1992 volumne 13卷 Issue 04
Liu Lixin;
Abstract: This article discusses the cutting and destructive form and main influencing factors of reinforced concrete simplified beams. It is assumed that the reinforcement and concrete are rigid plastic materials. The reference conditions of the two -way compression of the concrete are used to find the plastic solution of the reinforced concrete simplified beam under the effect of concentration and average cloth load. Based on the test results, a deep beam concrete plastic compressive coefficient considering the concrete strength and shear ratio effects was given.
Zhang Zhengguo; Liu Lixin;
Abstract: This article reports the on -site investigation of the hollow blocks of coal gangue concrete, and analyzes the various reasons for cracking walls in detail. Through the experimental research on the three masonry reinforcement, the effect of the reinforcement of the constructor and the reinforcement of the mortar layer of the structure of the structure of the constructor was discussed, and the results were satisfactory.
Li Jie;
Abstract: This article proposes the concept of earthquake disaster venues. Discuss the function composition of the earthquake and disaster field and the problem of disaster control problems. In response to the control of the secondary disaster of the earthquake, a theoretical model of opening control is recommended.
Wang Zongmin; Zhou Hongjun; Geng Hui;
Abstract: After refining the overall three -dimensional structure coarse mesh, the boundary displacement conditions are processed according to the form function, and the data is automatically collected to calculate the finite element analysis based on the fine grid. Through example analysis, the method adopted saves a large amount of manual calculation time, and the calculation accuracy is guaranteed. It has certain engineering value and a wide range of applicability.
Li Liangfu; Li Zhaosong;
Abstract: This article describes the process of folding water flow; experimenting with the influence of folding water flow on the impact of random folding and imported hydraulic elements; finally, the theoretical analysis of the folding water flow was performed, and the quantitative relationship of mainstream folding, mainstream and reflux flow exchange can be used as a preliminary mathematical model that analyzes the folding water flow.
Zhang Mingcheng; Jin Guoguang;
Abstract: For the first time in this article, the freedom of the planetary cone -type transmission has been analyzed, thereby determining the constraints of the planetary cone. At the same time, this article also analyzes sports -free transmission.
Zhu Zhongyi;
Abstract: This article takes common faults in color TV as an example. The fault tree analysis method is used to explain the construction of the faulty tree and the method of transition from the fault tree to the reliability box diagram. Find the minimum cut and minimum road sets according to the reliability box diagram, and then establish two mathematical models, and finally calculate the failure efficiency and reliability. This analysis method is fully applicable to the reliability test and prediction of general electronic systems, equipment, and reliability assessment for product reliability.
Zhao Wen’an; Xie Qi; Zhang Junfeng;
Abstract: This article introduces the design ideas and implementation methods of the microcomputer control system software and hardware of the feed factory. The hardware system and software system of the entire computer use a modular design. Based on debugging and operating experience, anti -interference measures should be taken to ensure the safety of computer safety and reliable operation. After more than two years of on -site operation, the provincial supervision has proved that the system has the characteristics of practical, reasonable design, reliable operation, and simple maintenance.
Li Guiwen; Wu Tianfu;
Abstract: This device adopts an infrared temperature measurement system. According to the fixed ruler of the shear, it automatically calculates the thermal compensation size and thermal shear size to control the wide -line sensor’s width system. The ruler is automatically cut, and the microcomputer technology is used. Therefore, the temperature measurement accuracy is high, the compensation volume is accurate, and the degree of automation is high. At the same time, the device can display the number and print the cutting result for facilitation of production management. It has great promotional significance in metallurgical companies.
Tang Yide;
Abstract: This article briefly introduces the analysis procedure of electronic lines, gives the details of the application of the software through an example, and gives some analysis of the results of computer output, and in terms of application. This software helps the maintenance and maintenance of relevant devices.
Zhou Kaifeng; Zhang Chongshan; Sun Xianglin;
Abstract: This article discusses how to introduce the theoretical and methods of computer decision -making support system (DSS) to introduce the material inventory control management decision -making work of production enterprises to solve problems such as the selection and use of inventory control parameters. And based on the material management work of the Nanyang District Electricity Bureau of Henan Province as the application object, it designed and implemented an inventory control management decision -making support system (referred to as SCMDSS). In addition, the main difficulties in the calculation of random inventory models, such as the computer solution of inventory control parameters under the situation of the demand distribution of given materials, conduct theoretical discussions and realize it.
Xu Yan; Lou Hegong; Qin Qiancheng; Wang Kewen;
Abstract: This article studies and implements a distributed multi-machine system composed of MCS-51 single-chip, which focuses on the choice of serial interface, RS-422A interface, system structure and communication software design. Has the value of promotion and use.
Zhou Zhi’an; Ouyang Xin;
Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the principle of spiral sealing, this article discusses the current formulas of the theoretical formula of the screw sealing liquid ability, and discusses the actual distribution law of various flow speeds in the sealing device, and establishes a new new sealing theoretical formula. And through optimization, the best spiral geometric parameters are determined to meet the needs of engineering design.
Cai Runzhi; Li Lei; Jiang Yuanli;
Abstract: In this article, the determination of the hydroxytic hydroxype value of organic polymer polyetheric compounds that is difficult to analyze has proposed a simple and fast -applied acetone method. The article describes the principles and operation procedures of this method and discusses its stability.
Chen Feng;
Abstract: Carbon fiber composite materials are new structural materials. Its mechanical properties can be changed by design. This article adopts the method of structural finite element analysis to perform mechanical analysis and calculation of the composite material robotic arm, and obtains the structure that meets the design requirements.
Yu Tianchi; Guo Qingshan; Gong Mouda;
Abstract: This article has done further experimental research on the impermanence of the dynamic dynamic power of the large bile gallbladder, observing the new experimental phenomenon.
Ma Guirong; Zhang Yonghong; Hou Juncai; Li Te;
Abstract: This article adopts the method of mechanism analysis and outline analysis to establish the mathematical model of mechanical parts and the entire system transmission function and the optimal distribution model of the operating units. In order to explore the basic methods of establishing primary models and optimizing models in machinery and electrical science.
Li Ang;
Abstract: This article explains a detailed explanation of the processing method of the gouache building performance map. It aims to explain the treatment of the matching scenes. It cannot be ignored. The matching scene is properly treated to highlight the theme building, so that the guests can complement each other and achieve the perfect unity of the two. All of this must be based on the overall grasp.
Fan Shuying;
Abstract: This article is based on the planning and design of the green space system in the front area of ​​Zhengzhou Food Institute, explaining the guidance principles of design, the planning and layout of the green space, the design of architectural sketches, and plant planting treatment.
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