1994 volumne 15卷 Issue 01
He North, Xiang Bihonghong
Abstract: This article uses a mixed random description of the runoff process, exploring the randomness of irrigation water and the reliability constraints of water supply, and establishing a Malcov decision planning model that considers runoff forecasting and reliability constraints. Optimized scheduling shows that models and methods are practical and feasible.
Yang Lingxia
Abstract: This article first proposes the research problem of the volume fluctuation value of the pressure regulating room, and then starts from the principle of adjustment, exports the calculation formula of the voltage regulating room water level fluctuations, and determines that after the voltage regulating room water level fluctuation values ​​can be designed and used to use the impedance pressure regulating room with a tattimon, reducing the cost of the project. This research work has theoretical and practical significance.
Li Zongkun, Hong Hongjun
Abstract: This article uses a special solution boundary meta -method, analyzes the effects of the horizontal cracks of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation, and the promotion of the special definition method to the two regional problems. The conclusion provides a valuable basis for engineering design.
Li Qingfu, Li Ruifeng, Li Pingjiao
Abstract: This article analyzes the characteristics and reasons of my country’s aquatic structure damage in detail. The conclusions and suggestions obtained can provide certain references for the use, maintenance, protection, and durability design of my country’s aquatic structure.
Li Jie
Abstract: This article studies the general model problems of reliability control of the earthquake disaster field system, gives the problem of the problem, and discuss the basic methods of solving simple system solutions.
Guo Legong
Abstract: This article analyzes the concrete alkali -the material reaction and its damage to the concrete structure, and proposes measures to prevent alkali -the material reaction destruction.
Wang Xinling, Liu Lixin
Abstract: This article discusses the calculation method of eccentric distance E in the new specifications of the masonry structure, and obtained the load design value of the housing load -bearing wall and column (except the underground outdoor wall) of the general (single) layer of mixed structures.
Ye Yuanlie, Zhang Mingcheng, Li Chunying, Lu Xinru
Abstract: This article discusses the laws of changes in the cross section of the internal combustion engine piston skirt, and proposes a mechanism for cutting piston skirt surface. The movement rules of the organization were analyzed, and the method of avoiding the emergence of the institutional "emergency" movement was solved. Establish an error formula for institutions.
Abstract: This article is composed of institutions. The method of dynamic static analysis of the plane mechanism is based on the basic rod group method, and it is given the process diagram of the guide lever mechanism for the process of analysis of the mechanism mechanism.
Guo Zhenting, Zhou Wenyu
Abstract: This article introduces the process of using the heavenly furnace melting and the production of cast -in -law -lacquent body ball carcasses. It analyzes the impact of the main process factors on the quality of the rear bridge shell, and proposes measures to improve the quality of the rear bridge shell.
Sun Qiao, Zhang Ruilin, Sun Huiguo
Abstract: The PDP -based artificial neural grid (ANN) research has now become a hot spot. This article automatically obtains the bottleneck problem for the knowledge caused by the limitations of the first -generation expert system, and introduces the neural network model into the research of the fault diagnostic expert system to effectively solve this problem. At the same time, a more mature BP algorithm is also selected, and a mechanical failure diagnostic expert system is developed in C language. The article also analyzed the problems of neural networks.
Feng Luying, Wang Enyi
Abstract: This article discusses the latest technology of industrial furnace smoke waste heat recovery -the working principle of vacuum phase transformation heat water heater. It has a simple structure, safe and reliable, and can obtain greater heat transfer characteristics under small temperature differences. Combined with the 2T / H steam boiler to recover the tail smoke exhaust waste heat, the heat calculation method is given. This method is suitable for thermal computing of general vacuum phase transformation heat water heaters, simple and practical and guaranteed accuracy.
Jiang Dengzheng, An Honggang
Abstract: Based on the diagram method, this article proposes a relationship of predicting the anema of vaporization thermal heat in the constant boiling point of the chain, and it predicts that the total average deviation of the total boiling point vaporization thermal heat of the normal boiling point of 25 kinds of chain olefin is 1.20 % compared with the experimental value.
Wang Xunyi, Zhou Cairong, Zhongxian
Abstract: This article introduces the principles and characteristics of bubble crystalline method. The use of this method from chloropene production by -product mixing and dichloropene pour purity> 99.5 % of the dichotinine, and determine the process conditions of the separation level and the process conditions at all levels.
Song Jianchi, Yu Zhongqi
Abstract: Pleyate dysyate is the intermediate of medicine, pesticides and dyes. At present, the revenue of old -fashioned production in China is only 65 % (based on chloride). This article has reached more than 80 % through a new method of metomyrodolin synthesis synthesis. Product quality and standard samples are consistent.
Miao Tongchen, Wang Wei
Abstract: This article discusses the effect of elastic connection in the dynamic sub -structure method, and obtains the power equation under this condition. This will make dynamic sub -structural methods be more widely used in studying the dynamic, dynamic response and power modification of complex structures.
Yan Jiajie
Abstract: In the comprehensive judgment of the F multi -level, how to reasonably determine the weight distribution of many factors is a key and a problem. This article proposes to determine the multi -factor weight distribution with the AHP method in multiple decisions, thereby giving a more scientific and reasonable method to solve this problem.
Yang Jincai, Zhao Wanzhong
Abstract: This article compiles a computing program for the fuzzy matrix equation proposed by the literature [1] to achieve the purpose of using a computer to solve the fuzzy matrix equation. The instance indicates that the computer solution is accurate and very fast.
Yu Tianchi, Guo Qingshan
Abstract: This article gives further experimental observations for the alternation of negative gallbladder phase liquid crystals under the action of electric field. The relationship between the relationship curve and threshold voltage of each induction plane threshold voltage and the frequency of the external field is given.
Wang Yong
Abstract: This article uses the analysis of geometric graphics to use the characteristics and properties of geometric graphics to combine the concept of painting geometry to summarize the problem and method of solving problems and methods of geometric graphics in geometry.
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