ZHANG Jinping,ZHANG Zhaoyang,ZUO Qiting.Urban Waterlogging Simulation and Emergency Response Capacity Evaluation with Extreme Rainstorms[J].Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science),2023,44(02):30-37.[doi:10.13705/j.issn.1671-6833.2023.02.020]





Urban Waterlogging Simulation and Emergency Response Capacity Evaluation with Extreme Rainstorms
1. 郑州大学 水利与土木工程学院,河南 郑州 450001; 2. 郑州大学 黄河生态保护与区域协调发展研究院,河南 郑 州 450001)
ZHANG Jinping ZHANG Zhaoyang ZUO Qiting
Zhengzhou University School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, Henan Zhengzhou 450001, Zhengzhou University Yellow River Ecological Protection and Regional Institute, Henan Zhengzhou 450001, School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, Zhengzhou University, 450001, Zhengzhou, Henan

极端暴雨 城市内涝 管网排水能力 可达范围 应急响应时间
extreme rainstorm urban waterlogging drainage capacity reachable area emergency response time
O352; P426. 616
为探究极端暴雨对城市内涝积水特征和应急响应能力的影响,基于 InfoWorks ICM 模型构建郑州市金水区 的某片区内涝模型,分析极端暴雨情景下的城市管网排水能力和内涝积水特征,基于 ArcGIS 网络分析模块评估公 安、医疗和消防 3 类应急服务部门在单一和组合情景下的可达范围和响应时间,以此确定城市应急响应能力。 结 果表明:研究区管网排水能力整体较低,排水能力<3 a 一遇的设计暴雨( 3 a 一遇,下同) 的管道占比为 50. 15%,此 类管道多分布于中部和南部,不能满足城市重要地区 3 ~ 5 a 的排水标准;淹没范围与管网排水能力和地表类型有 着密切的联系,在较大除涝标准下,如 20 a 一遇和 100 a 一遇情景下积水呈现出南多北少的分布特征,而郑州 2021 年“7·20”特大暴雨情景下,北部和河流附近地区的积水面积较大;应急车辆涉水能力较高的服务部门在极端暴雨 下的应急响应能力更高,100 a 一遇和“7·20”情景下消防部门的响应能力最高,10 min 内可达范围占比分别为 78% 和 36%;多部门联合调度可有效提升应急响应能力,如 100 a 一遇情景下,5、10、15 min 内联合调度的应急响应可达 范围比最优部门(同一时间阈值下可达范围占比最大的部门)分别增加了 16%、7%、4%。
In order to explore the impact of extreme rainstorms on urban waterlogging characteristics and emergency response capacity, a urban waterlogging model for a certain area in Jinshui District of Zhengzhou city, was developed based on InfoWorks ICM model, and the drainage capacity and waterlogging characteristics of urban pipe network with extreme rainstorm were analyzed. Application with ArcGIS network analysis module, the emergency reachable range and response time of public security, medical treatment and fire protection departments were evaluated to determine the whole city′s emergency response capacity. The results showed that the drainage capacity in the study area was lower wholly, and the proportion of pipes with drainage capacity less than 3 a was 50. 15%, which were mostly distributed in the middle and south and could not meet the drainage standard of 3 ~ 5 years in important areas. Meanwhile, the inundation area was closely related to the drainage capacity and the underlying characteristics. The accumulated water showed the distribution characteristics of more in the south and less in the north under the larger standard of waterlogging control such as 20 a and 100 a, while more water area appeared in the north and near the river with “7·20” rainstorm. The emergency service department with higher emergency vehicle wading ability owned higher emergency response ability in extreme rainstorm, the fire department had the highest response ability in 100 a and “7·20” rainstorm scenarios, and the reachable area in 10 min accounted for 78% and 36%, respectively. Moreover, the joint multi-department regulation could effectively improve the emergency response capability. For example, compared with the best department( he department with the largest proportion of reachable range with the same time threshold) , the emergency reachable area of joint multi-department regulation increased by 16%, 7%, and 4%, respectively in 5, 10, and 15 min with the 100 year rainstorm.


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