1991 volumne 12卷 Issue 03
Shen Fengsheng; Chen Huiyuan;
Abstract: This article proposes a calculation method suitable for the earthquake deformation of the panel pile stone dam-viscosity-based flow calculation method. Through calculation and measured data comparison, the results obtained are reasonable and credible, and the calculation method is simple and feasible.
Chang Xiaolin; Lu Shuyuan;
Abstract: This article analyzes and discusses the deformation characteristics of the gravity dam rock base and the possible destruction form, on the infinite outline analysis, destruction criteria, post -effects, and coupling of stress fields and infiltration. It proposes the "crack method" of simulation dam cracks.
Liu Xianliang; Dong Yuxin; Zhou Yongping;
Abstract: The application string unit calculated the self -vibration characteristics of the free suspension system, analyzed sensitivity, and studied the power response. The results show that the free suspension system has two major power characteristics: the quality of the suspension object has a rigidity effect; the power response has a recovery phenomenon.
Liu Jianxiu;
Abstract: This article uses the sample sub -domain method and the QR method to analyze the shear wall and frame shear structure of the limbs, and establishes their computing mode. The calculation results show that the use of this method to analyze the shear wall and frame shear structure of the limbs, which is not only simple and high, but also easy to achieve on the microcomputer.
Deng Bing;
Abstract: Deep -lying basic oil collection platform adopts the basis of sinking boxes and bottom beams, and is a new platform for Bohai. It is compared with the traditional catheter rack platform. It has engineering and economic advantages. Under the effect of vertical and horizontal loads, the interaction between the platform foundation and soil conducts three -dimensional non -linear finite element analysis. In the calculation, the exported three -dimensional trapezoidal unit with an explicit stiffness matrix is ​​discrete to save the machine. The calculation results are basically consistent with the interior experiment results of the cooperation.
Wang Zhongyong; Li Liannian;
Abstract: This article uses a line elastic structure calculation program to calculate a large amount of elastic modulus and thickness of the cushion water station used by the Manwan Hydropower Station, and analyzes the influence of the elastic cushion on the structure. The calculation results show that the impact of the cushion on the structure is mainly related to its thickness model. After the thickness of the thickness is greater than a certain value, the impact on the structure is basically no longer changing. This result has been applied to the design of the water pipe of the water pipe of the power generation of the Manwan Hydropower Station, and it also has a certain reference value for other similar projects.
Ma Lipeng; You Ruichang; Wang Yi cone;
Abstract: This calculation takes the entire water inlet tower as the research object, and the tower body unit has conducted detailed scores, and the foundation of double tower height is intercepted. It is a large -scale spatial finite element analysis topic that is closely combined with the actual project. The calculation conditions are divided into two types: runtime and blocking period. The blocking period has comparative analysis and argumentation of Hougashan body support and no mountain support support. Through analysis, the stress conditions and stress stress stress stress stress stress response laws of the water inlet tower were found to solve the problems that could not be solved by structural mechanics analysis methods. The results of this analysis have been used in production reality, and have played a guidance for the body shape and structure with the structure of the Tiansheng Bridge 1 -level power station.
Chen Yiyan;
Abstract: In many cases, aquatic buildings cannot be constructed under water -free and dry conditions, and general concrete materials are difficult to win, and it is difficult to use high -molecular materials to simply use high molecular materials. This article introduces the basic performance of a new material with a very promising development of the future. The almighty concrete is described as the role of polymers in such materials, provides some performance data, analyzes the mechanism of this concrete, describes the application of polymers -concrete materials in underwater buildings. Such materials can be used to pour water for underwater concrete buildings, repair underwater cracks and telescopic joints, and repair underwater components damage and defects.
Xu Lihua; Li Shujin;
Abstract: Through the test of 21 stacked beams, this article discusses the stress performance of the positive section of the steel fiber concrete stacking beam with gluten steel fiber, and analyzes the degree of slowing the "stress advance" effect of the stacked beam to the steel bars.
