1993 volumne 14卷 Issue 02
Sun Xianglin;
Abstract: According to the mutation theory proposed by THOM, the mathematical model of the temporary dual -machine system of the equal dual -machine system is converted into a corresponding mutation theory model. Therefore, the numerical solution of the non -linear differential equation group without time -consuming, can quickly calculate whether the power system that experiences after the experience can maintain temporary stability.
Xu Jiangfeng;
Abstract: Due to the rapid development of computer technology, the theory of fault diagnosis has been used in many computer systems to improve the reliability of the system. On the basis of the yellow/Chen diagnostic model, this article proposes a more practical three -value diagnostic model, and gives a new fault diagnosis strategy under this model- (T1/T_2 ~ 1)/s — diagnostic, and finally focuses on the system’s optimized system D_ (1A). The results show that (T1/T_2 ~ 1)/s — the diagnostic system compared with T (= T_1+T1/2)/s — a new system. Use nearly half of the test side, compared with the T -diagnostic system, use nearly three -quarters of the test edges.
Gao Jinfeng; Wang Junkun;
Abstract: This article detailed the principle and design of the role and design of the anti -ice hockey and ice ring -proofing measures that have been proven to be very effective in high -voltage transmission lines, and conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis from the formation mechanism of compound ice and snow. Based on this, the design formula for anti -ice hockey and ice -proof rings was introduced.
Wu Yongzhi;
Abstract: This article introduces the control discussion of the three-phase asynchronous motor group with the PZ-80A microcomputer PIO, and analyzes the interference and anti-interference problems in the control system.
Wu Jianping; Wu Yanxiang; Liu Guochang;
Abstract: Among the low dams of the low dam or low Buddha, the application of the wide -tail pier has changed the water flow structure. The situation is very obvious in the study of the wide -tailed pier of the Yellow River Hydropower Station in the flooding road. This unique water flow form can be called a wide -tailed pier water leap. This article first describes the mechanism of wide -tail pier water leaps, and discusses several key issues in the wide -tailed pier water leaps: through the measurement of the wave element, the inhibitory effect of the wide tail pier on the wavy waves is analyzed; through the measurement of the flow rate and the intensity of the turbulent strength, the intensity distribution and energy efficiency of the wide -tail pier water leaps are analyzed; The pressure sensor and a set of analysis and processing systems reveal the changes in the pulse load of the bottom plate of the wide -tailed pier. Experiments have proved that compared with the high -end pier elimination energy of the high dam, the wide -tail pier is also very effective in the low dam power elimination energy. Use a pier -pool -a binding of the elimination type. It can effectively suppress downstream waves, stabilize the energy body, adjust the flow rate distribution, reduce the low energy of the lower reaches of the lower reaches of the lower reaches, and reduce the low energy of the Buddha’s digital water leap energy, and reduce the scouring of the downstream of the building. Of course, in the specific application of this elimination type, other problems involved in the project must also be considered.
Wang Bo; Dong Yaoxing; Wang Zongmin;
Abstract: In the design and analysis of the aquatic structure, the interaction between the dam body and the foundation is increasingly valued by people. By analyzing the reliability of the elastic base gravity dam, this article first proposes the best point of gravity and the concept of a safe zone of the modermore with the modermore. Starting from these two concepts, the advantages and disadvantages of gravity dam design and the overall safety of the dam body can be qualitative or quantitatively evaluated. It has certain theoretical significance and practical application value, and can be used for formulating specifications and design reference.
Sheng Ping East; Zhang Weihong; Korean Shanghai;
Abstract: This article gives the regularity of chemical plating NI -P containing salt inlaid and sodium sodium phosphate in gold groove fluids. It adopts a simpler method to achieve continuous supply to the slot directly at the operating temperature. This method can be controlled to control the liquid in the most cricket.
Gong Yan; Zhang Ruilin; Guan Huiling;
Abstract: This article introduces a large -scale rotating machine online monitoring unification, which detailed the system’s (?) Kinetic energy, discussed the implementation of system functions and some key issues in the process of software development.
