1990 volumne 11卷 Issue 02
Wang Fuming;
Abstract: This article preliminarily attempts to express the displacement of limited deep plane foundations as three -sample function and Fahrenhean -level multiplication form, and use the principle of energy to establish a control equation. This semi -analysis method reduces the two -dimensional problem to a one -dimensional value problem, and uses the good interpolation performance of the sample function and the orthogonality of the people -rich number, which greatly saves calculation and memory requirements to facilitate the use of microcomputers. Example calculation shows that the method of this article has high accuracy.
Xu Digang; Han Lianyuan; Shen Yapeng;
Abstract: In this article, the vibration scattered spots with a thin shell containing the cracking garden columns were taken. The analysis method was used to obtain the local wave abdomen map, and a comparative analysis was compared with the corresponding holographic vibration diagram to determine that the stress was in the extremely valuable part of this garden pillar shell vibration.
Wang Benrui; Wu Guanxuan; Wei Pingxi;
Abstract: Starting from the force of space, this article studies the stress and deformation of the pioneer, cover beam, front connecting rod, and rear links in Figure 1, solving the problem of torque calculation and torque distribution of the cover beam. Finally, take the cover beam of Jy_ (320) cover hydraulic bracket cover as an example. The numerical calculation is made. The results of the results and experimental values ​​are better.
Shu Jixing; Shen Yimin; Ding Suidong;
Abstract: This article uses the inherent defect method to derive the relevant formula of the fatigue life of the T -shaped tube welding node, and compare the calculation results with the test value. It also provides some applied curves.
Niu Yanzhou;
Abstract: From the principle of minimal potential energy, this article exports the conservation integral equation with cracking plasticity of the heterosexual damage medium. It also defines the J points of the damage material for the two -dimensional problem. It is a preliminary discussion for the combination of damage and fracture mechanics in structural analysis.
Right; Wu Tianfu;
Abstract: This article studies the control of the Dazhong temperature object. It was proposed a very practical, good adaptive SMITH estimation controller, and successfully achieved the TP -802 single board machine. Experiments on the temperature control system of the laboratory, the effect is not only better than the conventional PID control, but also better than the general SMIITH estimated controller.
Wang Shuying;
Abstract: This article describes the principle of simulating the DC speed regulation system using the discrete similar method, and uses speed regulator as an example to illustrate the specific application of this method. It demonstrates a new problem in the discrete similar method simulation, that is, the specific processing method when the integration link (including the proportional integration link) is processed.
Zhang Baoshan; Jiang Xiaodong; Li Siping; Fan Liqun; Li Mingsheng;
Abstract: Based on the compression test of the center of the eight centrifuge steel pipe concrete columns, this article studies the stress of the stress of the steel pipe and concrete, the constraint effect of the steel pipe on the ring -shaped boiling concrete, and the mechanism of compression and destruction of centrifugal steel pipe concrete columns. It also discussed the problem of improving the stiffness of steel pipes and its loading capacity of concrete. For engineering design for reference.
Guardian; Jing Jianmei; Nie Jianguo; Guo Le worker;
Abstract: This article introduces the test results of the three reinforced concrete continuous overlapping boards. This overlap plate is made of concrete on the prefabricated ordinary concrete plate. The test results show that after using the hair pulling of the new and old concrete interfaces, the interface has sufficient shear strength, and the board will not be destroyed. Therefore, this plate can be designed according to the ordinary reinforced concrete plate. On the basis of discussing the results of the analysis test, this article proposes the use of the sprout coefficient of the practical support of such boards.
Zhang Dexian; Shen Peiru;
Abstract: This article uses the optimization theory to propose a new method of establishing durable equations within the range of wide cutting dosage. Using this method, the equation established by the limited group experimental data reduces the error between the prediction and the experimental value, thereby improving the predictive accuracy of the equation. This method is also suitable for the durability equation of the small cutting amount range. In the range of cutting dosage, determine the calculation formula of the impact of each factors of the cutting dosage on durability.