Gong Jinxin; Zhao Jizhang;
Abstract: Considering the correlation between the two defense contract between the two defense of the tendon concrete, this article analyzes the reliability of the tendon and concrete structure. The analysis results show that the probability of failure to consider correlation is less than 6-11 times larger than that of the correlation. Therefore, the reliability of the structure of the tendon and concrete must consider the correlation between the two lines of defense.
Lu Zhengang; Dong Yuxin;
Abstract: Discussion on several section selection schemes of steel lining steel concrete pipes after a giant hydropower station dam. Using space orthogonal intercourse, the analysis of the heterosexual block clamping unit and the non -linear finite element analysis, the steel lining steel concrete pipeline cushion corner and the model of the pipeline of the steel lining, and proposed a plan for the combination of steel lining and outsourced steel concrete.
He Jiangda; Fan Jingwei;
Abstract: In this article, according to the type II cracking medium, under the influence of pure shear force field, the different circumstances of the tip of the cracks have the most stress in a certain direction, and the shear stress in a certain direction has the largest two characteristics of the initial expansion (fracture) of the cracks. The article also introduces the test results of the author’s indoor measuring rock fracture toughness and the method of using the cutting test data of 50 % cracks on the field with the shear surface. And discusses how to choose these two types of fracture tough values.
Ma Qianjun; Ma Tian Shao;
Abstract: This article is based on the changes in the strength and durability of the soil ash and plastic film anti -seepage processes in the Huangpan Pingyuan area. The effective use period of the ash soil and plastic film is preliminarily analyzed, and a reference basis for the design and management of the anti -osmotic lining project.
Wang Zili; Gao Yan; Li Xin; Li Li;
Abstract: This article proposes a new method of the three -dimensional saturation of the dam -the Gaussian method. This method is a mathematical model established according to the saturation -non -saturated osmotic law. It couples the intra -width of the dam -the non -saturated region is coupled together to form an overall analytical membrane type. Then use the pressure of the Gaussian point to calculate the calculation of the unit rigid matrix when the Gaussian point is used to solve the problems of different non -saturated penetration parameters in the unit. It also solves the problem of calculation instability caused by the mutation of saturated regional boundaries. The amount of this method is small and the iterative format is simple, which shows the effectiveness of the law.
Wu Jianhua;
Abstract: The in -depth understanding and understanding of the phenomenon, characteristics and mechanisms of airization, and has an important role in calculating to determine the hazards of emptiness and induction of loads and predicting the hazards of empty erosion. This article systematically studies a series of vacuum phenomena and characteristics designed and developed by the author designed and developed by the author designed and developed according to the exchanges of waterflow and horizontal axis vortex vortex. It uses two important transformation indicators for newbornness and obstruction as the development of empty development. The state of each vacant state was taken at a speed of 10 ~ (-3). The work of this article has a reference value for the research of other vacuum and empty erosion mechanisms.
Huang Jianbo;
Abstract: This article starts from the N -S equation and bubble movement and diffusion growth equations. It has established a unified mathematical model describing the gasification process in the gone flow field, and exported similar guidelines for the flowing field as empty. It is pointed out that the similarity of airification includes two aspects: macro and micro similarity. The process of vacation is actually the process of transforming the gas nucleus from micro -scale to macro scale. When establishing an empty starting judgment and similar guidelines, this feature must be considered. The analysis of this article shows that it is very difficult to simulate the prototype airification under decompression experimental conditions. The combination of numerical simulation and experimental simulation is a feasible way to solve the problem of "comparison" problems faced in water conservancy projects.
Chai Shouxi; Xi Yanlin;
Abstract: As a product of sea advancement and sea retirement, a shell layer has formed a special geological body in the coastal areas of my country. What are the engineering characteristics of the shell layer. Whether it can be used as a foundation of a building has not yet been studied. This article combines specific engineering design, and after a large number of indoor and on -site trial research, the engineering characteristics of the shell layer are initially revealed. Engineering design calculation is basically consistent with the actual measurement results of the building. It provides a reliable engineering example for the treatment and utilization of shell foundation along the coastal area.
