CNKI Online First Publication
CNKI Online First Publication

  In order to standardize the network journal publishing way faster and better establish the author’s scientific research results starting rights, improve the communication efficiency of academic papers and utilization value, I have now with the Chinese academic journal (CD) electronic magazine co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as electronic magazine) signed the CAJ-N network starting academic journal cooperation publishing agreement, through the Chinese academic journal (online) (CAJ-N) officially published my journal online. All the high-quality manuscripts approved and accepted by our journal (the final draft) will first be published on the online edition of our journal, and then publish the final draft and the whole compilation according to the arrangement, and finally published by the printed edition of our journal.
  Please refer to our publication website for details: After the online release of the final draft, the title of the paper, the author’s signature, the author unit and the academic content of the paper shall not be modified in the online and printing version of the final draft. Only a small amount of text can be modified based on the editing specifications.

Characteristics and advantages of the network launch:
  1)Online publication can reduce the publication time delay and promote the rapid dissemination of scientific research results.
  2)The online publication papers can be regarded as officially published papers, and recognized by the national publishing management, scientific research and personnel management and other relevant departments. The author can search the article through CNKI, open the title of the article on the upper right hand to download the publication certificate, and submit it to the relevant scientific research, personnel and other relevant management departments. All relevant departments can verify the paper and its publication certificate in CNKI CAJ-N at any time.
  3)Online publications can promote the digital transformation of traditional academic journals and publish a variety of new papers, including:
  4)Enhanced paper: link the attachment corresponding to the root literature, including detailed description and visualization of the research background, objects, questions, goals, ideas, conditions, methods and means, process, results and their analysis, conclusions and discussion.
  5)Co-creation paper: link the specific contribution description materials of each author, or publish all the author discussion and work process recorded in the "CNKI Collaborative Research Platform".
  6)Data paper: publish all kinds of real results data from the research, but there are no views and conclusions, such as observation, measurement, investigation, experiment, production, logistics and other data.
  7)Bilingual paper: To publish both the Chinese and foreign language versions of the paper. The Chinese and foreign editions can be published independently or in comparison.(Authors who wish to publish can contact this publication)
  CAJ-N is the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television approval, the Ministry of Education, tsinghua holdings co., LTD., the Chinese academic journals (CD) " electronic magazine co., LTD., published by all kinds of academic journals of continuous network publications, each network starting paper will be given a unique international DOI code, and in the version changes, the DOI remains unchanged. According to the national regulations on the management of network continuous publications, the network publication papers are regarded as officially published papers, and the editorial department of our journal and the electronic magazine jointly issue the paper network publication certificate to the authors. The authors can download or print the papers and certificates from CNKI and submit the paper to personnel and scientific research management departments.

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