1990 volumne 11卷 Issue 01
Li Qingbin; Zhou Hongjun; Lin Yan;
Abstract: This article proposes a common method to process the accumulation of points in the boundary of the boundary, so that the problem uses the basic solution of its corresponding equation to process the field integration into boundary points to handle, saving the workload. Example calculation shows. The accuracy of this method meets the requirements.
Gao Danying; Ding Ziqiang;
Abstract: This article explores the effects of cross -high ratio and section height on positive cross -section cracking computing through the test of reinforced concrete rectangular cross -section short beam short beaming. On this basis, the numerical calculation method is used to study the positive cross -sectional crack resistance coefficient of steel concrete rectangular cross -section short beam, which is better than the test results.
Wang Xinling; Gong Shaoxi;
Abstract: This article analyzes the trial results of the deep -loading of the deep beam of the reinforced concrete tube open beam at the top, analyzes the positive cross -sectional force performance and bending destruction form of the deep beam of the cave; through the analysis of the non -linear finite element, the stress state of the deep beam of the opening of the opening of the cave in the elasticity, elasticity and damage phase.
Li Jie;
Abstract: This article discusses the elasticity torsional reaction mechanism of eccentric structure from two perspectives, and compares the analysis results with the torsion effect coefficient method.
Xu Qilou;
Abstract: This article proposes the equivalent method of hinge continuous beam support. In some specific cases, it is more simple and convenient to use this method to calculate the continuous beam reaction force and internal force. The equivalent loading method has a very convenient and accurate engineering calculation value.
Wang Junzheng; Gao Jinfeng; Huang Dongmei;
Abstract: This article gives the experimental lines and experimental results of the sampling of the in -loop system that generates chaos in the literature. Through discussion on the experimental results, some criteria for designing the sampling of the phase -locking loop system are obtained.
Shi Chao;
Abstract: How people get depth from the eyes have always been the most difficult and unsolved problem in the theory of visual computing. A algorithm proposed from a new perspective can easily calculate depth information from the two patterns. It is obviously different from other methods. This article calculates deep boundary information, not its internal content.
Wang Wenyi; Sun Lixian;
Abstract: This article discusses the basic structure and implementation method of computer system software (?) Editing procedures. And a associated design of its command set, the effect is the reduction number of commands and enhancement of the function. This work has a certain significance for understanding that gradually abandoning traditional manual compilation methods, using software tools to automatically generate more in line with the user’s working environment or higher -level systems, and the engineering design of gradually realizing software.
Wu Tianfu; Chen Yizhou;
Abstract: In the papermaking industry production, the papermaking process is a multi -variable coupling process, and there is a large stagnation of dead areas. This article adopts the physical thinking that is easy to achieve, and designed the decoupling device and the Smith estimated compensation device together. Then, on this basis, the computer DDC control will be better. Another feature is that even if the computer fails, the system can continue to run stable within a certain range, thereby ensuring reliability.
Duan Yintian;
Abstract: The "Wheat Production Technology Microcomputer Simulation Expert System" developed since 1985 has produced significant economic effects after five years of promotion and demonstration. The result has passed technical appraisal in 1987. This article describes the significance of establishing topics, system design ideas and technical routes, basic technical principles, system functions and technical implementation methods, and benefits that are adopted.
Yi Hengjie; Turuk;
Abstract: A series of basic equations that use three mobile and three -rotating freedom spatial right -angle coordinates to derive space bending and torsional rods, and the relationship between transformation and zero -time displacement and zero -time displacement and strain. The rigid body and normal strain mode of the shape rod are established. With the position of the position as the basic function, the unit’s finite element model is formed. The three examples of free vibration are analyzed. The calculation results are very consistent with the actual measurement value, which proves the correctness of the formula and unit matrix.
Sun Bolu;
Abstract: This plan is completely adopted by the method of painting geometry to establish a plane "partition" theory; find out the universal laws followed by the straight lines in different sections in the plane, and establish a corresponding general mathematical model. Based on this model, it is promoted to the automatic calculation problem used to solve all the spatial angles. Through the automatic computing and automatic drawing test of a large number of space angles, the scheme has the characteristics of simple, accurate and universal. It solves the difficulty of unable to systematically use the computer to automatically solve the space angle of the space, which provides convenience for the complexity angle of the computing space in the project.
Guo Zhenting;
Abstract: This article studies the effects of composite breeding agents containing rare earth and a variety of trace elements on the first graphite of the forged cast iron. The test results show that adding composite breeding agents can greatly shorten the first section of graphite annealing time compared to separate increases, and the mechanical performance is improved. Stable process. Analyze and discuss this result with solid graphization theory.
Zhou Zhi’an;
Abstract: Based on the principle of power sealing, this article proposes to replace asbestos filler seal with back blades, and theoretically discusses the feasibility of this new seal structure, discussed the sealing ability and design calculation method. Actual application proof can be effectively solved the problems existing in chemical centrifugal pump pumping.
Wang Yuqing;
Abstract: This article analyzes the cause of the centrifugal blockage of the centrifugal discharge, and introduces the main domestic and foreign prevention device, so as to propose a simple structure. It is convenient to use the operating to prevent blocking device -cone -shaped unloading rings. After actual verification, the effect is very good.
Hou Shuangyin; Hou Shuang root;
Abstract: There is a matrix square AX = b, where A and B are the complex matrix of N × N. When A and B have a crowd matrix in a swimming matrix or A, B, the error of the matrix sample number of matrix equations in this article is estimated.
Luo Shaokai;
Abstract: This article starts from the D.Alembert principles of relativity analysis mechanics, propose a general central equation of relativity analysis mechanics, and establish a relatively theoretical broad-the-thesis Boltzmann-Hamel in first-order non-linear non-complete system coordinate forms, and discuss linear, conservative systems, complete systems and non-relative arguments.
Wang Guozhong;
Abstract: This article uses the Monte Carlo method to study the security problems of computer systems, and establish a system model with a random characteristics of computer systems. It also simulates a multi -user computer system.
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