Wang Baoxing;
Abstract: Based on the noise test of the main transmission system of the machine tool, this article analyzes and discuss the design method of the low noise main transmission system, proposes the low noise design solution of the universal milling machine main transmission system, and briefly describes the design characteristics of the solution. Compared with existing milling machines, the new design scheme can reduce noise 6DB (a) at the highest speed.
Feng Hui;
Abstract: In this article, the electrochemical method has studied the technology of the fluoride system electroplating nickel alloy. From practice, when the use of additive T, the range of the OH value of the process can be widened from 4.2-4.5 to 3.8-5. At the same time, it is found that the tin content in the plating also has a significant impact on the mass of the plating. Through a large number of experiments, the best formula and craft conditions of the process are determined.
Wei Xinli;
Abstract: This article divides the long simplifier of local prestressed steel wires into a pre -tightening state, internal pressure status and working status, and analyzes stress and deformation. These three states are interpreted. It also conducts experimental stress tests on the pre -tightening state.
Cheng Aizhu; Chen Yizhen; Zhang Qintang; Ma Zhendong;
Abstract: Using testing methods such as infrared spectrometry and differential heat analysis, the analysis and inspection of the catalysts of the common Y -15FCC catalyst in the catalytic catalytic cracking of petroleum catalytic catalytic cracking are analyzed by the catalyst after the SB passivation agent. The sore catalyst skeleton is measured by the infrared spectrum, and the nickel and cricket basically do not destroy the catalyst. The skeleton and acid center. It can be seen from the DTA diagram. The blank catalyst appears at 200 ° C to 1200 ° C. However, when nickel is deposited, there is a hot peak near 810 ° C, indicating that there is a strong interaction with nickel and molecular sieve at high temperature. It is estimated that NIAL_2O_4 is generated. There are hot peaks of 600 ° C, 680 ° C, etc., indicating that there are common melting materials and NISB_2, Ni_4SB alloy generation, which may be the reason why the pyrotechnic agent has a passional effect on nickel dehydrogenation.
Zhao Mengyue; Lu Lingcui; Zhang Song; Wang Liancai;
Abstract: This article studies the light reduction conditions of Fe (ⅢL) -Phen and Fe (III) -Phen -Edta system. Experiments found that when high -pressure mercury lamps are irradiated, the 100 ~ 300 μgfe in the upper system can be restored to Fe (Phen) _3 ~ (2+) in 6 to 15 minutes. This light reduction method is used for the analysis of the iron in the GSD -1 standard ore. The results are the same as the recommendation value.
Wang Yanmin;
Abstract: This article studies the heat transfer performance of the spiral heating recovery in the larger Dian accurate range, obtains its heat transfer performance relationship, and analyzes the manufacturing method and its economic performance of the spiral heating device. The results show that the heat transfer performance of the spiral heat device and their economic performance are good.
Pei Zhongyuan;
Abstract: This article passed the 4-aminobarin (4AAP)-chloroform extract ratio; the phenolba carbonic acid biochemical nO_3 ~ -N and Naiti reagent ratio nh; -N obtained the standard curve obtained by the data drawing. Compared with the linear equation established by the national solution method and the linear regression equation established by the minimum multiplication (statistical test). Two two There are significant differences in people.
Wang Shubin;
Abstract: This article uses the non-linear initial value of the non-linearly storage of non-linearly storage. ) = u_0 (x) in omega ~ -Adamed two sufficient conditions to understand Blow-up phenomenon, and promoted some results in the literature [2], [3].
Zhang Ruilin;
Abstract: The 4th National Vibration Theory and Application Academic Conference was held in our hospital from May 5th to 8th, 1990. The meeting was jointly organized by the national mechanics, aviation, mechanical engineering, astronal, and vibration engineering. The organizational committee composed of five academics, and hosted by the Department of Machinery Department of the Department of Mechanical Department of Our Academy. About 200 people from colleges, scientific research units and enterprise departments from all over the country from all over the country, including well -known members of the school, principals of key institutions, and highly well -known education in the country
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