1992 volumne 13卷 Issue 03
Zhou Hongjun; Zhang Wuyue;
Abstract: This article uses the three -dimensional finite element method to analyze the water inlet tower of a proposed reservoir on the Yellow River, and has obtained some useful conclusions, providing a reliable basis for engineering design.
Dong Yaoxing; Zhou Hongjun; Wang Bo;
Abstract: This article calculates the reliability of the fracture reliability of the fracture of the elastic base of the gravity dam, and the average value of the fracture toughness is calculated by the special solution boundary metada method and the Monte Carlo boundary method. The average value of the fracture toughness is the main factor affecting the reliability of the cracks of the dam heel interface. At the same time, it is pointed out that the type of dividing seam is very important for the fracture reliability calculation. The article also quantitatively analyzes the effects of foundation rigidity on the reliability of cracks. The calculation results show that the influence of the foundation rigidity has a great impact on the reliability of cracks and cannot be ignored. Calculation also shows that stress is still an extremely unfavorable factor for broken reliability.
Cheng Yuanbing;
Abstract: With the help of the softening theory of concrete, the coordination conditions of the balance and deformation are based on the balance conditions. This paper uses the theory of the truss model to propose the entire process analysis method of the low -sheet wall and the deformation performance, and compile the electrical box diagram. The theoretical analysis and test results were compared, and the two were better.
Guo Lewong; Gong Shaoxi;
Abstract: Through the experimental research of seven two -cross -no -hole continuous wall beams, the work performance, force mechanism, destructive form and main factors of the two (?) Of the two (?) Of the two (?) Of the Two (?) The wall of the wall of the wall beams, such as the tidal high span ratio, the masonry horizontal tendon rate on the continuous wall bearing capacity, and proposed the continuous wall bearing carrier bearing capacity calculation mode. The test results are good.
Guards; Zhou Zhijin; Zhao Yongyi; Nie Jianguo;
Abstract: By analyzing a large amount of test data, the correlation between concrete anti -folding strength and ultrasound and rebound test indicators was established, and the effects of on -site test conditions on the test results were studied in detail. Formulate a set of practical concrete intensity ultrasound and comprehensive test method. After the on -site measurement, the test speed is fast, easy to use, and the error is within 15%, which can meet the practical needs of engineering.
Du Yunhai;
Abstract: This article will promote the fatigue limit conditions of the bending composite stress -Gough’s experience oval equation to the situation of the two -way and three -way main transformer stress. Compared with the result of the exported result, the effects of the material can be reflected by the effects of the theory of the tapest.
He North; Lu Tingjun;
Abstract: Based on the characteristic of a category of cyclical non -smooth time sequence, this article establishes a seasonal Arima model. The electrical calculation program is prepared in the article, and the monthly runoff forecast of the reservoir is used to obtain satisfactory results.
Ma Yuexian;
Abstract: This article proposes a simplified insurance calculation method, which is suitable for the conditioning calculation calculation in actual engineering.
Dong Hui; Zhu Guangli; Qin Yufang;
Abstract: This article introduces the construction method of the pillar collapse. The sinking management method is used to handle the pile of piles, which accelerates the progress of the project, improves the quality of construction, saves construction funds, and provides a guarantee for the construction of water conservancy and transportation projects under weak foundation and deep water conditions.
Liu International; Xu Xiucheng; Weng Likan;
Abstract: In this paper, the gas-liquid phase boundary area of ammonium phosphate tubular reactor under different flow conditions and installation forms determined by chemical method is discussed. It is found that the apparent liquid velocity within the transition zone has a negative effect on the gas-liquid phase boundary area, which has an unfavorable effect on the gas-liquid mass transfer; therefore, the transition zone should be avoided in the practical operation. The experimental data presented in the paper are in good agreement with the literature, indicating that the conclusions are credible.
Jiang ascended; Zhang Qiuhong;
Abstract: Based on the P -R equation, this article introduces the new relationship of the prediction of the factor. The prediction results show that the new relationship application is simple, the calculation accuracy is high, and it has certain practical value in general engineering calculations.
Chen Yizhen; Zhang Xunliang; Guo Shiling; Qin Jianzhao; Cheng Aizhu;
Abstract: This article determines the synthesis of the crystal cell parameters of the L Burrary composed of the X -ray diffraction spectrum, and uses an extra -cylinder spectrum to determine the zone structure. After the Lizhi and the results are basically the same with the Japanese standard L and literature. It is confirmed that this laboratory is synthetic.
Ding Li; Hao Shan;
Abstract: This article introduces the application of the laser Dobel effect in solid speed measurement. For practical problems in the application, the solution, experimental principles and results.
Dong Mingliang; Wu Hang;
Abstract: This article discusses the new type of control method of paper quantity and moisture -fuzzy control. According to the principle of fuzzy control of experts, the control system of the papermaker is designed to improve the stability of the fuzzy controller and solve the problems of multiple variables, random interference, and difficult control of papermakers. The simulation results show that the system has good tracking performance, good control effect, and strong anti -interference ability.
Sun Huiguo;
Abstract: The rotor and static parts in the rotation machine cause friction due to installation errors, poor lubrication, imbalance of rotor quality, heating and deformation. The friction failure is in the early stage of the occurrence, and its fault character is not obvious, which brings many difficulties to the fault diagnosis. In order to ensure the long cycle of the machine and the high -quality operation of the full load, this article uses the common fault for rotor contact. The basic principles and methods of the color system are based on the albinization function, and the gray class is summarized and judged the cluster object to achieve the purpose of diagnosing rotor contact with friction failure. Examples indicate that this method is effective.
Huang Shiqiang;
Abstract: This article uses an analysis method to derive the basic formula with variable dots.
Yang Zhijian;
Abstract: This article uses the GALTRKIN method and Soboltv type estimation to study a type of non -linear parabolic equation. U_T -A_L (T) U_ (XXT) —2 (t) U_ (xx)+f (x, t, u_x) The classical existence of the period of the period of the period, the uniqueness, and the initial value problem. Stability.
Cheng Shui; Liu Renjie;
Abstract: n The secondary feature value of the linear damping vibration system is generally obtained by obtaining complex solutions at 2N dimensional spaces, or in the case of small damping and weak non -proportional damping, the N -dimensional space finds approximate solution. This article proposes and proves a decomposition theorem, that is, under certain conditions, the second characteristic value problem of N -dimensional space can be turned into two common feature values ​​of N -dimensional space. Reduce the difficulty of understanding the problem, simplify the calculation method, and save the calculation time.
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