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Copyright Transfer Agreement

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Editorial Department of Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science)
Copyright transfer Agreement

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The copyright owner of the above paper (hereinafter referred to as the author of the paper) voluntarily transfers the copyright of the above paper to the editorial Department of The Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science) (hereinafter referred to as the editorial Department), and confirms the relevant issues as follows:
1. The author of the paper guarantees that the paper is original and does not involve leaks. In case of infringement or leakage, all responsibilities shall be borne by the author.
2. The author of the paper guarantees that there is no more draft of the paper. If the editorial department finds that the author of the paper throws the first draft of the paper or publishes most of its data and content repeatedly, the editorial department has the right to make up for the losses caused by the author to the editorial department and notify them within a certain scope.
3. The author of the paper guarantees that the attribution right of the paper is not in dispute. Once the paper is finalized, its signature and order shall not be changed. If there are special circumstances, the author of the author must be issued, and stamped with the official seal. In case of a dispute over the right of authorship, all the responsibilities shall be borne by the author.
4. The author of the paper shall voluntarily transfer the publishing copyright, distribution right, reproduction right, online dissemination right, translation right, compiling right, producing right, exhibition right and broadcast right to of the paper to the editorial Department, also including rights of any forms of printed, electronic, multi-media, online publishing etc. the editorial Department shall have the right to transfer the above rights to a third party. The author no longer permits others to use the paper in any form, but the author himself may quote (or translate) some of the content of the paper in his subsequent works or compile it in my non-journal collection.
5. After this paper is first published in the Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science), the editorial department will pay one-time remuneration to the authors according to the standard of the editorial department and give the current sample. If the editorial department (or a third party authorized by the editorial department) publishes the paper in another form, there is no need to pay the author of the paper.
6. The copyright transfer letter of this paper shall take effect from the date of signature.
7. Other outstanding issues shall be settled by both parties through negotiation, and shall be settled in accordance with the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations.
8. Commitment that the above matters have been transferred with the consent of all the authors, and that one of the authors (correspondence) is designated to sign as a representative.

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Please download the copyright transfer book and send it to the editorial department of the journal. The editorial department will arrange the issue period of the paper as soon as possible after receiving it.
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