1981 volumne 2卷 Issue 01
Zhang Jiayi, Duan Yintian, Ren Jun
Abstract: This paper analyzes the significance of computer teaching and a major problem in current computer teaching, that is, students do not have enough time to work on the computer.The method to solve this problem by using domestic minicomputer time-sharing system is put forward.This paper introduces the configuration scheme of DJS-130 computer multi-terminal teaching system and the specific problems solved in the implementation process.The preliminary application proves that this is a basic and effective computer teaching system with less investment and better effect, which can be used as a reference in the establishment of teaching systems in general colleges and universities.
Duan Yintian, army member
Abstract: In this paper, the methods of generating RDOS from module paper tape and bootstrapping RDOS from disk are described briefly and systematically from the practical point of view, and some difficult points are also described for reference when using the operating system.
Feng Chengzhou
Abstract: The tooth bending strength is calculated according to the maximum bending stress on the dangerous section of the tooth root.In this paper, the position of the dangerous section of the bending stress of the internal gear is determined by the finite element method, and then the influence of the displacement coefficient of the gear shaper on the radius of the tooth root, the stress concentration coefficient, the tooth shape coefficient and the comprehensive tooth shape coefficient is discussed.
Zhao Yuan
Abstract: In this paper, the influence of guide wheel contour curve on machining process in centerless through grinding is discussed, and the accurate equation of guide wheel contour curve is derived by elementary mathematics, and the method of approximate guide wheel contour curve is proposed.The paper proposes a more concise calculation formula for the correction Angle of guide wheel derived from the Theory and practice of centerless grinding in Soviet Union.Centerless grinding machine is a widely used machine tool.Whether the guide wheel shape of centerless grinding machine meets the requirements has a fundamental impact on the machining quality and the stability of the workpiece movement during the machining process.Guide wheel contour curve and its trimming method are always important research subjects in centerless grinding.
Pang Xiangda, Duan Yintian, Zhou Xingyuan
Abstract: Fluoro-plastic heat exchanger adopts polytetrafluoron as the material of heat exchange tube bundle, in addition to the general calculation of tube heat exchanger in the design, but also consider the arrangement of a large number of tubes on the tube plate and F-4 tube plate limited expansion pressure heating welding process requirements.For this reason, the numerical model and calculation program are designed, which mainly solve the complicated data calculation of the relationship between the number of tubes, heat exchange surface, the total flow section in the tube bundle and the minimum diameter of the F-4 tube plate, and finally get the required function table in a certain range, which greatly simplifies the design work.
Fan Jixuan
Abstract: Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is thermodynamically metastable.Under certain conditions, it will change to a stable crystal state, and the effective P2O5 of the product will be reduced, and this transformation process is called "anti-glass process".In this paper, the "reverse glass process" of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer was studied by differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction analysis and chemical analysis, and the "reverse glass temperature" was determined.The research results of this paper can provide a theoretical basis for controlling reasonable process operating conditions in production.
Fang Wenji
Abstract: In the first part of this paper, the development trend of desulphurization technology is discussed, and the advantages and disadvantages of several desulphurization methods, basic parameters, properties and suitable range are discussed in detail.In the second part, several selection methods of desulphurization schemes are introduced, including HSAB theory, gauge line method and REDOX potential method, and potential diagram method is described in detail.
Wang Fuan, Liu Dazhuang
Abstract: In this paper, the dielectric constant of solution is studied and a new empirical equation is proposed to summarize the law of dielectric constant change with concentration of binary solution in the whole concentration range.
Liu Zhenkun
Abstract: This paper presents a method for the determination of carbonate and bicarbonate content in mixed alkali with double mixed indicator.Due to the use of three indicators (phenolphthalein, cresol red, thymol blue) in the first end point, the change in color of the end point is more obvious, and the appearance effect is improved than that of other methods, the second end point is the use of methyl red and bromocresol green two indicators, which are more distinct than the use of methyl orange or methyl red alone, and the end point is easy to judgeA large number of samples and natural alkali ore have been measured, and the results obtained are satisfactory. The method is simple and suitable for industrial application.
