1991 volumne 12卷 Issue 01
Zhou Hongjun; Li Qingbin; Lan Zhenkai; Li Zongkun; Dong Yuexing;
Abstract: This article studies the special solution boundary method of dynamic problems, gives theoretical derivation, and conducts example calculations. The results show that the method of the calculation of the method is high. It is an effective power analysis method.
Liu Jian; Ding Ziqiang;
Abstract: Starting from the general situation of the combined structure -type hedaprifice, consider the coupling effect between the body and the lower load -bearing structure, and propose two basic methods for the overall analysis of the combined structure of the combined structure: softness and rigidity method. And for the constructor characteristics of the lower -end empty truss arching groove, consider its plane and spatial characteristics, analyze the stiffness of the slot body and the bearing on the bottom of the underpalidal empty stomach truffle The impact of the arch of the arch has five overall analysis and calculation models. The calculation results show that the five computing models proposed in this article are reasonable and economical than the calculation model used in the previous design.
Wu Bo; Wu Gongping; Uncle Yang; Ma Yuanhao;
Abstract: This article proposes an analysis method for the oil injection pressure waveform of the diesel engine. The analysis process includes two aspects: the syntax mode recognition based on the waveform morphological characteristics and the parameter matching of the feature vector based on numerical features. This method focuses on conciseness and effectiveness. The analysis instance is given in the article.
Xu Changbai; Yitai moves; Qiu Yi;
Abstract: Powder preparation is a major topic of industrial development today. This article proposes the working mechanism and grinding process energy consumption distribution of the grinding grinding powder through the preliminary technical data of the development of the grinding grinding powder.
Zhu Anguo; Han Lianyuan;
Abstract: Through the fatigue test of the carrier -loaded cross -section, the fatigue cracks of this type of connector were studied, the position and extension of the expansion behavior and the damage of the joints were studied. The S -N curve of the opening of the opening joint was obtained. Provide fatigue design data and design curves for the design of welding components on the project.
Niu Yanzhou;
Abstract: Muwen starts from the principle of small potential energy and the principles of residual energy residency from the theory of migrant transformation and elasticity, and has exported a set of constant laws and the laws of convergence of large deformed elastic bodies. Based on this, it can define the conservation points in the broken theory and their pair forms.
Liu Minshan; Dong Qiwu;
Abstract: The transmission matrix method of vibration analysis in this article analyzes the dynamic characteristics of the column tube heat exchanger, prepares the "HTDLHV" program, and calculates the lower part of the lower part of the φ600 ammonia tower. The result is satisfactory. It provides the theoretical basis for the reliability analysis of the heat exchanger, estimation, safe operation and anti -vibration measures.
Zhang Zhengguo;
Abstract: This article analyzes its source of its sources on the design specifications of the steel structure design specifications. It analyzes its source. By analyzing the actual force of the oblique docking welds, it proposes the method of errors and correction of regulatory regulations.
Li Jie;
Abstract: The existing earthquake prediction methods are mostly traces of the pattern method, and the prediction results are difficult to truly and comprehensively reflect the current characteristics of the urban system. Based on the establishment of equivalent connections between the forecast system and the real system. This article proposes the idea and method of establishing a "earthquake prediction simulation system".
Wang Dongwei;
Abstract: This article conducts an exploration of some problems in the prediction of the existing underground pipeline vibration harm, and puts forward the author’s views and methods to solve the problem.
Wan Changji;
Abstract: Natural disasters seriously threatened the life and survival of human beings. The United Nations set the 1990-20o0 years as the ten years of national disaster reduction. Geological disasters are the main components of natural disasters. This article analyzes the characteristics of major geological disasters and environmental geological problems such as the Henan earthquake, the accumulation of the Yellow River stasis, the loss of the slope and the decline in groundwater levels. Preliminary ideas of countermeasures.
Yang Yuxia; Wang Junyi; Gao Jinfeng;
Abstract: This article studies a non -linear power properties in fourth -order autonomous circuits with non -linear capacitors. Computer simulation and circuit experiments show that the dynamic evolution sequence of the circuit is rich and diverse, that is, with the changes in the bifurcation parameters, the oscillating system of the circuit will evolve as follows. Super Mixed Stew-Industry Super Chaos-Chaos-Details-Chaos-Details-Chaos-Persistence-Cycs-Chaos-Detail-Period. The computer simulation results of this article are consistent with the circuit experiment results.
Liang Wei;
Abstract: This article proposes the idea of ​​establishing a practical power flow model of an automatic detection system, so that the system modeling of the system is more concise, intuitive and standardized, and the system analysis and research are more convenient and practical. This model can be easily converted to state equation and simulate.
Li Zhuji; Dong Mingliang; Lu Yi;
Abstract: This article details the interface design and implementation of the microcomputer group control system of normal temperature constant pressure staining machines.
Liu International; Wang Guanglong; Xu Xiucheng;
Abstract: This study is part of the cold model test of ammonium phosphate reactor. The author proposes to increase the shrinkage of the reaction Lune in the laboratory’s research on the quality of the substrate of the ammonium phosphate reactor in the laboratory, so that the gas fluid is mixed to enhance the gas fluid. With the increase of the pipe diameter, this difference is even more obvious. Therefore, it is recommended to use vertical or tilted installation in the industrial process. The type of gas distributor also has a great impact on the quality of the pass. The experiment can be seen. The bilateral opening type is better than the single -hole nozzle.
Zhang Baolin; He Dashao;
Abstract: In this article, through a series of experiments of phosphorus phosphorus in Henan Ichuan Ichikawa Ishiki high -speed rail, it proposes the feasibility of using this mine to produce calcium, magnesium phosphate fertilizer; experiments show that not only can produce different levels of calcium and magnesium phosphate fertilizer that meets national standards, but also recycled the considerable economic value of nickel -phosphorus iron; and a preliminary discussion on its process conditions.
Jiang Dengzheng; Zhou Huadong;
Abstract: Based on the Clapeyron equation, this article combines the two Weiley equations and Antoine equations, and then substituted into the EDMISTCR equation to derive a new formula of calculating pure characteristics with boiling spots. This formula is used. Compared with the measured values ​​in the literature, the total absolute average error is 1 . 27 %.
Wu Dagong
Abstract: This article studies the replacement of the multi -molecule, that is, the S_H2 reaction, and discusses several factors of dynamic dynamics of such reactions.
Zhong Baodong; Zhang Guozheng; Gao Qisheng;
Abstract: This article gives a general method of seeking characteristic polynomial coefficients by solving the non -secondary linear equation group, thereby solving the problem that it is not easy to obtain characteristic polynomial forms due to parameters. In addition, using Hamilton-Kailei theorem, this article also gives a method of judging theorem and a way to seek the way.
Zhang Xinyu;
Abstract: This article proves that the improved symmetrical distribution is expected to measure W_P under certain conditions, which is unjustified and strong, and gives the upper bounds with a variance.
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