1995 volumne 16卷 Issue 01
Zhou Zhi’an, Ding Keqin
Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the ability of the back blades to seal the liquid, this article explores the actual distribution law of liquid motion in the sealing cavity in the current problems that currently exist in the anti -pressure coefficient K value, and establishes a better practical K value theoretical analysis. And through optimization, determine the best structural parameters of the back blades to meet the needs of engineering design.
Liu International, Liang Tingliang
Abstract: This article uses a steady -state method to determine the eleven types of copper -based methanol synthetic catalysts. The statistical results show that the obtained song section factor is credible; the basic data is provided for the gas -solid catalytic reaction simulation analysis.
Song Jianchi, Wang Fu’an, Wang Lei
Abstract: Study obtained the alcohol -water system surface tension group parameter parameters with temperature changes. According to this law, the surface tension within the full composition of any temperature -water system can be calculated. Through methanol -water and ethanol -water system experimental data test, the average absolute error (AAD) was 5.36 × 10-4n / m, and the average relative error (ARD) was 1.69 %. The result is satisfactory.
Qin Jianzhao, Yin Huajie
Abstract: This article establishes the energy and quality constant computing method of engineering design on the basis of the research on the heat transfer law of the thermal solution of the granular compounds of the text of the granular compound. The method of using this article can determine the rate of decomposition into gas substances and the function of the decomposition of the gas out of the gas out of the air.
Han Juhong
Abstract: Based on the twenty -five concentrated loads, this article has the result of the shear test results of the trials of the two -way bidirectional plate without abdominal reinforced concrete, analyzing the destructive mechanism and force characteristics of the test parts to discuss the main factors affecting the shear strength, and propose the recommended calculation method of the shear strength.
Ma Yuexian, He Zongguang, Wu Zining
Abstract: Based on the in -depth investigation and monitoring of this article, this article analyzes the current status of the essential pollution and the harm caused by the Gongyi section of the Ielo River. According to the groundwater quality standards formulated by the functional zone, the allowable emissions of the pollutants of the river section are calculated, and the corresponding governance countermeasures are proposed in combination with water quality targets and the specific conditions of Gongyi City.
Zhu Haitang
Abstract: This article discusses the basic principles of Cocyv’s polynomial and the feasibility and applicability of the feasibility and applicability in the analysis of rainfall frequency analysis. According to the actual observation data, the method is used to compare the adaptive line method widely used in the current engineering community. The results show that the law is accurate and reasonable, simple and practical, and therefore have certain application value.
Lu Shaoming
Abstract: This article proposes a feasible pipe diameter method. The drainage pipe network is summarized as the sequence of the tube. The initial pipeline network is formed by the establishment of a feasible pipe diameter collection. The feasible pipe diameter is used as a decision variable. This method determines the recurrence relationship based on the characteristics of the sewage pipe network and mathematical logic. Under the premise of ensuring the optimization accuracy, the convergence speed is significantly improved.
Wang Heming
Abstract: In order to realize computer communication in harsh environments, this article proposes data processing methods to use cross -digital rotation confession based on the plural rotation confession. The analysis results show that after the plural rotation confession adopts the staggered receipt data, it has strong conflict error capabilities, and proposes a effective method of conflicting error for the computer communication of HF and telephone simulation channels.
Wu Tianfu, Chen Yizhou, upright
Abstract: This article discusses the design and simulation of the self -correction of the papermaking process. One is to combine the SISO system self -correction of the SISO system [1] of the text [1]. To. The simulation results show that this controller still has the characteristics of [1] in the MISO system. The second is to effectively improve the controller parameter recognition method, and propose a practical reciprocity to increase the smallest minimum secondary algorithm (PREIS algorithm). In the algorithm, the P (K) array is negative.
Qiu Daoyin, Chen Tiejun, Han Bing, Wu Tianfu
Abstract: Model recognition is essentially a classification method. It can make advanced decisions without the mathematical model of the process. This technology has been applied in many aspects of control, reflecting its superiority to solve the problem of complex systems. This article outlines the application of the mode recognition method in the control system, and points out its possible research direction in the future.
Chiefs, Lu Yi, Qiu Qiuyuan
Abstract: This article introduces the software and hardware structure of the single -chip transformer characteristic tester. The article explains the principles of time -segmentation multiplication in power measurement and automatic correction correction caused by temperature, voltage, current, frequency and intestines. The actual operation results show that the instrument has the advantages of high accuracy, small energy consumption, and stable performance.
Yang Li migration, Wang Liancai, Qin Kejing
Abstract: This article mainly studies the voltage current function of the gas discharge lamp in the audio to the radio frequency band. To this end, we adopted the new type of electronic instrument equipment to conduct some new experimental results on the dynamic characteristics of the gas discharge lamp in the band. This result shows that the circuit model of the gas discharge lamp cannot be described by the combination of R, L, C, and its combination.
Abstract: This article discusses how to use the miscellaneous table in a very compressed form to realize the storage of trees. Using this method, the pointers in any tree can be represented by each node 6 + LOG2N Bit (here n is the largest number of children can have a node). So as to store large trees, the required storage capacity can be significantly reduced.
Tang Yali, Shen Ningfu, Zhang Dongjie, Shi Guangxin, Liu Xiaofang, Yuan Xin
Abstract: This article studies the sub -stable structure and alloy in the AL -8FE -3TI acute cold alloy and changes in the organization and performance during the annealing process. The results show that there are Almf, Al6FE and "V" in the alloy, and there is also a newly discovered rich Ti phase. The alloy is effective in thermal stability.
Wang Aizhen
Abstract: This article uses the energy spectrum analyzer and the gold phase test to study the mechanism of hot cracks produced by the underlying welding relics of the whole Olympic soldier welding seam, as well as the changes in welding material composition and the influence of the welding process specifications on the cracks of the weld. It explores the prevention method of micro -cracks, and obtains the result of certain reference value for production.
Xiao Yongqing
Abstract: The impeller curve of the Rogers Drum fan is a gradual opening. To design and mobilize the template curve of the impeller, this article starts with the basic relationship of the gradual opening and calculates it. This method is conducive to improving the tooth accuracy of the wind leaves.
Zhang Songsen
Abstract: This article introduces the thermal heating principle and common application of the self -limited tropical tropical.
Sun Limin
Abstract: This article analyzes the contact stress and temperature stress problems of the vertical seams of the dam section of the county’s reservoir 8 # in the ADINA program. In the calculation, the "live" and "dead" selection function of the unit in ANINA successfully simulates the dam -up and gradually storage of the dam section by layer, and bears the conditions of temperature and drop.
Yuan Shengxing
Abstract: This article briefly explains the rationality of the measurement quality of the measurement of the measurement of uncertainty and the school in detail the concept, estimation and dissemination of the rationality of the measurement quality of the measurement measurement.
Yu Tianchi
Abstract: This article conducts further theoretical research on the impermanence of the dynamic dynamics of the negative gallbladder. On the theoretical basis, we consider the snail distance changes caused by the boundary conditions and the snail distance changes caused by the effect of the electric field, so that we have obtained a new correction theoretical formula. This formula generally reflects the effects of the threshold voltage of the threshold voltage due to external conditions and the screw distance changes of the electric field induction, and the theoretical formulas of zWART and HURALT are only two special circumstances of the above formula.
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