Li Shixiang; Sun Yufu; Li Yatao; Zhou Jishi;
Abstract: Based on the analysis and comparison of the material for the wear of refractory bricks and the analysis and comparison of the existing refractory brick forming mold, from the principle of "comprehensive benefits", it tried to make a model steel suitable for general refractory material factories -air quenching micro -deformation low alloy wear -resistant cast steel. The material of this material is sufficient, low cost, and good abrasion resistance. Compared with low -carbon copper carburizing molds, the average life span can be increased by more than 2 times. At the same time, the repairs process is simple.
Huang Encai;
Abstract: Chlorine chloride is a fine organic chemical product with broad development prospects. It is popular with users because of its cheap price. Its color is a very important technical indicator. It is directly related to product quality and scope of use. This article focuses on the perspective of synthetic chlorine chloride’s use of raw materials for the structure of the raw material, so as to propose pre -processing requirements for raw materials in order to produce good quality products.
Zhou Cairong; Zhong Xian;
Abstract: In this paper, the extraction of citric acid from aqueous solution by organic amine was investigated by double logarithmic method and continuous variable method, and the structure of organic amine extracted with citric acid was determined to be C_6H_8O_7-2R_3N; the reactive change of the equilibrium process was investigated, and the thermodynamic phenomena of the extraction reaction were discussed, which was experimentally shown to be an exothermic reaction in the process of the organic amine.
Wang Guanglong; Liu International;
Abstract: This article uses the orthogonal configuration method to calculate the efficiency factor of CD transformation of the 100 million tentative particles, and compares it with the "target" method. The results show that the efficiency factor with the orthogonal configuration method can not only meet the accuracy requirements, but also have the advantages of fast and simple computing.
Li Shuwen;
Abstract: Starting from the design data and the actual data of production, this article initially analyzed the energy saving effect of synthetic ammonia devices and pointed out the reason why the energy consumption does not reach the design value. The ICI -AMV process adopted by this device is a new process. The main energy -saving measures are: reduce the load of one section of furnace, increase the load of secondary furnaces; low energy -consuming phenol off -carbon process; use gas transparent plain air compressor; add equivalent to the hydrogen recovery unit; choose a transformed catalyst that adapts to low -voltage synthesis, and the ammonia synthesis. : High -level energy recovery and utilization. After the assessment and more than two years of practice, the entire device shows that these energy -saving measures are reliable and effective.
Zhao Liang; Jia Shengxiang;
Abstract: This article uses a transformation method to solve the difficulty of the weighted residual value method when calculating any quadrilateral thin plate problem, the difficulty of the border conditions is not easy to handle, and expand the application scope of the weighted residual value method in dealing with the problem of the problem of the illegal appearance, so that it is easier for engineers to grasp the calculation of the natural frequency of the board.
Xu Jianguo;
Abstract: We give the stability conclusions of reflected boundary conditions, single energy, and constant coefficient migration in the text [9]. This article is the promotion of [9], that is, the theory of the stability of the stability of the neutron migration of the broad righteousness and the continuous energy, and the coefficient of the general energy and the coefficient of the coefficient is given. To this end, the genealogy of the migration operator first proves that there is at least one physical sign for the migration operator. Quality and the gradual representation of neutron distribution in the Hilert space L_2 (x).
Wang Shubin; Xing Jia Province; Miao Changxing;
Abstract: This article considers the non-linear Schrodinger of the scattered and magnetic field effect. The initial value problem, the blow-up properties you know under appropriate conditions.
Shi Dongyang; Jiang Huiqin;
Abstract: This article gives an intended coordination unit and discusses the convergence of the unit’s recent interpretation.
Xing Enkuan;
Abstract: This article uses the gamma function to turn the level and level of the level into a broad -point -pointing martial arts, and then use the method of reciprocating analysis to export their recursive formula.
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