[1]李 琳,刘成林,韩秀丽,等.糠醛渣活性炭对4,4′-硫代二苯酚和双酚F 的吸附性能[J].郑州大学学报(工学版),2024,45(03):134-142.[doi:10. 13705/ j. issn. 1671-6833. 2023. 06. 004]
 LI Lin,LIU Chenglin,HAN Xiuli,et al.Adsorption Characteristics of 4,4′-Thiodiphenol and Bisphenol F by Activated Carbon Derived from Furfural Residue[J].Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science),2024,45(03):134-142.[doi:10. 13705/ j. issn. 1671-6833. 2023. 06. 004]

糠醛渣活性炭对4,4′-硫代二苯酚和双酚F 的吸附性能()




Adsorption Characteristics of 4,4′-Thiodiphenol and Bisphenol F by Activated Carbon Derived from Furfural Residue
1671-6833( 2024) 03-0134-09
李 琳1 刘成林1 韩秀丽12 常 春12 宋建德3
1. 郑州大学 化工学院,河南 郑州 450001;2. 郑州大学 河南省杰出外籍科学家工作室,河南 郑州 450001;3. 河南省生物基化学品绿色制造重点实验室,河南 濮阳 457000
LI Lin1 LIU Chenglin1 HAN Xiuli12 CHANG Chun12 SONG Jiande3
1. School of Chemical Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China; 2. Henan Center for Outstanding Overseas Scientists, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China; 3. Henan Key Laboratory of Green Manufacturing of Biobased Chemicals, Puyang 457000, China
吸附 44′-硫代二苯酚 双酚F 活性炭 糠醛渣 吸附机理 热力学
adsorption 44′-thiodiphenol bisphenol F activated carbon furfural residue adsorption mechanism thermodynamics
X703. 1
10. 13705/ j. issn. 1671-6833. 2023. 06. 004
以固废糠醛渣为原料,水蒸气活化法制备糠醛渣活性炭( FRAC) ,研究其对水体中4,4′-硫代二苯酚( TDP)和双酚F( BPF) 的吸附性能,探讨了吸附时间、FRAC 用量、pH 值、温度以及TDP 和BPF 溶液的初始浓度对吸附过程的影响。研究结果表明:Sips 和Koble-Corrigan 等温模型可以很好地描述FRAC 对TDP 和BPF 的吸附平衡数据,FRAC 对TDP 和BPF 的吸附均是自发的放热过程。FRAC 对TDP 和BPF 的吸附过程均符合准二级动力学模型。另外,TDP 和BPF 在FRAC 上的吸附主要受到氢键、疏水作用、静电作用和π—π 相互作用的共同影响。在298 K时,FRAC 吸附TDP 和BPF 的最大吸附量分别为5. 408 3 mmol/ g 和3. 695 5 mmol/ g,表明FRAC 在处理内分泌干扰物废水上具有广泛的应用前景。
The activated carbon derived from furfural residue using steam activation was investigated for the adsorption 4,4′-thiodiphenol(TDP) and bisphenol F(BPF) from aqueous solution. Adsorption conditions including adsorption time, FRAC dosage, pH value, temperature and initial concentration were discussed. The results showed that adsorption equilibrium data of TDP and BPF onto FRAC were well described by the Sips and Koble-Corrigan isotherm models. Thermodynamic parameters revealed that the adsorption process of TDP and BPF on FRAC was spontaneous and exothermic process. The adsorption kinetics process of TDP and BPF conformed to the pseudo-second-order kinetic model. Besides, the adsorption of TDP and BPF on FRAC were mainly influenced by the hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic effect, electrostatic interaction and π-π interaction. At 298 K, the maximum adsorption capacities of FRAC for TDP and BPF were 5.408 3 mmol/g and 3.695 5 mmol/g, respectively, implying that the FRAC had a good application in endocrine disruptors wastewater treatment.


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