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  The corresponding author should make sure that the submitted manuscript has been approved by all authors and that all authors agree to the submission to Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science)?and?the order of authorship.?All the authors will be asked to sign the Copyright Assignment after the paper is accepted by Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science).?The author's contribution to this journal shall be deemed as his agreeent to publish in this journal and online, and his agreeent with this journal's statement on the copyright.
  1.The journal possess the right to review, delete and modify manuscripts.
  2.The authors agree to automatically transfer the publishing copyright, distribution right, reproduction right, online dissemination right, translation right, compiling right, producing right, exhibition right and broadcast right to Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science)?after acceptance, also including rights of any forms of printed, electronic, multi-media, online publishing ctc.
  3.The journal has been included and disseminated by CAJD, Wanfang, CSTJ, Chaoxing and other domestic databases, U.S. CA, U.K. INSPEC, Russian VINITIRAN academic database and other foreign databases,The remuneration paid by the journal includes the usage fee of paper copyright.
  4.The journal and authors allow the third-party user to share in the ways of signature(BY). non-commercial use(NC) and no deduction(ND)(CC BY-NC-ND) works which means the published article can be made public immediately and download permanently for free on the official website of the journal ( The authors allow the user read,download, copy, print, search and link to the full text of an article, or use it for other legitimate purposes.
  5.Notablely, the authors’ names, organization information and the issue information of our journal must be retained in the using process. It is only for non-commercial purposes and can not deductive creation. In addition, the author can use the article for any other non-commercial purposes.

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