1990 volumne 11卷 Issue 03
Same Story; Shen Ningfu;
Abstract: This article studies the precipitation characteristics of PB in the fast solidification Al-Si-Ti-PB alloy. In the alloy band with a cooling speed of 5 ~ 6 × 10 ~ 5K/s, the analysis of the transmission electron microscope (TEM) shows that the alloy element Si and TI are basically super solid inside the α-Al matched body. The relationship presents a chic and interesting dual diffraction pattern in the electronic diffraction. These tasks have deepened their understanding of the characteristics of PB in the process of alloy solidification.
Shao Guosheng; Shen Ningfu;
Abstract: This article uses a symmetrical multi -beam to gather Cambodian electronic diffraction diagrams to determine a crystal structure with a micro -sedimentary phase with a scale of 10nm to 1 μm, which pointed out that the beam will be diffracted. In particular, the symmetrical multi -Cambodian clustering diffraction diagram is an extremely useful method to determine the microscopic structure in the crystal material.
Zeng Fancai; Li Gengtian;
Abstract: In order to adapt to the special working environment of the space robot, based on the optimization of design theory, the structure of the structure finite element analysis method is used, and the structure optimization design theory is combined to optimize the analysis and design of the structural optimization analysis and design of the spatial robot carbon fiber robotic arm finite element value analysis, and then obtain the optimized structure; then, the thickness of the different layers of the carbon arms and the different layer angle of the fiber layer of the same thickness Detailed value calculation analysis was performed in power, and the fiber layer methods and layer thickness of the ideal robotic arm were obtained.
Xu Zhongxin; Chen Feng;
Abstract: This article introduces the concept of module robots, and introduces the design points of multi -freedom arms, automatically to middle wrists and flexible hands.
Wu Zhenqing;
Abstract: This article uses the air impact modeling machine (sand box size: 600 × 450 × 390mm) and the air shock sample maker (simplicity size φ50 × 120mm) to study the effects of tight sandy -type ratio on air impact modeling, and on the basis of comparative analysis and experiments, some basic principles of air shock -shaped sand distribution ratio selection are recommended.
Yin Huajie;
Abstract: This article establishes the internal gear tooth shape formed by the internal gear of the living tooth as the roller, the rogue tip of the roller, the turbine is eccentric round, and the living tooth shelf is formed by the small tooth transmission force model of its coexistence curve. According to the principles of resistance and power skills, derive the maximum force of key parameter rotor rotor to the bearing to live tooth. According to the results of the light elasticity of the text [2], the intensity analysis model of living teeth and less teeth transmission was established. The strength calculation formula of the strength of the main transmission component fixed inner gears, living tooth racks, and rotating arm bearing was obtained. Provide a simple calculation method for engineering design,
Wei Xinli;
Abstract: After the axis -containing outer surface cracks are wrapped through prestressed steel wires, not only because of the reduction of the simplified loop stress, it has improved its loading capacity, but also because the steel wire above the crack has a local constraint on the tension of the crack and the external drum trend, which greatly improves the cracking and fracture pressure of the simplified body. Under certain simplification conditions, this article calculates the fracture resistance produced by the simplified body, and has been experimentally verified. The calculation results are better with the experimental results. The analysis results of this article are available for engineering reference.
Jing Satellite; Ding Ziqiang;
Abstract: This article is based on a set of abdominal tendon -free components of the side of the border, and refers to the plastic solution of its shear -resistant carrier capacity, analyzes the impact of changes in the generous ratio of the component on the concrete stress state of the shear area, and establishes the relationship between the composite intensity of the concrete of the concrete of this type of component and the unidirectional axis cardiac compressive strength. The relationship between the concrete compressive strength of the stress state area, and then proposed a continuous anti -shear bearing capacity of the abdominal tendon -free components from the beam to the plate.
Gao Danying;
Abstract: By analyzing the results of the test results, this article studies the sliding performance of steel fiber concrete and steel bars. Based on this, it proposes the two intensity indicators of initial sliding bonding strength and extreme bonding strength to reflect the bonding performance of steel fiber concrete and steel bars. The suggestions and conclusions in the text have been included in my country’s "steel fiber concrete test method standard".
Wang Xinling; Gong Shaoxi;
Abstract: Based on the results of the test scores of the nine simplified reinforced steel concrete cavities deep beams under the action of concentrated loads, this The martial arts can be promoted for general minimalist deep beams, and the calculation value and experimental results are good.
