1993 volumne 14卷 Issue 04
Qin Tongfu; Zhong Xian;
Abstract: This article is based on a new process based on polysaccharides as a adsorbent to make water -free ethanol, using the cantalum chromatography method to determine the thermal line. Suddenly checking the data through the return analysis, obtaining the temperature equation that conforms to the Freundlich type. The experiment also proved that polysaccharides are selectively absorbing water steam within the temperature range of the experiment without absorbing ethanol steam.
Ye Xuejun; Liu Qing;
Abstract: Based on the core of the core, this article made a suitable simplified hypothesis on the sulfide reaction, and the square and the difference between the calculation value of the reaction rate and the experimental value was the target function, and the Powell method returned to the appropriate refractory model parameter. The test found that at high altitude, the sulfurization process of the raw cobalt molybdenum catalyst was taken to obey the core size. Under excessive situation, h_2s is a first -level reaction. The relationship between the activation energy and temperature of the return obeys the law of Arangnius.
Wu Jinchun; Zhu Min; Jin Qiang; Jinrenhai;
Abstract: This article introduces the principles, development, main components and application scope of Stopped-Flow Treaty Optical Measures. It also studied the FE ~ (3+)+SCN ~-(?) FESCN ~ (2+) rapid reaction system, and the rapid response was measured as a first-level reaction. The test results of the test were consistent with the theoretical process of the minimum secondary method.
Yang Jianzhou;
Abstract: This article introduces a new type of tube shell heat exchanger and its synthetic ammonia converter segment in the fertilizer plant as the use of Qiqi heat exchange equipment.
Yu Shuqin; Zhou’s Zheng; Zhang Shugong;
Abstract: After the small impact of the weakness of the national market in 1985, 85, and 1990, the sales have been shrinking, the products have been seriously expensive, and the current situation is even more severe. This is a test of 1056 small nitrogen fertilizer factories across the country. Therefore, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, carry out fertilizer, and comprehensive development is imminent. How to use the original equipment of small nitrogen fertilizers to give full play to the mature technical force in the factory, spend a small amount of investment, and produce products that meet the requirements of the market, have become the top priority of nitrogen fertilizer. The development of "methanol" (alcohol and single -alcohol) is a new road that is currently produced by small nitrogen fertilizer factories after combined with ammonium carbonate, pure alkali, and urea. Now talk about its feasibility as follows:
Xia Boqian; Biography of Niu Xi;
Abstract: This article proposes a complete numerical method that calculates the problem of non -stable elastic fluid power lubrication, and applies this method to the elasticity calculation of the straight gear transmission. It is included in the changes, curvature radius changes, speed changes, and surface telescopic effects of various points on the meshing line. This article has successfully obtained the distribution of non -stable film thickness edges. The results show that there are many differences between non -stable computing results and steady -state calculation results. The thickness of the non -stable calculation of the thickness of the oil membrane has the characteristics of mutation with mutations with the oil membrane. Finally, this article discusses the effects of the surface telescopic effect on the calculation of non -stabilizing stream.
Zhang Linna;
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the adaptive modeling direction and non -linear mathematical model of the three -dimensional dynamic driving process, this article further studied the mechanism and dynamic characteristics of the metal vehicle tremor process in a microcomputer numerical simulation method. It theoretically proved that the dynamic driving process has obvious non -linear characteristics. The geometric parameters of tools have close relationships, and reasonably select and adjust the amount of cutting. The related parameters of the process system and tools can effectively improve the dynamic stability of three -dimensional car cutting. The numerical analysis conclusions of the model of this article have made good consistency, which provides a theoretical basis for clarifying the dynamic characteristics of the driving tremor process and its online monitoring.
Qu Zhenting;
Abstract: The bonding the arc welding machine is a high-power DC welding machine, which can welded with a nail with a diameter of φ20-10mm. The welded welded welded tensile strength of the welded machine is high, and the weld is densely dense, the welding foot is complete, and it has been applied in engineering buildings.
