1992 volumne 13卷 Issue 02
Zhang Leishun;
Abstract: This article introduces equivalent line modulus, which gives Poson ratio influencing factor, and establishes a convenient solid relationship in the limited element analysis.
Gao Danying;
Abstract: Based on the simplified reinforcement and steel fiber concrete stressing relationship, this article discusses the effects of steel fiber reinforced concrete beam cross section and the effects of steel fiber content feature parameters, longitudinal tendon dignitaries and other factors.
Zhang Baohe; Zeng Yu;
Abstract: This article proposes a simplified formula for calculating rectangular cross -section reinforced concrete bending and eccentric compression components. The prestressed concrete bending component is a simplified formula. The recommended formula is simple and practical, and the calculation value and test results are good.
Wang Qishan;
Abstract: Based on the theory of fluctuations, this article expounds the compaction mechanism of ramming the foundation as the common role of the horizontal waves and longitudinal waves produced; it proposes the longitudinal wave to determine its influence depth. Based on this, it derives the theoretical formula that calculates the depth of calculation, and verifies it through a project instance.
Zhang Zhengguo;
Abstract: Based on the performance shown by the square pressure pillar of the square steel pipe concrete, referring to the application of the residual stress distribution of the welding square steel pipe, discussed the application problems of the pressure collapse theory in the partial pressure component component of the square steel pipe, and the specific column of the partial pressure pillar and the middle length column of the partial pressure was used. The stable calculation formula of the mid -length column can be used for actual engineering design.
Li Jie;
Abstract: This article preliminarily recommends the evaluation criteria of systemic vibration damage as a system of systemic damage distribution, and study theoretical ways to use this evaluation standard for simulation and prediction.
Liu Lixin; Liu Ke has been; Gao Huizong;
Abstract: This article gives the test results of the glass fiber concrete manhole cover under the action of vertical load on the basis of the basic mechanical performance test of glass fiber enhancement cement (concrete) basic mechanical performance test. The test research shows that the cracking load of the glass fiber concrete manhole cover with reasonable process and ratio of the proportion is significantly delayed. Higher ability, good delay, and good toughness and energy absorption. The two -year -old glass fiber concrete manhole cover of glass fiber covering shows that the manhole cover made by this method can meet the requirements of various types of vehicle loads at all levels of roads in the city, and the price is cheaper, with obvious socio -economic benefits.
Yang Guozhan; Zhou Chengfang; Zhang Sheng;
Abstract: The study of the beeper of the shell is generally used by the KOITER theory. Based on this theory, this article uses the limited unit method to propose a general solution of the back flexion analysis of the rotary shell, and give the numerical algorithm. The program developed in this article has engineering reference value.
Qin Jianzhao; Zhang Xunliang; Zhang Qintang; Dong Jialu;
Abstract: The catalyst was used on the synthetic amprole catalyst to perform toluene chloride reactions. It obtained a chloroplastin product in a chlorotromethene product on the scale of 40 ml toluene. The effect of changes in some factors on the choice of mixed chloroplastin is separated.
Wei Huirong; Wang Licheng; Xu Haisheng;
Abstract: On the homemade phosphoric magnesium composite ZSM-5 molecular screen catalyst, through a small test and amplification test, the impact of response temperature, raw material ratio and weight airspace and ethanol synthetic ane-elene reaction performance. It proves that the catalyst has good activity, selectivity, stability, and regeneration of the synthetic acetico. It has determined the appropriate operating conditions.
Qin Tongfu; Xianxian;
Abstract: This article is based on the gas -absorbing legal system that is different from the traditional method. The adsorbent used is polysaccharides. It only sucks water and does not absorb ethanol. When the method is adsorbed and regenerated, the energy consumption is quite low. In the article discussed and measured the best process operation conditions to obtain water -free ethanol, the main quality indicators met the requirements for the pure chemical chemistry.
Shi Honggang; Wang Junyi; Lu Changqi;
Abstract: For the shortcomings of the classical self -driving instrument of tactical missiles, use the advantages of changing structural control theory, absorbing model reference control, and introducing approaching the law. Design a model reference for the desertation structure of the model of the law.
Kong Jinsheng; Wu Tianfu;
Abstract: This article puts forward the secondary problem of observation data, which has obvious effects on improving the accuracy of the fuzzy model. At the same time, the continuity of the R parameter operation is discussed.
Tu Xingyuan; Li Peng;
Abstract: This article gives a method of expanding PC and DOS operating systems that enables it to have data confidentiality functions, and analyzes the expansion solution and strategy. The DOS after the anti -charging DOS is completely compatible with the original DOS.
Zhao Wanzhong;
Abstract: This article gives the pair form of Fuzzy in the text [1], the pair form of the FZZY function Zadeh -type function. Discuss their nature and structure.
Wang Shubin;
Abstract: This article discusses the preliminary side value of a type of half -linear parabolic points. Using the Galerkin method, the energy estimation and firmness principle prove the existence, uniqueness and regularity of this problem.
Zhang Xinyu; Liu Jiangguo;
Abstract: In two cases, this article proposes a type of semi -polar differential method of multiple abnormal values ​​detection of normal samples, and summarizes this method.
Liu Lianzhu; Chen Yonghua;
Abstract: In this article, we discussed some properties of the common flat flat SASAKI flow. It proves that there is no common flat SASAKI streaming with zero -mount Bochner curvature, and some other properties of the common flat flat SASAKI streaming are obtained. It is wrong to point out that [5] is wrong.
Hou Shuang root;
Abstract: This article gives a general counter -matrix of the broader segmentation diagonal matrix, which uses it to simplify the generalist reverse matrix of the broad -scale diagonal matrix by using it.
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