1981 volumne 2卷 Issue 02
Wang Baoxing
Abstract: In this paper, the basic law of mixed common ratio variable speed system is analyzed, the internal relation between mixed common ratio and single common ratio is pointed out, and the evolution methods of forming symmetric mixed common ratio and asymmetric mixed common ratio are unified.In this paper, the characteristics of several parameters of the mixed common ratio are analyzed and discussed, and the relationship between the parameters is expressed by mathematical formula, so that the values of the parameters can be calculated by formula according to the original design requirements, and then the structure network can be drawn.The paper also discusses the problems that arise when there are more stages of speed change and the solutions, gives a formula to test whether the original design scheme can be realized, and illustrates the method of drawing up a hybrid common ratio speed change system with an example.
Xia Hengqing, WANG Huaizhu, FU Shaomin, Li Feng
Abstract: (1) Introduction High coaxiality, high-precision sleeve double-head hole, especially double-head blind hole processing, the current lack of appropriate processing equipment, although by changing the structure of the parts can be used through grinding or deep hole grinding to solve, can only process through the hole, and the aperture is limited by the size of the grinding head, productivity is not high enough, for some must be required to be blind hole structure sleeve partsIt is not possible to use the above way of processing: the current appearance of the cylindrical parts, with the high-precision outer surface has been ground, the process of turning grinding on the V-shaped block fixture (and some with manual grinding) has been dominant, such as precision machine tools
Feng Chengzhou
Abstract: The influence of large internal gear displacement coefficient on internal gear bending strength and internal gear pair tip clearance is discussed in this paper.This paper also discusses whether root cutting occurs in the internal gear.This paper presents a new table for checking the clearance between the tip of the outer gear and the tip of the inner gear. The table is established on the basis of theoretical and practical analysis and computer calculation.Using this table and the author’s previous papers, the suitable gear shaper can be easily selected from the prepared gear shaper in the factory, so as to facilitate production.
Cui Guangming
Abstract: From the point of view of kinematics and dynamics, this paper puts forward that the theoretical basis of vibration shakeout conveyor is "shakeout fatigue curve equation of castings being thrown".Based on this basic theory, the conclusions of projectile point parameter equation, impact point general parameter equation, impact point relative velocity equation, amplitude threshold, the Angle of exciter and the Angle of material ejection are not complementary angles are derived.It provides a theoretical basis for the design and adjustment of vibration shakeout conveyor.
Shen Peiru
Abstract: This paper discusses several main trends in the development of metal cutting tools, and points out the use of new tool materials and high-efficiency tools;It is of great significance to improve the cutting efficiency and overcome some key problems in cutting by improving the geometric Angle and structure of cutting tools. The requirements and characteristics of cutting tools and automatic cutting tools for machining difficult materials are briefly introduced in this paper.
Li Zhenzhou
Abstract: Indexable cutting tools have been paid more and more attention and applied in production because of their many advantages.Because its reasonable cutting Angle is formed by the corresponding Angle of the blade and the blade groove together, and the current design of its related Angle mostly adopts approximate calculation, which can not give people a clear concept. Therefore, this paper deduces the indexable turning tool when the front Angle and back Angle of the blade are not zero by using the most commonly used geometric triangle relationship and the transformation principle and method of different Angle reference framesAngle complete and accurate calculation formula for use in design.The results can also be applied to indexable tools such as end milling cutters.
Jiang Zufa
Abstract: In this paper, the geometric Angle of the turning tool can be regarded as the rotation of the blade relative to the tool body around the coordinate axis, and according to this principle, the general equations for the design and calculation of the turning tool are derived, which are applicable to all the current calculation methods, so it has certain reference value for the rapid and accurate design of the turning tool.
Zhang Ruilin
Abstract: The comprehensive gauge of form and position tolerance is a new special measuring tool. According to the application characteristics of the principle of maximum entity, the basic rules of designing the comprehensive gauge, the tolerance of the comprehensive gauge and its tolerance zone distribution, and the calculation formula for determining the basic size of the comprehensive gauge are put forward in this paper.In this paper, the design method and procedure of the comprehensive gauge are illustrated by an example, and the standard method on the drawing is proposed when the designer applies the principle of maximum entity.
Li Songtao
Abstract: This paper analyzes the sliding phenomenon in the course of transport.The method of calculating the average conveying speed considering sliding is derived, and the BASIC program of calculating the oblique Angle, conveying speed, power consumption coefficient and other kinematic parameters under the best working condition is compiled.
Rokedge, Tredge
Abstract: In this paper, the basic properties of high furfuryl alcohol chilled resin binder synthesized with furfuryl Alcohol Branch of Zhengzhou Oil and Oil Chemical Factory and the process test of the core sand prepared with this resin are introduced.
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