Liu Wenhua;
Abstract: The study of this article proposes the "merger and cutting method", which can solve the straight lines of straight lines in a view — the penetration point of the cone and columns, and can be more widely used in the sphere method.
Chai Yumei; Wang Liming;
Abstract: In order to solve some inconveniences of users in the process of encoding and debugging, this article focuses on the ideas, functions and some technical characteristics of C-DSCTs.
Shen Haihua; Shen Zhongzhang;
Abstract: This article gives the problem of error grade use conditions when the error level number is used, and the direct relationship between the use conditions of the error level and the closure transmission function point and the input signal frequency are obtained. The conclusion is beneficial to analyze the steady state error of the actual system.
Shi Yufa;
Abstract: This article analyzes the relationship between meritorious loss, power factor and intra -end voltage when running asynchronous motor, and clarify the mechanism of asynchronous motor to reduce voltage voltage operation, and export the conditions for the use of the use of the mortar control asynchronous motor power saving.
Du Yunhai; Han Lianyuan; Ding Suidong;
Abstract: This article introduces the pull -up of 40CRNIMO steel -the result of pressure fatigue test, which gives the material’s fatigue limit and suitable average stress impact coefficient under different stress concentration and different cycle characteristics.
Zhao Yuying;
Abstract: This article proves that the monotonicity and convergence of the Brenstein operator promoted under certain conditions, and then discussed the convergence of the operator sequence.
Zhang Shuying; Shao Sumei;
Abstract: Based on the prototype of the samada rivers in the river bed, this article, through the physical predictive model test, systematically studied the problems of water level near the pier near the slim pier of the sloppy, and the formation of the pits. When it was found that the local scouring was stopped, the corresponding diameter of the bed and sand became thicker 1.5 to 2.5 times, and the experimental curve further reflected the increase in the increase of the pier depth of the pier. Trends. In addition, the test simulation method of the local riverbed washed by the Disa Nishisha River project in the text also discussed and analyzed the relevant computing formula.
Zhang Tai Mountain; Xu Xiaosheng;
Abstract: The Anyang River slopes are steep, the flow is very fast, the foreseeable period is short, and the defense difficulties are difficult. In order to master the upstream water conditions and rain in time, and the effective preview period of the flood, the flood control measures are taken as much as possible to reduce the loss of downstream flood disasters. It has been developed into a water condition automation and forecast system. After three years of use, the operation of the system is reliable. Methods provide a good example for other small and medium -sized watershed measures.
Huang Xiangcai; Shen Jijun;
Abstract: This article takes the research on the research plan of urban sewage treatment, and studies the feasibility of system engineering in Zhengzhou’s urban sewage land treatment and use of system engineering, analyzes the methods of various sewage treatment. After comparison of technical scriptures, the conclusion of the feasibility of urban sewage land treatment in Zhengzhou.
Lu Guobin; Dong Yuxi;
Abstract: The stress strain relationship of concrete has always been obtained by axial heart loading test. This article introduces a new method: eccentric loading the stress strain curve method. The results obtained by mind method.
Yang Weizhong;
Abstract: This article starts with the launch test of the poured loading connector of the band -type steel plate, and puts forward a simplified calculation model. The equilibrium conditions export the static intensity calculation formula of the calculation of the computing part. This formula has the advantages of clear concepts and simple forms, and the test value and calculation value are very good.
Shi Ling;
Abstract: The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the establishment of the ten -year plan of the national economic and social development and the construction of the "Eighth Five -Year Plan" plan, "significantly improved the living conditions" as a basic requirement for the second -step strategic goal in the next ten years. Therefore, to accelerate how to improve the efficiency of residential construction and the quality of living environment of residential use functions, we must first start with designing, try to achieve the cost of cost, high efficiency, high quality, high quality, and small functions to meet the needs of the people’s life at the end of this century. Its significance is very significant.
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