1991 volumne 12卷 Issue 02
Zhao Zhenxing; Liu Dazhuang;
Abstract: This article divides the sublimation and activity of the sublimation type catalyst into four categories: that is, parallel sublimation; series sublimation; tongue sublimation and independent sublimation. The asexual and loss dynamics of the phrase component on the carrier is given. Prove that Levenspiel’s dynamic dynamic dynamics can be applied to the research of sublimating catalysts.
Cao Hong; Li Qiusheng; Li Guiqing;
Abstract: This article briefly introduces the complexity of high -rise buildings and towering structures, several important concepts of seismic design, concept analysis of the concept of no collapse structure in strong earthquakes, and the concept of controlling structures.
Li Qingbin; Zhou Hongjun;
Abstract: Based on the boundaries of the boundary element, this article proposes two types of infinite boundary units, and applies it to the foundation simulation problem, giving a reasonable position of infinite boundary unit. Example calculation shows that the infinite boundary unit has the advantages of saving units and high accuracy.
Gao Danying; Huang Chengyi;
Abstract: This article first discusses the factors that affect the split test and the applicability of steel fiber concrete. Based on this, through experimental research and theoretical analysis, the relationship between steel fiber concrete tensile performance and fiber volume ratio and long diameter ratio is given, and the calculation formula for steel fiber concrete tensile strength is given.
Xu Qilou; Gong Shaoxi; Lu Lingfeng;
Abstract: This article analyzes the results and theoretical computing formulas of the bending capacity of the cross -section through the trial results of the T -shaped cross -section tube dyeing test of the tangent reinforced concrete concrete. It is better to match the test results.
Liu Xing; Gu Yibao;
Abstract: This article proposes the general model of modern commercial street design: feasibility analysis -the research of constituent elements and specific guidance of single design. In the first part, some related factors affecting the walking commercial street were introduced; the second part proposes the soft and hardware elements that constitute the pedestrian commercial street, and the type of statement and explanation of the type; and finally focusing on the entrance, storefront and external space of the walking commercial street.
Yin Qing;
Abstract: Based on the history and current situation of Kaifeng, this article proposes the goal of building Kaifeng’s city style, its overall ideas and the guiding principles of the new appearance of Kaifeng ancient capital; and put forward the views and specific suggestions for future urban construction for the actual situation of Kaifeng’s city construction.
Meng Qingbo;
Abstract: Liang Hezhu is a load -bearing component in the building. Their shape and mechanics are closely related. This article uses some typical instances and pictures that the shape and mechanics of the beams and pillars are unified complexes, and it shows that mechanics is often the source of architectural shape inspiration. Mechanics should broaden the scope of architectural art to create more beautiful buildings.
Wang Wei; Chen Jingbo;
Abstract: This article briefly describes the basic principles of the sequential method. It illustrates some issues that should be paid attention to when applying, and finally use this method to monitor the vibration of the main pump of the nuclear power plant, and draw the comparison of forecasting and measured results.
Yang Guozhan;
Abstract: This article adopts a 3-D limited unit method, and the engine blades are calculated and calculated on stress. When forming a unit rigidity matrix, an uncoordinated displacement mode and coordinated displacement mode were adopted. This article also gives a basis for the stress changes and stress concentration factor at the dangerous cross section, which provides a basis for the life expectancy and reliability analysis of the leaves.
Zheng Qiusheng; Wu Tianfu;
Abstract: This article conducts model recognition and adaptive control of the aircraft simulation heating device. The model recognition uses the ARMAX (N) recognition device. The identification results and mechanism analysis are consistent. The adaptive control uses two algorithms of STCCAMAC to meet the requirements of performance indicators.
Liu Xianlin;
Abstract: This article uses a linear method to establish a dynamic stable analysis model containing a multi -machine power system dynamic stable analysis of synchronous generator damping winding.
Li Xuemeng; Zhang Congliang; Peng Guosheng;
Abstract: This article briefly introduces the process process and best process conditions of the carbonization method from the boron mud to extract light magnesium oxide, and provides a preliminary experimental basis for industrial comprehensive use of boron magnesium mud.
Golden Man; Zhu Min;
Abstract: The three pillars of modern civilization are described in this article: energy, materials, information, and the close relationship between the problems such as food, environment and resources currently concerned by humans are closely related to the development of inorganic chemistry.
Huang Rengui;
Abstract: This article conducted a further mathematical analysis of the spindle radial graphic movement, and obtained the vector form of various curve equations described by the movement. They were of extensive significance; the motion analysis of the spindle radial graphic motion was used using these equations; clarifying the positive harmonics of the standard balloles of the standard ball heart radial error, which was not related to its non -positive harmonic. Related; the physical significance of standard ball eccentricity is clarified.
Chen Yonghua; Liu Lianzhu;
Abstract: This article discusses a type of display method designed by the author designed to a dedicated system. Compared with the general algorithm, the calculation time, the expenditure and graphic display effect of the storage space have improved.
Wang Shubin; Xing Jia Province;
Abstract: This article considers a type of multi-dimensional high-level Burgers-KDV-type equation group. The period of time is overdone, and the principle of viscosity removal and Leeay-SChauder’s non-moving point proves the existence of the overall weakness of the problem. Finally, the approximity of Zhejiang’s nearly solved.
Shu Zhonglie;
Abstract: This article proposes that ordinary solutions are feasible solutions and polar points. For the concept of equivalent to the equivalent of the basis of the base, point out that the feasible solution set in E ~ N has some characteristics of convex polygons similar to R ~ 2.
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