Zhang Zhengguo;
Abstract: This article is based on the technical design information of the civil structure technology of the second hot power plant provided by the Shanghai Baoshan Iron Factory Shidongkou from the US Dravo Wellman Design Company. The structure design of the single engineering C-10 is introduced in detail, its design characteristics are analyzed, and the domestic steel structure design ideas are compared, and the general summary of the US steel structure design and application is discussed.
Li Jie;
Abstract: This article proposes the concept of a regional disaster prevention system. In the text, the concept of disaster fields and disaster influences is defined, and the potential development direction and research methods of disaster predictions, disaster response, disaster control and other branches are discussed and discussed. The article is particularly emphasized that disaster control theory represents the ultimate purpose and fundamental direction of disaster studies.
Wu Zining;
Abstract: This article analyzes the characteristics of the optimization and distribution of water resources in the economic zone. It discusses the optimization distribution of water resources in the economic zone under the premise of ensuring the steady and coordinated development of the national economy. On the basis of this, the corresponding multi -target input output model of water resources optimization and distribution of water resources is established, and the method of solving the model is discussed.
Liu Chenguang; Jiang Shuixin;
Abstract: This article focuses on the problem of quantitative and quantitative attributes optimizing the medium target optimization of neutral attributes. The concept of proposing and using fuzzy superiority has been transformed to the conventional multi -target optimization model, and a multi -target optimization model of the fuzzy belonging is established. And take the optimization of water resources in the Sanmen Block Economic Zone in Henan as an example to verify the model, and the results show that the model is reasonable and feasible.
Chen Tiejun;
Abstract: This article combines mechanism analysis and experience knowledge, to establish a chain model for the medium -changing system, and conduct chain can be analyzed. This model has been successfully applied in practice.
Han Bing;
Abstract: This article breaks down the dynamic control system from the method of artificial intelligence, and expresses the dynamic characteristics of the system according to the knowledge layer. According to the decomposition, the system organizational structure consists of a knowledge base and supervise learning institutions. The controller realizes the temporary logic, pattern recognition and self -liberalization control according to the knowledge layer. The simulation results show that this intelligent composite control has better dynamic response performance and robustness than conventional adaptive control.
Chen Jingbo;
Abstract: This article uses the characteristic value method to study the effects of non -pressure -flowing and medium -leaf frequency disorders and centrifugal effects on the boundary between the leaf closet bending, twisted coupling and non -stall tremor. The calculation results show that the leaves of the blade can delay the border of tremor vibration. Within a certain range, as the disorder increases, the border of the tremor has shifted backwards; the impact of different disorders on the tremor boundary is different.
Zhang Da;
Abstract: Based on the maximum ranking theory of the matrix and the corresponding theorem about the A ~+calculation method, this article focuses on derived the calculation process of the maximum norm decomposition A = BC of the known matrix A. This program can calculate any real number matrix. Computer output: ① Given matrix A. ② The maximum rank of matrix A B, C. ③ The broadness of reverse matrix A ~+.
Zhang Xinyu;
Abstract: This article improves the momentum of the distribution parameters υ, σ ~ 2. The new estimation of 的_ (PQ), σ_ (PQ) ~ 2 of the elasticity and other large sample properties are given, and their applications are given in abnormal value testing.
Xu Jianguo;
Abstract: This article gives a conclusion that the abstract 数 variable function and the absolute continuous function constitute the Banach space under the significance of the appropriate sample.
Wang Guozhong;
Abstract: This article introduces artificial intelligence and expert systems into the development of the expert system. It focuses on the rapid prototype of development of the development of the expert system. Finally, the technical points of the development of the development of the development of the development transaction.
Zhao Caifu;
Abstract: This article explains the basic principles and applications of laser ultrasound technology.
Tang Yali; Gao Juan; Shen Ningfu; Zhang Dongjie;
Abstract: This article has selected and improved chemical plating formulas and processes; the corrosion rate of corrosion is determined, and electronic microchemical analysis has not only obtained better formulas and craftsmanship, but also discussed the corrosion resistance of NI -P plating.
Han and Shanghai; Zhang Weihong; Pan Jimin;
Abstract: This article uses copper phosphorus ingredients, welded steel and low -carbon steel, and analyzes the cutting strength and weld tissue of the joints. The existence of nickel element in welds and the common role of pre -plated copper layers on low -carbon steel. Can make the connecting high strength.
Zhang Weihong; Han Shanghai; Shao Guosheng;
Abstract: This article introduces the specific application of X -ray surface distribution in weld research, which will help analyze the welding seam tissue tissue and element diffusion, and give a reasonable preliminary explanation to the mechanical properties of welding joints.
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