Tang Xiaowu; Pan Qiuyuan; Xie Kanghe;
Abstract: This article uses the actual data setting data of the base layer of the sand well ground at the Taizhou Power Plant, and the counter -analysis determines the number of non -ideal sandy well -based parameters. (The sandy well penetration coefficient KW; the level of the soil level, the vertical osmotic perception coefficient KH and KV, the foundation compression mode volume ES; In order to avoid improper initial values ​​and narrow the search range, first use the orthogonal design method to determine the changing range of each parameter, and then use the Powell optimization method to determine the parameters.
Zhou Han; Li Yanwei;
Abstract: This article has studied the structural strength characteristics of the structural force of the structural force of the Tongjiang Hydropower Pipeline and the Dam Connection Bond under the load of each group through the two large -scale simulation material structure model tests and non -linear finite element analysis. Based on the measured stress data of the key slot, seam surface reinforcement, and anchor band under vertical load and horizontal load, the joint work and stress distribution rules between concrete and steel bars are analyzed, describing the damage mechanism of the structure in the overload state, and providing reference data for the key slot structure design.
Zhang Hongen;
Abstract: This article conducts preliminary analysis and discussion on technical problems such as the section design of the large -faced U -shaped channel, the selection of lining structure, and the construction method.
Cheng Xingguang;
Abstract: In actual work, it is often necessary to make appropriate evaluations of the research objects. In order to better guide future work. This article uses a multi -level fuzzy comprehensive judgment model. Evaluate the agricultural regional comprehensive governance system. Adopting horizontal values, transforming the review set V, which provides a more convenient method for the comparison of similar technology systems or experimental areas.
Lu Shaojun;
Abstract: Dam deformation is one of the main contents of prototype monitoring. It is an important basis for analyzing the structural nature of the dam. At present, the displacement mathematical model is established for a single measuring point, instead of considering the interrelationship of the measuring point. This article uses mathematical analysis and damwork theory to propose the establishment of a dam -oriented distribution model, and organically combines each point measurement value through coordinate variables to obtain the mathematical relationship between the displacement distribution and the external load. Finally, combined with the prototype observation data of a actual project, the specific method of establishing a distributed model was introduced. And the damper curve of the dam body was established, and the results were satisfactory.
Hu Xiaodong; Ju Xiaoming; Li Chongming; Chen Jiayuan;
Abstract: So far, the selection of hydraulic system parameters is based on the decentralized system and constant current. This article uses the pumping storage power station and the pressure -diverted hydropower station to establish an overall parameter optimization mathematical model for the various buildings of the hydraulic system. Later, the target function of the model is unavailable, large in calculations, large dimensions, and non -linear. The "strict simple shape" method was proposed and a preliminary success was achieved.
Wu Yongxin;
Abstract: Based on the principle of anti -slip and stable calculation of the wedge -shaped body, this article uses the limit balance method of the rigid body to export the calculation formula of the deep -layer anti -slip stable space of the gravity dam. Engineering practice proves that when the structural surface direction of the dam base has a certain angle and the dam axis, it is economically reasonable to use the spatial method proposed by this article for the stable analysis of the dam base.
Wang Junlin; Zheng Peicheng; Chong Chongwen;
Abstract: This article first starts with the micro -structures of the soil grains, analyzing the formation mechanism of geomantic fabrics after the landfill is buried into the soil. Then, through the pull -out test of geomorphism fabrics, the main influencing factor that determined the proper friction coefficient F ~*to determine the resistance power was analyzed. It is obtained that the relationship between F ~*with increased stress Δ is reduced, and the relationship between resistance T and geomorphic fabrics can be used to fit some meaningful conclusions such as t = k (ε ε ε_o) ~+B.
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