Tang keqiang,Yu dacong
Abstract: Aiming at the commonly used concrete raw materials and concrete mix ratio in Zhengzhou area, this paper uses natural curing method and rebound method to test and analyze nearly 350 specimens, and preliminarily puts forward some calculation formulas of carbonized concrete and non-carbonized concrete, which can be used for reference in concrete non-damage inspection work.In addition, some factors affecting strength measurement by rebound method are also preliminarily explored.
Song Yahan
Abstract: A few years ago, we designed a library for a university, using a suspended bookshelf design.In this design, the weight of the books and sandwich panels is borne by a steel boom suspended from a load-bearing beam.This structural form has the following characteristics :1. The traditional compression column (steel or concrete) is replaced by tension steel, and the section of the bookshelf is greatly reduced, which can save materials and reduce the cost.2. Processing is more convenient, laminated steel pillar, although there are strong, durable and other advantages, but the general construction company does not have
Gu Fubao
Abstract: In the past 30 years, many medium-sized gymnasiums with a capacity of 3,000 to 7,000 spectators have been built in various parts of our country.According to incomplete statistics: the total capacity of these pavilions is nearly 200,000 seats, which is 15.5 times before liberation, and in the 1970s, the number of seats in the new pavilions accounted for almost 60% of them.Most of the architectural design of the new pavilion is based on the function, taking into account the requirements of the stadium in terms of visual quality, evacuation, sound and light in a more comprehensive way, tightly grasping the key issues such as the plane type, spatial organization and structural selection of the competition hall, and changing it with its unique volume and group layout
Wang Lexuan, Ma Guangyuan, ZHANG Songying, WANG Yufen, Yang Manxiang
Abstract: Some rural areas in China are seriously short of fuel, even the harvest of straw is not enough for cooking, the local people have to dig roots, cut down trees, which causes a large reduction in vegetation, farmland fertility decline, soil erosion, ecological balance, climate and environmental deterioration, resulting in long-term stagnation of agricultural production in these areas, the people’s life is very difficult.In many parts of the world, there is also a serious shortage of fuel, due to the mass digging of grass roots and cutting down trees, resulting in the expansion of the Sahara desert in North Africa, flooding of the Indus and Ganges river basins, and climate deterioration of the Amazon river in South America.Therefore, the rural fuel problem is a universal, serious and urgent problem at home and abroad.In recent years, researchers engaged in solar energy utilization in China have always attached great importance to the development of solar stoves
Liu Guoen
Abstract: A two-stage RC-coupled amplifier is analyzed and calculated in the section on the high-frequency characteristics of multistage amplifiers in the textbook "Fundamentals of Electronic Technology" compiled by Huazhong Institute of Technology (page 200-224 of Volume 1).Now I would like to combine the teaching practice and only put forward some immature opinions on the analysis and calculation method of this section for reference, and hope to get the relevant teachers and comrades’ advice to promote our teaching work.
Research Department, Zhengzhou Institute of Technology
Abstract: In 1980, under the auspices of the central government, Henan Province and Zhengzhou City, the Institute passed a total of 13 technical appraisals, of which 8 won the Henan Provincial Science Conference Award.These results are introduced as follows :1. Djs-130 electronic computer multi-terminal teaching system In order to solve the problem that students do not have the opportunity to contact the computer for a long time and affect the quality of teaching, the domestic DJS-130 minicomputer is used, and the disk drive is added, the multi-channel communication controller and 12 (16 can be connected) on-line terminal equipment are equipped with the softwareThe real-time Disk Operating System (RDOS) and the multi-user BASIC language FORTRAN language supported by it are introduced.Over the past year, more than 600 students from various majors in the school and 150 people from other colleges and universities have participated in the program
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