2012 volumne 33卷 Issue 04
LI Chunwang,SUN Yuying,WU Yimin,etc;
Abstract: Traditional BACnet/Modbus gateway could realize data interchange only though data sharing, couldnot recognize Modbus devices directly under BACnet environment. The authors designed and developed a kindof BACnet/Modbus protocol converter based on routing function, By using it, the parsing and routing directingof Modbus device address could be realized in network layer, and BACnet datagram eneapsulating to Modbusdevice could be done in application layer, so that a Modbus device could be directly encapsulated into a BACnet device. The experimentation results show that the management and operation to a Modbus device could becompleted though BACnet software directly by using the protocol converter, and a higher data throughput wasobtained simultaneously.
FAN Gaojuan,HOU Yane,WANG Ruchuan
Abstract: Trapped positioning is the primary consideration in emergeney disaster response systems.(iven theadvantage that employing RSSl( Received signal strength indications) -based distanee estimation needs no ex.tra hardware, less communication cost as well as lower implementation complexity, we develop a RSSI-basedparameters correction emergency disaster response system.We propose a RSSl-based parameter correctionschema to tackle the problem of instability for RSSl information. We also give the system architecture of the e-mergency disaster response system, The system was implemented on VS2008 platorm, the experimental resultsshow that the system can obtain accurate information of the trapped persons. This system is very applicable tothe emergent disaster environment.
ZHANG Shixun,WANG Hailong,YANG Yang
Abstract: composites were prepared by roll-compaction and pressing sintering. That has ahigh bending strength (471 MPa) and fracture toughness (7.64 MPa * m1/2). The residual stress can be infavor of inereasing the thoughness of the laminated eomposite as the crack was blocked and deflected by stress.An uneven strain model is used to analyze the residual stress in the symmetric laminate composite. The resulpresented that the maximum tensile stress in the matrix layers is 64 MPa, the maximum compressive stress inthe Mo interlayer is 320 MPa. And the shear stress between the matrix layer and interlayer is 1. 149 MPa. Theresidual stress was affected by the thick ratio between matrix layer and interface layer.
CHEN Juliang,ZHANG Huasen,LIU Guoji
Abstract: The kinetics for hydrogenation of adiponitrile were studied with Raney nickel as catalyst in a a high-pressure batch reactor. Under the condition of no inside and outside diffusion, the coneentration of adiponitrile , aminocaproic nitrile and hexamethylenediamine versus time over the Raney -- Ni catalyst were measured.The kinetic parameters of catalytic hydrogenation of adiponitrile to hexamethylenediamine such as reaction or.der, pre - exponential factor and activated energy in each step were obtained. The results show that, when thetemperature kept at 328 ~358K and pressure kept at 2 .3. 5MPa, the order of adiponitrile hydrogenation toadiponitrile was 1 , while to hydrogen pressure was l.4. The intermediate aminocaproic nitrile was hydrogenated to hexamethylene diamine, the reaction order to aminocaproic nitrile was 0, to hydrogen pressure was l. 3Based on these results, the kinetic equations of adiponitrile hydrogenation to hexamethylenediamine in eachstep were proposed, They are in consistence with the experimental data.
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