sand in carbon reduction agent, and has obtained the proof of actual project results. This article proposes a method of dividing the zinc oxygen furnace staging operation to facilitate the separation of high -quality products.
Abstract: This article uses the principle of crystalline dynamics to analyze the principle of the crystalline promoter used in the chemical section of the ammonium carbonic plant. And the problem that should be paid attention to in the process of use in the factory.
Chen Yiliang, Zhao Yuying
Abstract: The thermodynamic properties can be represented by the number of functions in mathematics, so it must meet the nature of the vehicle’s secondary function. This article applies the nature of the number of functions and the relationship between the thermodynamics, such as the relationship between the strength and the nature of the capacity; why the entropy is the capacity of the capacity; Formation derivation and so on.
Ye Yuanlie, Zhang Mingcheng
Abstract: This article is proposed that the eight -shot mechanism is connected in series with the psychic crack slider mechanism and other agencies. When the eight -shot mechanism is turned into a nine -shot mechanism, the nine -shot mechanism can form a piston -to -section curve. This article also analyzes the error of institutional cutting workpieces.
Sun Huiguo, Zhang Duanlin, Wang Honghai
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the internal aircraft failure complexity of the locomotive, this article studies the mechanism of common knock -knocking faults, and finds the characteristics of the cylinder failure through a large number of on -site data analysis and processing, and gives the diagnostic method of the fault.
Xiong Binsheng, Cui Guangcai, Zhang Chengqun
Abstract: This article gives three calculation methods based on the basic equation of the flywheel rotation inertia, and compiles the computing program based on one of them, and gives the flow chart and the output operation results.
Su Bailan
Abstract: The purpose of improving the cooling wall life of the blast furnace is aimed at using the feasibility test of high -strength, high -tough spoil and ink cast iron in the production of the blast furnace of Anyang Iron and Steel, and proposes to replace the traditional ordinary ash cast iron with iron body ball cast iron. The test has proved that it is feasible to use this method to improve the life of the cooling wall of the blast furnace.
Zhou Yong
Abstract: Power locomotive is one of the main harmonic sources in the power system. This article introduces the circuit characteristics of the 6K electric locomotive, analyzes the changes in locomotive current, and gives the calculation method of harmonic current.
Shi Li, Wu Tianfu
Abstract: The Fanuc -type type -type sex has always been an frequency speed regulating system. The control method of the speed regulation is the pulse width modulation (PWM) method. This article focuses on its speed control device, which is very beneficial for the improvement and development of domestic CNC machine tools.
Feng Dongqing, Xie Songhe
Abstract: This article analyzes the relationship between the weighted matrix q in the closed ring pole point and the secondary performance index. Discuss the problem of designing a closure ring pole point, and the conclusion helps to further study the optimal pole. It is the configuration problem.
Chen Yongxiao
Abstract: The use of computers into the phase -locking ring road The technical transformation of radio measurement equipment is an attempt to adopt high -tech systems by modern measurement systems. This article introduces the design of data collection and interface circuits in a measurement system in a measurement system, and gives the corresponding software process.
Yang Guoying
Abstract: This article analyzes the reasons for the success or failure of the computer and institution’s computer -aided management system, proposes to change the concept and standardize the management system, and strengthen personnel training is the previous question of system success. Common utilization of general use, easy maintenance, easy maintenance and enhancement of information analysis is the main goal of the system. The development of comprehensive management from single -machine and single applications is direction.
He North, Tu Long
Abstract: This article combines the random description of the runoff process with the fuzzy dynamic planning, and establishes a fuzzy system fuzzy dynamic planning model (SFDPM) for the optimized scheduling of the reservoir. Because SFDPM is preferably in the [0, 1] domain, it has the advantages of easy computing, less computer memory, and fast calculation speed.
How to compete for glory
Abstract: This article determines that the best pH value range of activated carbon adsorption is 3.5 to 5.0, and it is found that with the adsorption process, the pH value of the solution will increase and exceed 5.0, resulting in a decrease in the absorption of activated carbon. For this reason, a new adsorption device has been developed, so that the adsorption process is always performed within the best pH value range. In the single -pillar comparison experiment, the work adsorption capacity is doubled by about double the fixed bed.
Liu Kongfan, Wang Tingye
Abstract: Through interior tests, the factors affecting the performance of silicon powder concrete were studied, and their strength and slumps were selected to meet the coordination ratio of silicon powder concrete with small wave base engineering design requirements. The test results show that in the case of the same cement dosage, the strength of silicon powder concrete is much greater than that of ordinary concrete. Compared with ordinary concrete, silicon powder concrete, splitting and pull -up in the same age; pressure -resistant bullet molds, the strength and limit stretch of the axle are slightly increasing. The resistance of anti -rushing resistance is significantly improved, and the resistance of anti -penetration has improved significantly. Silicon powder concrete is an excellent new type of anti -abrasion material.
Wang Xinling, Liu Lixin, Yu Qingzhan
Abstract: This article uses the truss theory to establish a twisting component stress model, quoting the strength theory and destruction guidelines in the two -way stress state and derived the formula of the bearing capacity of the pull -up component.
Chen Jian
Abstract: This article first clarifies that the interior expression chart is a painting technique closely combined with professional design, and emphasizes the importance of interior expression graphs in interior design schemes and schemes in market competition. Then, in terms of the principle of actual departure, the preparation and ideas of drawing the pens and light -color indoor manifestations were discussed, and the drawing techniques and drawing steps were specifically introduced, and the problems that were prone to and solved in each drawing step were pointed out.
Wang Lixia, Liu Chun, Liu Xiaofeng, Shen Changyu
Abstract: This article is based on the basic equation of the flow change and uses reasonable simplification to obtain the non -elasticity in the processing of the three -dimensional thin -walled cavity of the injection molding mold. Non -Newtonian fluids in the HELE One SHAW model and pouring system filling the mathematical model in the non -temperature state, and use the hybrid finite element / limited number method to perform injection molding flow analysis.
Zhao Yuying
Abstract: This article uses the direct law to prove that the Cocbichev’s staggered theorem of the ordinary polynomial, proposed and proved several propositions about the optimal consistent approach.
Zhang Yanxin, Dong Yanju
Abstract: This article systematically discusses the data processing method in the prediction of special talent structure under sampling survey conditions, and proposes a structural prediction method to test and modify its results based on the requirements of special talents to replenish the structure forecast.
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