1994 volumne 15卷 Issue 04
Liu Lixin, Tian Qiu
Abstract: This article analyzes the similarities and differences between reinforced concrete shear components and twisting components. The trussed theory is used to establish a stress model of the shear components and the twisting components. The intensity theory and destruction criteria in the two -way stress state of concrete are derived from the calculation formula of the shear component and the carrying capacity of pure twisting components. The theoretical formula and the test results are better. And verify the rationality of the current concrete structural design specifications (GBJ 10-89), which can be used for reference when the specifications are further revised.
Zhou Hongjun, Hu Liangming
Abstract: This article uses the 8th-21 -node block body unit to discrete the small wave bottom No. 2 Mingliu hole in the water inlet tower. It analyzes the static force of six different types of working conditions. It understands the stress status of the outfit part and evaluates its safety.
Yang Wanhui, Liu Xianlin, Sun Fengqi
Abstract: The "Development of a complete set of protection devices for the integrated circuit of hydropower stations" is the 1994 Henan Provincial Major Scientific and Technological Reach Project that we undertake. This device has been put into trial operation. This article introduces the principle, action characteristics and application scope of the time circuit in this protection device.
Wang Wenyi, Sun Lixian
Abstract: From the perspective of the research system application software, this article discusses the limitations of the TURBOPAPAL compiler compiler processing function and its remedy methods in detail, so as to find a way to further solve the problem of a type of symbolic processing and identification.
Wu Yongzhi
Abstract: This article mainly introduces the hardware circuit, control software, and the method of improving signal accuracy with the DDBXYT photoelectric signal with P0 -80A -PIO. Analysis and discussion of the deviation of the results of the results of the results of the implementation signal performed on the DDBXYT -MC system.
Chiefs, Lu Yi
Abstract: This article introduces a method of programming with a programmer (PC) instruction programming. And through application examples, this method can simplify logical design to avoid logical competition.
Zhang Dexian, Chen Riyao, Li Xintheng, Hou Bojie
Abstract: Based on the specific study of the characteristics of the mechanical parts, this article analyzes and studied the automatic section of the surface triangle mesh, provided effective and reliable nodes and units to form rules, and proposed a specific method for the correctness of the mesh section results. Finally, two specific calculation examples were given.
Qi Jianzhong
Abstract: This article proposes a new structure of parallel flowers for cone static pressure and dynamic static pressure bearing. It gives the bearing capacity and static stiffness calculation formula and analyzes the effects of the main parameters on support. It proposes that this parallel flower not only has a significant regulatory effect on its axial inheritance ability, but also has a certain regulatory effect on its axis. Promotion and use value.
Zhang Ruyin
Abstract: This article expounds the winning plan of Zhengzhou Baie Pigeon Company in November 1993’s "Roller Machine Technology Reconstruction" bidding process. The author studied the pressure process of roller molding process in the production of rubber mills, deeply analyzed the operation of the process, and found the cause of the mechanical damage accident. By calculation, it is pointed out that the existing safety devices of the roller machine cannot prevent mechanical damage accidents. For this process, there is only the host and no external equipment. It proposes the design of the "MX400 -to -roller automatic removal and safe feeding device". This design, as the bidding plan for the bidding of Bai Ge Company, will be put into production such as the design drawings and other technical materials such as the design drawings on June 8, 1994.
Zhang Aimei
Abstract: This article uses a parallel base surface to analyze the projection characteristics of the cross -line line and its short -distance distance to provide convenient means for its application in the project.
Abstract: This article designed and produced a double stirring no gradient reactor, installed experimental equipment, and experimented with the hybrid characteristics and quality of the reactor, which laid the foundation for the development of the gas and liquid reaction process and the development of dynamic research.
Huang Jianping, Song Hongjie, Liu Shifei, Huang Encai
Abstract: This article proposes several governance methods containing chlorine -tailed gas (exhaust gas) in the production process of chlorine -chloride -chloride series products. It discusses the characteristics of various governance processes and the problems that should be paid attention to when choosing key equipment. Industrial production practice indicates that the governance effect is good.
Jiang Lianjian, Li Xuemeng
Abstract: This article mainly uses different statistical methods based on different probability distribution. It has studied the background value of CU, PH, PH, Mi, CR, CR, and CD in the dry stream sediment in the Yellow River. In order to ensure the reliability of its methods and data, the measured data statistical methods are tested, and the background values ​​of the Yellow River in the background values ​​of the flow of mud are the same as the domestic and foreign soil soil. The vegetarian background value is compared, and the value is basically within the scope of its list; the value of the factor sequence is used to find the right value and evaluate the current situation of the sediment.
Zhang Tai Mountain, Meng Dechen
Abstract: Application of computer technology for evaluation of water resources is a new topic for recent development. This article detailed the dynamic simulation and evaluation analysis of the joint scheduling of water resources using computers. Proposals for the rational use of water resources and water conservancy development planning in the future. It provides an important decision -making basis for the development of the industrial and agricultural development of Anyang. It also has important reference value for other regions.
Luo Wenzheng
Abstract: The vertical tissue living space provides a diverse design method for a well -off house. The article proposes several plans to have obvious benefits to improving the living environment, improving the quality of living, and saving land.
Li Xuexiang, An Xueqing
Abstract: This article conducts some useful discussions on the storage technology of the line processing algorithm, and gives a more reasonable way to solve the storage and distribution method of the large -scale sparse linear equation group.
Zhang Ying Super, Liu Jie
Abstract: For most of the passive infrared detectors currently sold on the market, its anti -interference ability has not yet reached the problem of the national standards specified indicators, and it has briefly discussed how to improve its anti -interference ability.
Dong Hanli
Abstract: This article mainly analyzes some representative marginal detection operators in the current image edge detection theory, conducts horizontal comparison of their respective characteristics, and proposes the optimal marginal detection method that I think.
Yang Jinling, Hou Shuang root
Abstract: This article uses the relevant nature of primary theory, and has established three four operational test algorithms, including abandoned eleventh, abandoned seven, and abandoned 13th. They have certain advantages over the usual abandoned nine -way method. ) Solution: 1F1 (1358) = 5, F1 (2998) = 6, F1 (4071284) = 8. ∵ 5 × 6 8 (MODLL) is F1 (1358) × F1 (2998) ≡F1 (4071284) (MODL1) ∴ () correct. Note: The above two cases can also be abandoned, and the thirteenth law can be used for inspection. 4 The three types of test algorithms discussed in this article are parallel, of which the eleven law is the most convenient. It is worth noting that the 11th abandonment is the following advantages. First, the initial value obtained by the application rule F1 () must be much smaller than the original value obtained by the abandonment of the nine methods; second, the number of abandoned nine -method is not verified by the same errors with the same number of numbers with the correct answer to the abacus. The result of the calculation is a two -digit calculation formula. Any errors that cannot be verified by abandoning the nine laws, the application rule F1 () can definitely find the error. The calculation result is a two -digit calculation formula. The abandonment of the nine laws sometimes verify the error. Such as 3254 × l78 = 572912? (The correct result is 579212.), This error is not found with discarding the nine -method verification, and it is wrong to immediately know that the operation result of the case is used to verify the eleven method. references
Yan Guangsong, Hou Ziyan, Zhao Chengjian
Abstract: At present, the books on the probability of analysis in China are generally given a paradigm form as the necessary conditions when discussing the stable characteristic function S, but it rarely involves the paradigm itself. This article will give this sufficient condition on the basis of the literature [1], and extend the required conditions of the S to a more general average. Form.
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