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  In order to ensure the quality of the journal Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science), according to the relevant national standards and the actual situation of the journal. This journal only accepts Chinese manuscripts. It is suggested that the author ask scholars and experts with high English level to check the English part of the manuscripts (including Chinese and English abstracts and chart titles, etc.) before submission.
1.Publishing Scope
  Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science) mainly publishes academic papers in Electronics & Information Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Water Resources & Hydropower Engineering, Civil Engineering, Traffic engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and other disciplines.
2.Submission description
  The first author (or corresponding author) should attach the following information (independent of the paper, attached to page 1 of the paper) :
  1)Briefly state the importance of the paper in the research field;
  2)Indicate whether the paper overlaps with other published or to be published papers, monographs (manuscripts);
  3)Ensure that all authors agree that the manuscript should be submitted to this journal;
  4)indicates that the paper has not been published or one draft has two submissions;
  5)2 ~ 3 reviewers can be recommended (with unit, contact information, mailing address and postal code).
3.Paper requirements
  1)Submissions should be innovative, scientific, accurate and readable.
  2)Please specify the contact person, telephone number and other information when submitting the manuscript.
  3)The physical quantities in the text of the document (including figures and tables) (to distinguish the italics) and the units of measurement (the symbols of the units should be in positive form) should conform to national or international standards. Pictures and tables appear with the text, the title in Chinese and English, illustrations and tables should be selected.
  4)The chapter numbers of the document use three headings: Level 1 headings such as 1, 2, 3... ; Secondary headings such as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3...... ; Tertiary headings such as 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3...... . Don't title your paragraph with an introduction or preface, and don't put a "0" or "1" in front of the introduction.
  5)References should describe the main information, and unpublished information (such as internal information, private correspondence, newspapers, and articles to be published) should not be quoted. The sequence number of the document should be consistent with the order in which it appears in the text. The content of literature description should conform to the national standard GB/T 7714-2015 post-text reference description rules.
4.Submission of manuscript
  We only accept online contributions, and the official website of the journal is click on ‘author login’ on the home page of Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science). If you are a new user, please register your account.Click ‘submission’,and fill in all submission information and author information.After submission,authors can check the status of the review process in the manuscript submission system at any time.The same manuscript should only be delivered once to avoid multiple numbers.
  Contributors are required to provide the E-mail addresses and contact phone numbers of all authors and ensure that all authors are aware of the status of the paper. Corresponding author refers to the person responsible for revising the paper and dealing with related matters. Please mark corresponding author correctly when submitting the paper.
  The review period is 6-8 weeks. The author will be informed of the review result after the review. If the author fails to receive the review result within the deadline, he/she can contact the editorial department and submit it to other journals.
  The author do not need to pay the review fee when submitting manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted, the author should pay the publishing fee.
5.Submission agreement
  1)After the manuscript is accepted, the journal will charge the layout fee and issue the manuscript fee. For details, please see the "Provisions on the layout Fee Charge of the Journal of Refrigeration".
  2)The journal has been added to China Science Citation Database, China Academic Journals (optical disc edition), China National Knowledge Network, Wanfang Data and other databases. Manuscripts accepted by the journal will also be included in such databases, and the journal will also communicate with relevant foreign industry institutions. Manuscripts accepted by the journal will be integrated into these databases by the editorial department or used for corresponding purposes. The remuneration paid by the Journal to the authors includes the copyright royalties of the journal and the above-mentioned databases (including the electronic version and the online version). If the author does not agree to include the article in this database, please make a written statement on the front page of the submission, and the journal will deal with it accordingly. The publisher requests the authors to grant us the exclusive publishing rights for a period of 2 years from the date of publication of the manuscript. If the authors do not make a special statement, it is deemed that the authors agree to this authorization.
  3)The editorial department has the right to modify the text and expression of the manuscript. If you do not want to change it, please explain in advance. Please keep the manuscript. Once the manuscript is published, two copies of the publication will be donated.
  4)The funded papers are required to translate the funding information into both Chinese and English, and are required to be rigorous and accurate. After the acceptance of the papers, no modification or addition or reduction of the fund project name is accepted. No amendments or additions or subtractions to the author's name will be accepted. The editorial office reserves the right to reject articles for this reason.
  5)If the author applies for priority publication after the acceptance of the manuscript, the accepted version and published version of the manuscript will be stored on our website and CNKI database at the same time.
  6)All contributors to this publication are deemed to automatically accept the above agreement.
  Please read this notice carefully so that the author's manuscript can be reviewed and accepted as soon as possible.

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