1993 volumne 14卷 Issue 03
Liu Jin Dun; Fang Wenji;
Abstract: This article studies sodium lignin sulfonate and FE (Ⅲ) -edta system absorption of H_2S dynamics from the theoretical and experimental aspects. Established and solved the H_2S absorption of mathematical models; installed experimental equipment, experimented with sodium lignin sulfonate and Fe (Ⅲ) -edTA composite desulfurization agent absorbing H_2S enhanced factor. The experimental results are consistent with theoretical results.
Li Ruili; Zhao Zhenxing; Zhou Qiong; Wang Liu;
Abstract: This article studies the process routes of composite cinnamonic acid in the two -step synthetic cinnamonic acid in the phenyechloride and tetrachloride chloride, respectively, and the appropriate temperature conditions of the two -step reaction are given, and the response time and raw material ratio are given. The experimental results show that the styrene -tetrachloride method is a good cinnamonic acid production method. Compared with the traditional Perkin method, it has the advantages of low raw materials, less environmental pollution, and high product purity.
Tang Yali; Shen Ningfu;
Abstract: This article uses an analysis of electronic microcomposter (AEM) and mechanical performance tests to study the micro-tissue and its impact on high temperature performance on high-temperature performance of the rapid solidification thermal alloy Al-FE- (CE, Ti, ZR). Firstly, the effects of dynamic dynamics and solidification speed of the acute cold strip band on the internal solution distribution of the cell crystal have been analyzed. After that, the effect of the high temperature performance of the alloy of alloy when the annealing process and the distribution of the armal squeezing alloy are distributed. The analysis results show that: the initial overlapping and coagulation rate of the alloy solidification process is mainly to affect the alloy solidification process; the solid -soluble quantity of the soluble element in the cell crystal increases with the increase of the solidification rate. The high temperature performance of the alloy is mainly related to the structure and distribution of the scattered phase.
Jin Guoguang; Zhang Mingcheng;
Abstract: This article conducts a research on the vibration and vibration moment of the Space CSSRR-G plays, so as to propose the dynamic balancing guidelines of the plate-type engine. According to this criterion, for the multi -cylinder plate -type engine, two equilibrium heavy weights can be added to the main axis to complete a complete balance of vibration and vibration torque.
Qin Dongchen; Xu Yeyi;
Abstract: Based on the characteristics of complex boxes, this article uses the limited element method as a means of structural analysis and sensitivity analysis, and selects the sequence of a fast convergence sequence second planning method for optimization and calculation. Finally, the analysis of finite element analysis and optimization are combined to optimize the structure of the complex box. This article optimizes the design program DPTBOX compiled by Fortan language, which has strong functions and generality.
Cao Tingju; Liu Yiwen;
Abstract: This article analyzes the relationship between the side gaps and variation coefficients of the garden column straight gears, garden columns, and worm -passing. As a result, the theoretical basis is provided for the study related tolerance specifications and adjustment of the tooth side gap. The formula proposed in this article is simple and clear, which is convenient for mastering and use in actual work.
Han Jie;
Abstract: The characteristic forecast of large rotating machinery and equipment failure is a new topic with major production significance. This article first proposes the new concept of precision forecast. With the help of the GM (1.1) model of the gray forecast theory, its forecast mode has been studied. The key to proposing precision forecast is to shift forecasting from traditional time domain to frequency domain. The article also discussed its precision forecast method for the gradual rotation mechanical failure. And verified the long -term monitoring data of a large CO_2 compression unit.
Lu Guobin; Nie Jianguo;
Abstract: This article explains the source of Article 7.1.1 in the current "Specification of Steel Structure", and discusses the intensity calculation of obliquely connected welds with three levels of quality, pointing out that the inclination value of the welding seams when the current specification does not need to be calculated without intensive calculation is safe.
Ma Yuexian;
Abstract: This article lists three different insurance computing methods, and discusses the implementation and scope of application of various methods. Based on this, some blindness can be reduced in actual engineering calculations.
Lu Xin;
Abstract: The horizontal sand loss computing of the deputy flow of the river bay is of great practical significance for studying the horizontal evolution of the river and its deformation. This article starts from the laws of deep distribution of water in the river bay side of the water along the water deep distribution and sand content along the vertical line. It has concluded that the expression formula of the horizontal sand loss rate of the unit area along the water depth and the single -wide and horizontal sand loss rate was discussed. It also further discussed the horizontal sand loss rate of the upper and lower parts. The research and preliminary verification and analysis results were quite consistent. In addition, the relative distribution formulas given in the article (4) and the absolute distribution formula (10) not only overcome a series of theoretical defects of the classic formula, but also have more consistency with the measured data of the Dorsha River, which is quite unique.
Wang Heming;
Abstract: This article analyzes the FLOYD algorithm, and on this basis, a expansion FLOYD algorithm is proposed. The algorithm has a certain application value in actual engineering. The extended FLOYD algorithm has been implemented on the computer, and the calculation results prove that the algorithm is correct.
Yang Yuxia; Gao Jinfeng; Wang Junyi;
Abstract: This article proposes a new algorithm of the Lee Yapnov index that is calculated from the actual physical system, and conducts actual testing and calculation of a fourth -order autonomous circuit with non -linear negative capacitors. This algorithm provides people with a method of directly judging whether chaos or super -mixed motion in the actual dynamic system.
Abstract: Indication of semantic (DS) is a powerful tool describing the language semantics of the program. The abstract level is high and it is difficult to achieve on the machine. The solution is to convert DS into the words that are easy to achieve on the machine. This article gives the mechanical conversion method of DS to the interpretation program, so as to organically combine the formal definition of language with the machine. The work of this article is further exploration in the field of software -oriented software.
Shi Li;
Abstract: This article discusses how the MCS -96 single -chip microcomputer realizes the D/A bipolar conversion. It also gives a method of conventional D/A chip and HSO to realize bipolar D/A conversion. These two methods are simple and practical and have their own characteristics. It is of great significance to expand the application of MCS-96 single-chip microcomputers.
Wang Yizhen; Zhao Haigen;
Abstract: This article introduces the application of 8031 ​​single -chip microcomputers in the eccentric measuring instrument of the welded bars. In the article, the control program of the single -chip microcomputer is more detailed, and some programs are given to the single and hardware circuit.
Zhang Zhongmin; tension;
Abstract: The two new formulas calculated by continuous beams in this article have worked hard. This formula is used to calculate a more complicated cross -section beam, which has the advantages of simple and accurate; the critical load used to find the rod is associated with the critical load obtained by the differential method, and found an important phenomenon.
Hou Shuangyin; Li Mengru;
Abstract: This article gives two computing formulas of the broad tactical matrix A ~-.
Zhao Wanzhong;
Abstract: In the form of unimaluated sequencing in this side [1], the dual forms of the FUZZ function are given the theorem, expansion theorem, and the theorem of existence.
Guo Qingshan; Yu Tianchi; Wang Jialing;
Abstract: This article has done further experimental research on the changes in the weaving changes of the small negative gallbladder liquid crystal under the action of the electric field, observing the new experimental phenomenon.
Zhang Songsen;
Abstract: This article mainly introduces the physical properties of the thermal shrinking beams produced by radiation cross -linked polyethylene thermal contraction camps as the production of packaging materials and its applications in terms of cold, automobiles, aerospace, and aerospace industry.
Cui Zhanhua; Li Huiping; Cui Guangzhao;
Abstract: This article proposes a full -function alarm method of alarming alarm through the research on the mechanism of carbon monoxide poisoning and the survey of clinical practice of major hospitals. It has conducted useful explorations in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and improving the safety and reliability of instruments.
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