1994 volumne 15卷 Issue 02
Guo Jialin
Abstract: This article introduces 6kV neutrality of a large fertilizer plant. It is the basic principles of two types of line selection methods such as the base wave zero -sequential current direction and the difference in different phase current in the microcomputer protection of the single -phase microcomputer protection.
Lou Hegong, Xu Yan, Wang Kewen, Qin Qiancheng, Zhang Wei, Luo Liang
Abstract: The sequence of accidents composed of multi -single -piece machines has been put into the substation operation. This article introduces the hardware, software design ideas and implementation methods of the device. The main functions and technical characteristics are introduced in detail.
Dong Mingliang, Zhang Tong
Abstract: In order to survive in the fierce market competition and development, CIM technology must be implemented. In order to successfully implement CIM and bring benefits to enterprises, this article proposes a microcomputer -based economy and small distributed CIMS structural design solutions. The solution is practical and feasible, which greatly reduces system costs and is suitable for the implementation of small and medium -sized manufacturing.
Wu Yan, Wu Jianping
Abstract: Dingba -induced the turbulent field water flow is significantly different from the general water flow. The large -scale vortex development is severe and there is a strong scouring belt. It restricts the study of Dingba water flow partition and return. The short -range effect of the dam head vortex is affected by the damper body of the dam head.
Xu Guangxian
Abstract: Aiming at the characteristics of the ladder power station group in the rural leader reservoir, the long -term economic operation and short -term economic operation of this type of step power station group have been established, and the method of model solution, compensation adjustment and time -stagnation calculation are proposed.
Lu Shaoming, Yang Li
Abstract: This article proposes the corresponding planning method for the characteristics of the decision -making of rainwater design flow. On the basis of demonstrating the planning method, we will introduce its main planning procedures.
Pei Zhongyuan, Liu Junge
Abstract: This article dynamically measures the water and salt of the back of the river depression through the salt sensor to obtain the seasonal change law of groundwater level and groundwater mineralization and soil salt, as well as the correlation between groundwater mineralization and conductivity, R = 0.955, y = 0.011x + 0.24. It has a certain guiding role in the continuous development of agricultural production in the region.
Gao Shuangju, Yang Lingxia
Abstract: This article uses the diffusion format to simulate the non -constant sinking of the Ming canal and propose a new method of boundary processing. The algebraic equation adopts the relaxation N -R method, and the calculation speed is faster than the similar calculation method.
Cheng Yuanbing
Abstract: According to the balance conditions and deformation coordination conditions, this article uses the theory of softening grid model theory to propose the entire process analysis method of the force and deformation properties of the low -shear wall, and compile the calculation box diagram. The theoretical analysis was compared with the test results, and the two were better.
Sun Zengshou, Li Jie, Chen Huai
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the characteristics of industrial production equipment structure and the laws of earthquake damage, this article proposes the predictive prediction method of industrial equipment on the ground, and is successfully applied to the predictive work of large and medium -sized enterprises.
Sun Bolu, Qiu Yi
Abstract: By establishing a single reference system, this article will use the conversion problem of cutting angles between different sections, and the geometric abstraction is to solve the inclination of the two known plane (front or rear knife surface and various sections). All computing work is automatically completed by the preparation of the preparation, which greatly simplifies the conversion process. The article also provides the regular curve of the changes in the front corner of the front knife.
Guan Huiling
Abstract: This article has discussed some basic work on the three methods of the fault diagnosis system "concurrent" failure extraction — characteristic frequency method, historical analysis signal method and special parameter identification method, and the fuzzy comprehensive decision -making formula of the three methods, and the theoretical and practicality of the theoretical and practical perspective.
Jia Shengxiang
Abstract: This article establishes the simulation mathematical model of the outer round grinding, and proposes the computer simulation analysis method of the round grinding grinding, which provides a powerful tool for optimization of the process parameters of the outer round grinding.
Du Yunhai, Ding Suidong, Han Lianyuan, Meng Qingbo
Abstract: For the two domestically produced steel plates of A3 and 16MN, take the V -type slopes and no hill -mouth docking forms, and use the eight types of welding tips of the two types of welding of carbon dioxide gas to protect welding and buried arc automatic welding processes, and perform group fatigue tests in the pure bending loading method and room temperature and atmospheric environment of the stress ratio R = 0.1 to obtain their P -S -N song Line. The results of this study can provide a reliable basis for the fatigue design and computing of welded components.
Yan Jiajie
Abstract: This article promotes the concept of the approximation of ordinary F set, and introduces new concepts such as the FUzzYAT near and weighted average closeness and the λ horizontal near -domain, which has introduced new concepts such as, thereby more and more reasonablely describing the approximation of the Fet.
Wang Shubin, Liu Xiaoyan
Abstract: This article is based on the source theorem of the "middle value" of TayLor’s median theorem and first integral median theorem on the basis of [3], and gives the corresponding conclusions of the three forms of the median theorem of the second integral.
Yu Tianchi, Guo Qingshan
Abstract: This article uses the oblique split LCD box to study the effects of gallbladder pneumatic pitch changes caused by border conditions on the threshold voltage. And theoretically discussed and explained.
Li Jianwei, Zhang Yongzhan, Fang Wenji
Abstract: In this article, under the atmosphere of 85 to 170 ° C, normal pressure and high -purity atmosphere, the micro integral reactor studied the active oxidation in the active oxidant catalyst. Regular Rideal -Eley mechanism model.
Wang Dengng
Abstract: By analyzing the characteristics of the sedimentation of particles in the centrifugal field, this article pointed out the error in the setting speed analysis and derivation of the calculation of the calculation of the centrifugal separation equipment; the export of the emblem sedimentation speed solution in the ideal centrifugal force field was exported, and the calculation formula and simplified judgment were given. The results show that the extensive calculation formula is simplified as the above theory solution under certain constraints.
Wang Licheng, Song Chengying, Zhao Jianhong, Xu Haisheng
Abstract: This article studies the process route of di methal eothicidal dihydronic (the raw material ratio, response temperature, catalytic dosage and reaction time on product revenue, and find the best process conditions. Studies have shown that this process has the advantages of short process, high income, and stable product quality. The reliability of process conditions has been proved through industrial production.
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