1994 volumne 15卷 Issue 03
Li Zhuji
Abstract: This article discusses the high -performance control problem with high -precision fast electric one -gas servo service valve in the servo system, and applies the theory of robust control to the piston position control to obtain a satisfactory robust stability.
Guo Jialin, Qi Liangzhang, Chen Genyong
Abstract: This article analyzes and discuss the harmonic status of a large aluminum factory 10kV power network and its impact on the measurement of inductive electrical meters, and puts forward several corresponding preventive countermeasures and suggestions.
Yang Ji, Hu Yijun, Yu Zhao
Abstract: By analyzing the characteristics of AC dual -speed elevator electrical control, this article proposes a solution to the transformation of the PLC, and introduces the program design of the PLC control of some control circuits, and the processing method of some special issues when preparing the program.
Zhang Yuqin, Ding Ziqiang, Huang Xinhui
Abstract: This article is based on the tension computing of the asymmetric rectangular cutter cross -sectional section small eccentric component component. On the basis of mechanics and economic analysis, it is recommended that AS is based on minimum tendon rate with muscles. AS’s stress σs uses the test results of the special group to simplify the calculation and propose a practical curve for inspection.
Shi Mingsheng, Zhang Zhiyong, Wei Jie
Abstract: This article briefly gives the elastic computing mode describing the static touches the process and the explanation of the probe ratio of the probe ratio and its critical depth. On this basis, the theoretical pattern of static tactile probe ratio ratio of the resistance and the foundation loading capacity is established, thereby exporting the theoretical formulas of the two. The theoretical formula is consistent with the existing experience related formulas and is generally general. At the same time, the theoretical formula can reflect the size effects, deep effects and groundwater levels that the empirical formula cannot reflect.
Gao Shuangju, Yang Lingxia
Abstract: In response to the contradiction between the measured water surface line and conventional theoretical analysis in the model experiment, this article proposes the theoretical method of the width and width of the water surface line analysis, which not only reasonably explains the cause of the contradiction, but also provides the theoretical basis for the analysis of the width of the water surface line.
Ma Shuhui
Abstract: Based on the work of predecessors, this article proposes a new method of predicting saturated hydrocarbons based on the molecular structure. The calculation results of a large amount of saturated hydrocarbon eccentric factor show that the consistency of the calculation value and the experimental value is satisfactory, and the average absolute error of the calculation result is 0.056.
Li Huiping, Zhou Cairong, Zhong Xian, Pang Yiling, Zhao Yanhong, Dai Yizhong, Xie Xianzheng
Abstract: The selective nitrification of chloropene benzene on the HJSM 5 -5 molecular sieve catalyst. The Hzm -5 -5 molecular sieve with a silicon aluminum ratio of 58 can enable the neighbor ratio to reach 5.31. The effect of the reaction parameters and the amount of catalyst on the nitrification was studied using the orthogonal test method. The effects of different additives in the nitrification system have on neighbor ratio and chlorobenzene conversion rate. When a certain substance is added, the neighbor ratio can reach 3.05, and the transformation rate of chloropenene can reach 39.65 %.
Wang Zijian, Gao Xiaolei, Song Hongjie
Abstract: In the esterification reaction, in order to increase the yield of ester, it is necessary to increase the amount of any one of the reactants or remove the produced ester or water in the reaction system and add sulfuric acid as a catalyst to increase the rate of the reaction.In this paper, the relationship between the reaction conditions of ethyl acetate, the reaction equilibrium of the esterification reaction, the reaction rate of the mutual influences on each other have been studied and discussed.
Yi Hengjie
Abstract: In order to use the materials more effectively, the method of pre -pressureing the thick wall garden can be adopted. This article derives four types of finite element formulas about the elasticity analysis of thick wall garden cylinders. The calculation procedures for calculating the plastic stress of the garden cylinder and determining the bullet plastic interface are compiled, and a large number of instances are used for comparison and analysis.
Shao Jianmin, Wang Wei
Abstract: This article uses a computer simulation method to analyze the effects of ripples on the surface of the parts of the ball bearings on the vibration of the bearing system. The conclusion is of great significance for theoretical research and actual production.
Sun Limin, Luo Shaokai
Abstract: This article gives the circulating points of high -end non -linear non -complete non -complete mechanical system VACCO dynamic equation, and uses circulating points to drop the high -end VACCO dynamic equation to develop the famous ROUTH degradation method.
Liu Jiangguo
Abstract: This article starts from the theorem of CayLey -Hamilton, and discusses the relationship between the factor decomposition of the characteristic (minimum) polynomium and the unspoken space and decomposition of the space. Based on this, the concepts of the broad features space sequence NULL (T One λ0i) and the JORDAN chain are introduced, and their properties are discussed in depth. As a result, a new method of constructing JORDAN standard shape is obtained. The new method is simple and efficient, which can be easily implemented on the computer. Compared with the traditional method of constructing the standard shape of the JORDAN standard, it is much better.
Shi Dongyang, Jiang Huiqin
Abstract: This article uses the mixed element method to discuss the linear finite element of the four -order feature value △  ̄2U = λU, and at the same time gives the corresponding convergence estimation of the characteristic value.
Wang Jinling
Abstract: All the second -order matrix on the F2 constitutes a non -exchange ring to M2 (F2), and the briefing is M. This article conducts a preliminary exploration of the linear recursive sequence on M. It focuses on the connection between this sequence and its component sequences, and the relationship between their cycles and complexity. At the same time, it also gives other good properties.
Wang Mingtao
Abstract: The key to the prediction of a combination is to determine the weighted coefficient. This article proposes two methods to calculate the optimal weighted coefficient and compare it to study it, and explain its application through examples.
Jia Junguo, Chen Yonghua
Abstract: This article combines the characteristics of Chinese enterprises to set up relevant indicators for target management, use computer technology to evaluate the production and operating conditions of the enterprise, and give the corporate unit personnel and output quota calculation method.
Shi Jinglan, Zhang Chongshan, Xu Wenhui
Abstract: This article describes the design ideas, the main functions and characteristics of the database structure and system of the database management system developed by the developed database microcomputer management system. This system is suitable for small and medium -sized literature management.
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