1990 volumne 11卷 Issue 04
Zou Zhenqian; Wang Junzheng; Chen Zhongming;
Abstract: This article discusses the assumption of "magnetic field is a potential field" in [5]. But the concepts and physical significance of the two are different. This article believes that the magnetic field is the phenomenon of the potential field, and the power field is the nature of the magnetic field.
Lei Yinzhao; Li Qingfu;
Abstract: Using surface magnetic method, you can quickly and high -precision. Calculate the superconducting MRI magnetic field with a magnetic shield. For the shielding of the leakage field, when the material is maintained, the shielding capacity of the single -layer shielding is better than the multi -layer shielding; the material and magnetization rate of the shielding material have the best range.
Wang Qinren; Zhao Shuqiang; Liu Baoren; Zhou Yong;
Abstract: This article studies the three -phase calculation method of the electrical system asymmetric harmonic (and the base wave) trend. First of all, the calculation formula of the harmonic current of the electrical railway is determined. On this basis, the mathematical model of the electrical system asymmetric base wave trend calculation was established with a three-phase P-Q decomposition method, and the method of calculating the harmonious power system in the power system is calculated by solving the three-phase linear node equation. According to the mathematical model of this article. The author compiled the corresponding calculation program and calculated the power grid in a region of Henan, and obtained a more satisfactory result.
Zhao Wen’an;
Abstract: This article introduces the practice of the Chinese character processing system as needed on the industrial controller with a small memory. The entire processing system adopts modular software design method. The human -machine interface adopts dialogue. The use of commands at all levels uses a Chinese menu prompt. The operation is intuitive and simple.
Zhang Leishun;
Abstract: This article initially introduces the layered finite element method of the reinforced concrete board.
Xu Guangxian; Wu Zining;
Abstract: Based on the relationship between the nature of the data sequence and the GM (1,1) model, this article pointed out the GM (1,1) modeling method in different circumstances, proposed a large m improvement model, expanded the scope of testing, and improved the applicability.
Liu Zhengcai;
Abstract: This article establishes the preferred gray situation decision -making and gray -associated analysis sorting model for water conservancy and hydropower planning. On the basis of comparative analysis with the vague preferential model, the comprehensive sorting of fuzzy priority relationships is used to determine the preferred results of the plan.
Li Zhaosong; Li Liangfu;
Abstract: This article first exports space leaps, and generally exported several special cases; through experimental research, the specific form of the shrinking space leap -ups and water depth formulas were given: Finally, the problem of space jump type change was discussed.
Wu Yuting; Xu Xiucheng;
Abstract: This article studies the effects of stirring paddle type, steering, speed, and mixing paddle installation position on the flow, mixed time, and residence time distribution of the R-P type phosphate reactor. The inhalation fluid side of the oblique paddle is a control area that determines the length of the mixed time. According to this point of view, Joshi’s circulating hybrid model was fixed. The correction model of the income can better explain the results of the experimental observation.
Zhou Cairong; Zhong Xian;
Abstract: This article studies the dynamics of citric acid in organic amine extraction fermentation solution, determines the extraction mechanism, and examines additive 200 ~#solvent oil. The effects of butyl acetic acid and oleic acid and temperature on extraction.
Zhang Linna; Shen Peiru;
Abstract: This article starts from the characteristics of turning. Based on the theory of tremor, the main factors of influencing tremor in the three -dimensional dynamic driving were analyzed, and the non -linear mathematical model describing the direction of adaptive modeling describing the tremor vibration and establishing a dynamic driving process was proposed. The regularity of the models and vibrations of driving and ribbon trembling by the models built in this article have achieved good consistency, which provides a theoretical basis for clarifying the engine tremor mechanism and its online surveillance.
Lou Nanjin; Yang Kaijun; Guo Xiyun; Li Maoshan;
Abstract: This article studies the preparation, self -protection mechanism and workpiece processing of boron -nicotly penetration paste. Experiments have shown that the workpiece used to treat this paste is equivalent to the solid boron nicotinity, while better than solid boron infiltration. It has strong coexistence capacity and simple operation. The cost is low.
Chen Guoxun; Yan Jiajie;
Abstract: This article obtains the following two results through the discussion of the other party group (1): (i) m ~ (n-1) is the reliability matrix; (ii) reliability from point I to point j is equal to the extension of (J, I). This method of calculating reliability is obviously superior to the iterative method in [3], and it is easier to calculate on the computer.
Li Haifeng; Yang Zhijian;
Abstract: This article discusses the uniqueness of the existence of a variety of non-linear dual-curved equations in the principle of priority estimation method and LeAry-Schaudcr non-moving point principle.
Zhao Yuying;
Abstract: Let L_N (x) is an N time interpolation polynomial of the function f (x). The numerical micro -division F ~ (k) (x) = l_n ~ (k) (x) (x)+r_n ~ (k) (x) interception error R_n (k) (x) uses n+L, N+2, ..., n+m+1 -order quotient or guide in the reason 2, and gives an error estimation format:
Wang Wei; Chen Jingbo;
Abstract: This article mainly introduces the application of digital filtering in the precise static step measurement. Practice has proved that the use of digital filtering in precise and static step measurement is not only simple and easy to run, but also improves the accuracy and stability of the measurement system. For various digital measurement systems and smart instruments using microprocessors.
Yuan Shengxing;
Abstract: This article discusses the simulation conditions of the electrostatic field more in detail, and puts forward improvement opinions on the experimental device. It also analyzes the error of its potential distribution with the same shaft cylindrical electrode.
Zhang Yanxin;
Abstract: This article analyzes the problems of the current functional evaluation method. The idea of ​​applying the layer analysis method (AHP) to functional evaluation is proposed, and the actual situation and cases of value engineering activities are combined with enterprises to discuss the techniques and feasibility of hierarchical analysis method, respectively, and have certain reference value for the promotion and application of value engineering.
Wang Ke;
Abstract: This article supplements the original solution arranged by the two parts of the processing order of multiple devices, so that the original method has been improved and promoted in the application.
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