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Waterlogging Cause and Disaster Prevention and Control of “7·20” Torrential Rain in Zhengzhou
刘家宏123 裴羽佳12 梅 超13 刘昌军13
1. 中国水利水电科学研究院 流域水循环模拟与调控国家重点实验室,北京 100038; 2. 北京工业大学 城市建设学 部,北京 100124; 3. 水利部数字孪生流域重点实验室(筹) ,北京 100038
LIU Jiahong123 PEI Yujia12 MEI Chao13 LIU Changjun13
1.China Institute of Water Conservancy Hydropower Science Research Institute of Water circulation simulation and regulation of the National Key Laboratory, Beijing 100038, 2.Department of Urban Construction of Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, Ministry of Water Resources Digital Basin Key Laboratory (Based), Beijing 100038, 3.China Institute of Water Resources and Electricity Sciences Basin water circulation simulation and regulation national key laboratory, Beijing 100038, Beijing University of Technology Urban Construction, Beijing 100124, China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Science Research, Water Circulation Simulation and Regulation National Key Laboratory, Beijing 100038, Ministry of Water Resources (Based), Beijing 100038

郑州“7·20”特大暴雨 内涝灾害 应急管理 洪涝协同防控 风险管理
Zhengzhou “7·20” torrential rain waterlogging disaster emergency management coordinated flood prevention and control risk management
Recently, the global climate has sharply changed, which led to frequent floods. The specific high-intensity and extreme rainfall, and the consequent flood events occurred in the urban areas have seriously damaged the safety and property of residents.There was a torrential rainfall event happened in Zhengzhou on July 20th, 2021,which caused the most serious urban pluvial flood disaster since 1949 in China. Many studies have been done to explore the cause and mechanism of formation as well as the characteristics of the serious rainstorm,in order to improve the urban flood prevention and control. This paper analyzed the relevant studies of urban waterlogging systematically, especially focused on the Zhengzhou “7·20” Torrential Rain waterlogging disaster. Three contents were discussed, including: 1) the return period, spatial-temporal distribution and formation mechanism of the storm event 2) the shortcomings of drainage and waterlogging prevention infrastructure, as well as the weakest li<x>nk effect of emergency facilities 3) the main problems existing in urban flood emergency management 4) risk management and urban planning considering flood situation. The results show that the rainstorm in Zhengzhou has the characteristics of extreme and difficult to predict, and the single-day and cumulative precipitation both exceed the historical extreme values. Due to the coupling and comprehensive influence of typhoon, topography and "rain island effect", the heavy precipitation weather process was caused. Zhengzhou "7·20" pluvial disaster exposed the obvious shortcomings of drainage and waterlogging prevention infrastructure and construction in Zhengzhou city. There are bottlenecks in the river defense system. And inadequate emergency facilities and management capacity. ba<x>sed on the above problems, it is necessary to appropriately adjust the waterlogging prevention and control standards, strengthen the flood risk management and planning and construction control measures, build the engineering system of external flood waterlogging and prevention and control, and strengthen the intelligent dispatching and emergency command and decision-making ability of urban flood.


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